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Northwest Arkansas

Subject: [ASP] Contribution to the World Sex Guide.. Northwest Arkansas area

Dear Atta, et al:
	I, and a group of my friends here, have been avid readers of The
World Sex Guide at domain "".  We have used the information
to our advantage in our adventures and seekings in different cities in
the US, Mexico, Brazil, etc.  Thanks for the Guide, and your contribution
to the horny man everywhere.  You have our eternal gratitude.
	We note however, that you've never covered the scene in the
metro-Northwest Arkansas area.  The area is home to several major
corporations, including Tyson Foods - the chicken giant (and Bill
Clinton's main financial backer), Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., JB Hunt - the
transportation conglomerate, and others.  It is one of America's best
kept secrets.  With one of America's lowest unemployment rates,
year-round great weather, rich in natural beauty and recreational
resources, almost crime-free and with a low cost of living (real estate,
taxes, utilities), Northwest Arkansas has recently been attracting both a
lot of businesses, and in particular, a lot of educated, professional or
upper-income-group people.
	It has been rumored that Bill Clinton will retire here after his
second term.  Variously viewed as the chief fuck-machine, the First
Fucker, the epitome of the American Fucker and the king of the common or
garden womanizers, Clinton is certainly an inspiration to all horny
Americans everywhere.  As his first home and operational pasture, the
womanizing resources of Northwest Arkansas are not to be easily
	The following is a detailed review of the adult-oriented service
establishments in the Northwest Arkansas area.  We hope that you will
like it and publish it, and that it will be a resource to locals and
other readers who pass through the area in their travels.  Please keep
our names, email addresses, and any contact/identification info strictly
confidential.  This is critical since I, and a group of my close friends,
are frequent patrons of all the establishments reviewed here, and if the
owners knew who were, (given the sort of honest truth-speaking we have
given some of the establishments) we would be unable to frequent these
establishments again.
	There have been a few different escort services and four
titty-bars in the area.  Because of the extreme conservatism of this part
of the bible belt, many of these establishments don't last very long.  Of
the two counties - Benton county (covering the towns of Rogers,
Bentonville, Bella Vista) is more conservative, republican and has no
adult-oriented services at all (unless you count a couple of video stores
that stock porn).  Washington County (covering Fayetteville and
Springdale), on the other hand, is more democrat-dominated, liberal, and
because of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville (Bill Clinton's
first home and political Alma Mater) - a relatively interesting place.
There is no street prostitution in the area, as best as we know, and no
real single or swingers bars.  A few working girls, masquerading as
masseuses (not full service, for police reasons) can be picked up, from
time to time, at one or two of the local bars (like the Bobbisox at the
Clarion Inn), but be warned that these are the girls who could not find
work at any of the escort services or titty-bars.  So they are neither
pretty, nor athletic (or otherwise skillful) - if they were, they'd make
more money working for an escort service or titty-bar.  It is rumored
that some of these women are con-artists or run scams, but nothing is
confirmed.  Also, some of these girls are rumored to be
(HIV/STD)-infected, which is quite likely true.  We strongly recommend
staying the hell away from this scene.  The best way to enjoy to enjoy
the adult entertainment in the area is to do business with an escort
service (our review of the escort services follows).

Escort Services

	Unlike the titty-bars in town, which are a disappointment even if
you spend a lot of money, when shopping for any escort service - the
operating rule to remember is that you get what you pay for.  The base
price is set by supply and demand, and there is nothing you can do to
change it.  If you bargain and manage to lower the price, you will
probably land a really ugly experience with a spectacularly ugly woman.
Keep in mind that even after you have negotiated the price and are
meeting with the escort, generosity and treating the escort with respect
will get you a much better experience and service to remember, and
possibly favors or breaks in the future.  And remember, payment is
generally cash-only, although one of the escort services (Executive) will
give you a receipt if you want one.  Also, once you've gotten a price
from the escort service, you'd better have the exact amount, or more (for
tips), in cash.  If you are a cheap/poor bastard, prepare to have a bad
	A piece of obvious advice - if you are going to get laid, always
use a condom, no matter what!  If a girl is prepared to do it without a
rubber with you, rest assured you are not going to be the only one she
does or has done that for.

