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Annandale, Virginia

Date: 13 May 1997 03:00:13 -0400

I recently stopped in at Evergreen Therapy (advertise Chinese Chi Massage in
the Post) looking for a massage and possibly more.  Lea, (late 30"s?, petite,
a little dumpy) greeted me at the door and asked if I'd been there before.  I
said no, asked the rates ($40 1/2, $60 hr).  I opted for the half and asked
if tipping was allowed.  Lea said "no" and I resigned myself to a massage.
 She ushered me into a very private room.

I was a great massage!  The table was warm and clean (though the whole place
smelled of tobacco).  It had a warm vibrating pad on it.  I asked for a
"hard" massage and she climbed up on my back, cracked my joints and needed my
flesh until I was limp.  I've easily had 100+ massages in my life--she had
the strongest hands of any masseuse I've encountered.

As my time was winding up she did the old finger dance over my buttocks and
balls.  As usual, I rose to the ocassion and was at half mast when she asked
me to turn over.  She then whispered she worked for "compliments."  I said I
understood and she proceeded with
a hand-job (no amount was discussed).  (I asked about oral and she shook her
head "No.")  The hand-job started out great, but she tried to rush it and
bring me off too quickly.  When I did squirt she quickly grapped a tissue,
wiped me up and waited for her money and me to leave.

I gave her a $20 and paused, then asked if that was okay.  She said it was if
I didn't have any more to give her.  Despite feeling rushed, I felt
magnanimous so I slipped her another $10.

Overall, $70 for a great massage and okay hand release.  I'm glad I stumbled
onto it.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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