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Antigua, Guatemala

Report on Antigua, Guatemala

	Antigua has nothing, nada, zip, zero!  However, all is not lost.  The
village next to it has 4 or 5 houses with 4-8 ladies working.  The place is
called Jocotenango which is about 2km from the center of Antigua, a 20
quetzales cab ride (6.12 Qs=$1US).  You can take a bus back for about 8
cents U.S. As reported earlier, the La Fuente (the Fountain) seems to have
the best looking ladies.  The places are kind of crude but for about $7.50
a young, seventeen or so, cutie will take care of you.  Bring your phrase
book, no english here.  There are a few cab drivers that do speak a little
gringo so having one wait for you and do your bargaining will help.  Look
for Rene who drives cab number 10 and can usually be found at the cab stand
at the central park.  He may offer to take you to the Club Sirenas, about a
40 minute cab ride up the road to Guatemala City.  This place puts the
Mustang Ranch to shame.  However, at the MR they dont have armed guards out
front that frisk you before you can go in.  Fifteen or so girls ranging in
looks from 4-9.  A bar, lots of couches, very nice rooms, and about $60 US
will get you an hour or so with your choice of a senorita.  Wonderful head
w/o cover!  Had to don the dreaded raincoat for the main event.  My
favorite was Aileen who is learning english.  A very pretty young lady that
flat out made love to me, kissing, cuddling, great head, and seemed to be
enjoying as much as I did.  They dont speak much english here but I do
spanish well enough.  I want to go back.

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