1) "Executive"  (Referral Service for Escorts, Models, Dancers and
Dating, 11 a.m. - 3 a.m. every day)
Rating on scale of 1 to 10 - 9
Review:  	Based in the Fayetteville-Springdale-Washington County
area, the oldest, best and most high-class Escort Service in Northwest
Arkansas is Executive Escorts, which also does business as Executive
Services and Charlie's Angels.  While they do serve the
Rogers-Bentonville area, we are unclear as to whether they also operate
in some other towns, under the above or any other names. They do most of
the Bachelor Parties, Singing Telegrams, etc. in the Northwest Arkansas
area.  They are not price-negotiable, but most of the girls are really
pretty, and nice, a few of them are spectacularly beautiful (a former
Miss Arkansas and a former Miss Houston worked there).  Unlike most other
escort services, these guys are really in the business of providing
escort referrals, i.e., companionship or dating referrals, as opposed to
sex-on-sale retail whoring.  As such, they have a pretty high-class
clientele too.  The problem with this scenario is that all the ladies do
not give what is known as "Full Service" (of course, a healthy tip can
change a lot of their minds - the healthier the better).  The upside is
that even when they do not do full service, they are very adept (I, and a
couple of my buddies, can personally testify to this wholeheartedly) at
satisfying a customer while (what they interpret, we suspect, as) staying
within the law.  Also, if you are a repeat client, you can expect to get
Full Service pretty easily (the idea being that if caught, the escort can
claim that it was not an exchange of sexual favors for money, but rather
a fling with an old acquaintance - go figure).  They have a lot of repeat
clientele (my buddies and me among them).  But to get the full benefit of
what they have to offer, you have to be polite and respectful on the
phone and not talk about anything sexual at all - if you do not know what
to expect from an escort service, shame on you - but do not expect these
gals to give you a telephonic education.  They are very careful about the
legality of what is said on the phone, and will not answer sex-related
questions or anything else that is borderline.
	Also, keep in mind that whether they admit it so or not, they
send out a bouncer or two with every escort who goes out on appointment,
so don't even dream about trying any funny stuff with an escort from
these guys, unless you want your knee-caps broken.  We've seen two of the
bouncers - one was (I'm not kidding) about 6'10", 400 lbs., a former
football star-type and one of the ugliest people we have ever seen.  The
other one was probably even meaner-looking.  These were not people you'd
want to meet in a dark alley, ever; but from what I understand, if you do
not pull any stunts, you will not see them or even know that they are
	Most of the girls who work for this agency tend to be in college,
or working at other day jobs (including maybe a few junior
professionals), and there are a few strippers, small-time models, etc.
Executive is also the only agency in the area that has gay escorts, and
straight male escorts for female clientele (we are told - we don't know
if this is true or not).
Prices:  	Payment is cash-only.  Expect a fee of $200 an hour (for
a female escort).  While you don't have to spend more, a tip of $50 over
and above the $200 gets you a considerably better time (the size of the
tip and the goodness of the time go together).  (There is a rumor that
these guys are going to a multi-toered pricing system, with the best
girls billed at a higher hourly rate, and the newer or lesser girls
billed at more affordable rates - this has not gone into effect yet.)
	For gay escorts, the prices are higher, perhaps $350/- or so
(none of my buddies are gay, so we don't really know first-hand).  We
have no info on straight male escorts, or male strippers for the ladies
and bachelorette parties.
Management:  	The owner, who seems legally sound and insists that
it is an "Escort, Dating and Modeling Referral Service" and not an
"Escort Service", is a strange bozo - part intellectual, part
decriminalization advocate, part self-appointed anti-drug use spokesman,
and part just snob and erudite derelict with massive delusions of
grandeur.  The agency seems to be less interested in making money by
ripping off either the clients or the escorts, and genuinely more
interested in providing a great high-class value to their customers, and
a giving a good deal to the escorts.  I've spoken to several of the girls
that my friends and I have seen several times, and they all seem very
happy with Executive.  Two of the girls have complained to us (in
conversation), however, that the owner has extremely strict policies
against the use of drugs by either their escorts or their patrons, and
will fire anyone found using or dealing drugs.  Other peeves against
Executive - their telephones are sometimes hard to get through to.  We've
noticed that sometimes the phone lines are forwarded to a pager number,
answering machine, or otherwise not answered by a live operator,
particularly after 2 a.m.  That can be pissing off, but they are getting
better.  Also, in the past, they had a totally flaky bitch run things for
a while - she went by the names of Jade, Lisa and Fairchild (she is still
around in the Northwest Arkansas area) - and she was a disaster on
wheels.  She could not tell the truth if it came up to her and bit her on
her bony ass - she would tell lies about the girls' descriptions, the
true pricing for an appointment, and other stuff.  But the owner fired
her a few months ago, and the people who run the show now are very
honest, sincere and really helpful.
Recommendation:  	Definitely worth it, but you have to play by
their rules, or its no go.
Special mention:  	1)	Look for Scarlett, a 40DD drop-dead
gorgeous brunette who claims to have done some catalog modeling.  Any way
you look at her - the generous bust, the miles of legs, the tiny waist,
this statuesque beauty in sheer poetry in human form - God, or whoever
created the world, was definitely working overtime and putting out his
best work when he made this lady.
2) Felicia, is a blonde bombshell, with a great attitude, skills to die
for and a fabulously disarming smile.
3) Brianna is another blonde bombshell worth the two hundred.
4) If you like brunettes, Chantal is a must.
5) Alex takes full marks for cutesiness, 23, she looks and passes for a
6) Brook - we don't recommend her.  Bad attitude, a little too eager to
Note:  The review of Executive is kinda long.  It has been kept that way
since it is the only good escort service - or for that matter, the only
good adult service establishment in the area, in our opinion.  The other
reviews follow the same format, but we have made them shorter, since we
believe that none of the other establishments afford nearly as good a
value or service.

