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Arica, Chile

ARICA, Chile

Night Club Casa amarilla Calle J.I.Lopez 1453, phone 242572 I have
been in December 1997 in Chile. What you say about Chile in general is
correct. However in the more tropical north girls are easier to find
and life is more open than in the south.  But be careful of some
places where you meet "normal" girls who need some dollars. Not the
girls are the problems, but the ambiente. I remember such a bar in
Calama (Diabolo ?)  where we met very nice girls, but the only place
doing it was a dirty separee with only a curtain, the waiter came in
every 5 minutes asking if you wish more chamapain and the noise of the
loudspeakers was terrible. You had no bed, only a small bench, and if
you dont feel safe nor clean, you cannot enyjoy it.

Best of all houses was the Casa amarilla in Arica (at the border to
Bolivia and Peru). I asked the taxi driver for "chicas" (well, I speek
fluently spanish) and we entered 4 bars, discos or clubs or how you
want to describe these places.  The Casa Amarilla has about 20 girls
sitting in a rather dark room with Latin popular music. You have to
invite them to a "copa". When they agree, you pay about 50$ to the
boss and then you go to the back, where wooden baraks , smallest
posssible rooms to do it. Some may like this as adventure. After all a
car service brings you to your hotel , because, they told me, some
clients had been asaulted on the way back home.  Once the girls
promised us to visit us at the hotel (we stayd in the best of all:
Hotel Arica*****, fine beach) but they did not come. So next night we
came back and wished to punish them by ignorance, but after paying a
Copa to a girl who told me after drinking it, that she has her period
and really doesn't want, I stoped my severe punishment and returned to
the same girl as before, and also did my friend.  They kissed and
sucked, and they did it with a certain passion so you might think they
enjoyed it. ( I know, thats men's phantasy and maybe in Brazil it is

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