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Arlington, Texas

Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997

Dick O'Stone has inspired me to "come out" with some of my

I've gone to most of the "jack shacks" in Tarrant County because I often
have a short window of opportunity for this sort of endeavor and can't
arrange an in-call visit in such a short timeframe.  I'll apologize in
advance for not being able to give specific addresses in most cases.

Arlington scene:  They're plentiful along southeast quadrant of Hwy 360
and I30, but take note of the city ordinance prohibiting the private
rooms from having doors.  This obviously makes it less likely you'll get
much beyond the standard show.  In no case should you expect to get full
service unless you invest a LOT of time and money.  My impressions of
some particular parlors:

Fantasy Nights (Due North of Lace nightclub a few blocks):  It has been
awhile, but the girls here were solid 8's and they didn't try to screw
you out of too much money ($75/session).  Strict no touch.

Dreamscapes (Galleria Dr.):  Pricey ($250/session), but at times have
received a little hand or between-the-breast action.  Girls here are 7's
and 8's.

XTC (across the street from Six Flags Mall, on the east side):  Been
here once.  Paid $75 for a standard show with a girl who would rate
about a 6.  Haven't been inspired to go back.

Xotic T'z (Galleria Dr.):  The granddaddy of the D/FW jack shack scene.
Used to be cheap and strictly no touch, but based on a recent experience
in the Ft. Worth shop (see below), I haven't wanted to step in the

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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