2) "Diamond"  (Escort Service, 8 p.m. - 1 a.m., most days)
Rating on scale of 1 to 10 - 6
Review:  Most of the girls who work for this agency are blue-collar,
trailer-park types.  None are college-educated.  Several have active drug
habits and some will try to solicit.  We have not seen any pretty ones
recently.  Two different pretty girls worked there in the past, but both
have quit and moved on.  The prettiest girl was rumored to have
contracted HIV, and several of the girls - other sexually transmitted
diseases - these are rumors however, and we cannot confirm them.  Some of
the girls we have met were older, quite unattractive and had a hard, used
look in their eyes and faces.  They also claimed not to do full service,
and said would only give us a back rub.
Prices:  Expect a fee of $200/hour.  For a good time, expect to spend
considerably more.
Management:  The owner of this agency who operates it in the Northwest
Arkansas area is from Hot Springs, Arkansas, near Little Rock.  An escort
herself, she is not very professional or customer-service-oriented.  Many
of the girls, and several other people have said that she owes them
money, has taken their money, or have made all kinds of promises that she
could not or does not keep.  Word has it that the agency is in a lot of
trouble financially, and with the IRS, and a lot of their girls are
quitting.  They have also supposed to have had some police trouble in the
past, and three of the girls reported that the IRS, or someone, has been
tapping the agency's phones - we do not believe this to be true, but one
never knows.
Recommendation:  Not worth it.
Special mention:  1)	Jennifer is pretty, good in bed.  But she is
a drug-user and an alcoholic, and exteremely undependable.  You might
request and arrange to meet her - but she may never show up.
2) Melody is a very attractive blonde, and great in bed.  But she is also
into drugs, and definitely white trash.  She just left the agency and
moved out-of-town.

3)  "Absolute Action"  (Escort Service, out of business)
Rating on scale of 1 to 10 - 5
Review:  The girls were terrible, and at least one stole a watch and
about twenty-seven dollars from one of my friends.  The agency went out
of business - most of the girls transferred to Diamond.
The agency operates in Fort Smith, and we believe also in Little Rock,
where we understand, they also stink.
Management:  None.
Recommendation:  N.A.

4) Name Forgotten  (Escort Service, out of business)
Rating on scale of 1 to 10 - 7
Review:  The girls were great.  The agency went out of business - sold
out to Executive.  Most of the girls transferred there.
We think that the reason why some of the escort services went out
business was that there is not enough business in the area to support
more than one or two services.
Management:  None.
Recommendation:  N.A.


5)	"Bottoms-Up" (Titty-Bar - no alcohol served, 8 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Rating on scale of 1 to 10 - 5
Review:  The entrance fee is $5/-.  The facility has been around the
longest, does not serve alcohol (although the owners look the other way
if you hide and bring in your own beer).  It is open Mon-Sat 8pm-1am, but
the very, very few relatively pretty girls come in only on Fri-Sat.  It
is a nasty place, but most of the girls do go topless and sometimes
bottomless onstage, and may be touched a little during private dances,
which go for about $30/- dollars including typical tips.  Other than
that, the facility is horrendous, but cheap - the owners never, never
spend so much as a dime on the upkeep.  It is frequented largely by
Mexican chicken-worker types.
Management:  The two guys who own it really know how to make the place
pay.  Word has it that unlike the other adult businesses in town, these
guys really make a lot of money.  They have been in business the longest,
and they run the lowest-class operation, with the lowest costs, and the
least service.  They just sit back, and let the sex sell itself.  It
obviously works, and in their defense - the guys who own this
establishment are nice guys.
Recommendation:  Go if you absolutely have to, and can live with the
excessive doses of purely gratuitous sleaze.

6) "Regina's House of Dolls" (Titty-Bar, lunch + 8 p.m. - 2 a.m. Mon-Sat)
Rating on scale of 1 to 10 - 4
Review:  Entrance $5/-.  The bar is okay.  Drinks are relatively
expensive.  The girls are somewhat prettier, but completely untouchable
at all times.  There is a $10/- table dance, a.k.a. "couch dance"
available - you sit on the couch, the girl dances on a table in front of
you.  Opinion - overall, not a great experience.
Management:  One of the owners, both from out of state, has been on local
TV a few times, and has spoken out for the adult services business in
Northwest Arkansas.   They are supposed to be opening one more club in
Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Recommendation:  Somewhat classier establishment, no bang for your extra

7) "The Gentleman's Club" (Titty-Bar, lunch + 8 p.m. - 1 a.m. Mon-Sat)
Rating on scale of 1 to 10 - (-0.5)
Review:  Entrance $5/-.  The girls here are less pretty than Regina's,
there is even less contact/closeness, and when they go onstage, they wear
these really ugly and obtrusive "titty-patches" over their tits (Regina's
does the same, but those are a tad less obtrusive).  Most of the girls
who worked here in the past, who were at all pretty, left and went to
either Regina's (a classier establishment) or Bottoms-up (they make more
This used to be a restaurant called Tony C's, and still serves food, as
well as liquor.  The catch is: the kitchen closes at 9 p.m., so you can't
really get a meal (if you are weird enough or wired enough to want one)
during the typical late hours when you are most likely to be there, i.e.,
11 p.m. to 1 am.  If you do get there in time for dinner, the featured
menu includes Bad Italian, and the drinks are expensive.
Management:  The owner looks like, and is, a thug.  He owns a few other
(non-titty-bar) restaurants in the area, has a nasty reputation, and is
generally considered both a rip-off artist and a jerk supreme.
Incredibly oddly, he also has a bad attitude towards adult entertainment
in general and the other titty-bars and escort services in town in
Recommendation:  Definitely a waste of time, and money, and energy.  Your
life will be richer simply by not going.

8) "Paradise" on AR-MO stateline north of Bella Vista (Titty-Bar, 8 p.m.
- 2 p.m. Fri-Sat)
Rating on scale of 1 to 10 - 2
Review:  Entrance $8/-.  The bar is bad, and has changed hands every few
months for several years - to the point that they do not even have a
phone number any more.  Drinks are relatively cheap.  The furniture is
bad, chairs uncomfortable, couches comfortable, the dance floor is
interesting and has some architectural merit.  The girls are ugly, but
somewhat (minimally) touchable during private dances ($30/-).  Some local
lowlifes hang out there.  Opinion - overall, not a great experience.
This place is in the middle of nowhere, about 6 miles north of the
stateline, maybe as much as 18 miles north of Bentonville on Hwy 71N.
The area is a heavily policed speed-trap, sparsely populated by redneck
low-lifes.  The money earned by cops by giving speeding tickets to
(non-local) motorists is the officially reported chief source of income
to the local municipality.
Management:  The guy who started this place as a adult service place was
an erstwhile football star from Florida.  But he did not do well, and
sold out soon.  Several different people have tried to run the place
after that, and all have failed.  The current, and very recent, owner
owns another little bar locally, but we do not much about him.
Recommendation:  Not worth it.

Update on Tulsa area escort services:

Although there are a number of services listed in the phone book, etc.,
most of the numbers actually lead into only a very few actual separate
agencies.  As best as we have so far been able to discern so far, the
following are the real agencies:

Phone		Name			A.K.A. (also known as)

(918) 599-9608	Models Inc		AAA, Elite, A-#1
(918) 663-7864	Classique Introduction
(918) 438-9806	America Beauties		D's Dolls, Angels,
Miss'Behaving, 					Perfect Hour, Z
(918) 832-1675	Action Escort Service	Abra CA Dabra, Ablaze,
Abandon, 					Entrepreneur
(918) 663-8886	Gentlemen's Choice 	Glamour Girls, Better
					A-Ok Entertainment
(918) 742-4373	Friends For Hire		Massage will
(918) 747-4807	Suncoast			Absolute Beauty
(918) 663-2223	Classy & Sassy
(918) 834-0135	Fantasia's

We will send an update on our experiences on these agencies, in a few

Best Regards,

The LoveBrokers (connoisseurs of retail and wholesale love)

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