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Ann Arbor, Michigan

>I am looking for some accomadating "massage parlors" in the
>Metro-Detroit area, and especially Ann Arbor.  (Though anywhere
>within two hours of Detroit would be fine).
>I am *very interested* in Asian establishments! all races are
>happily acceptable however. :)

The one Korean place I'd recommend is Retreat off I-94 (Industrial Dr?) on
the south side of AA. There are many others in the Yellow Pages or Free
Press sports section, too.


Subject: [ASP] Ann Arbor, Michigan Report (Pine Tree Spa) Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 01:37:09 GMT Well I just returned from Michigan, I dropped $150 on a very pretty girl Candy. That was just for 69. No intercourse! She looks great to me, just the right sized breasts, excellent body. Too bad she had very little personality other than to get the money, get me to come and leave. They move around a lot so no telling how long she will be there. I've had better, but boy her body was great. I'm beginning to think that a great personality will overcome a average body. The reverse is not true. The address is 2730 Jackson Road. Ann Arbor MI 313-741-5060. Get the coupon from the local paper for $10 off.
Subject: [ASP] Re: Michigan Date: Friday, 02 May, 1997 23:41 PM Ann Arbor, Michigan (also Ypsilanti, western Detroit suburbs & Metro Airport) Having visited Ann Arbor many times over the years of sending my sons through college I thought I would forward these tidbits for anyone who is a Wolverine fan. Spas/Massage parlors: There are a number of fairly standard massage parlors located in and around town, some of which I have experience with - others I just list FYI. Retreat Spa: (South Side) 2455 S Industrial (exit I-94 at State St. - Turn right heading north to Eisenhower Parkway - Turn right heading East to S. Industrial - Turn left heading north ? mile on your right.) 313-662-2722 Kimono Health Spa: (East Side) The oldest massage parlor in the county. 3650 Carpenter Rd. (exit US-23 to East bound Washtenaw Ave - Turn right at the first light onto south bound Carpenter Rd. - 2.5 Miles + on the left.) 313-973-8322 Pine Tree Spa: (West Side) 2730 Jackson Rd. (exit I-94 @ Jackson Rd. Turn Left onto West bound Jackson Rd. - go under the highway and turn right at the first drive.) Great Oral!! Paradise Found: (West Side) 5277 Jackson Rd. (exit I-94 @ Jackson Rd. Turn Left onto West bound Jackson Rd. - About 3-4 miles down on the left [easy to miss, if you hit Zeeb Rd you've gone to far]) A friend had a great experience there he says to ask for a "Recreational Massage" 313-663-8709 Tokyo Health Spa: (Downtown Ann Arbor) 404 West Liberty (five blocks West of Main ST. on north side of W. Liberty - easy to miss, if you hit Seventh St. you've gone to far) 313-662-8772 Check the Sports Section of the Ann Arbor News for adds & Coupons for 10% off! Strip Joints: Only one close by is Deja Vu in Ypsilanti (Ann Arbor's poor little sister city) located in the heart of downtown at the corner of Pearl & Washington Streets. Full Nudity (no booze) Some cute college girls and some bimbos that should keep most of their clothes on! Also has porn star headliners ever four to six weeks! Couch dances (no contact) and private screening rooms (you're on one side of the glass she's on the other) and an adult bookstore attached. I've been told by others that some of the ladies will "Date" customers they like (or go out for a few drinks after they're off) but I haven't had any such luck. $5 dollar table dances (topless mostly) and $10 & $20 couch dances (nude). Open to 4am on weekends! Some times there are some really average street walkers in the area (Pearl St. & Michigan Ave.) prices vary as do your chances of getting picked up by the cops - be careful! The Detroit Metro Airport area has three really top notch topless clubs just 20-25 min. east of Ann Arbor. The Landing Strip: The granddaddy of them all! Still a thrill. Located in the heart of Downtown Romulus just East of the Airport (closest to Ann Arbor just off I-94 first exit east of I-275 take a right and right again at the light) Great looking ladies some of whom will "Date" customers they like on an hourly or evening basis- ask around, those who won't aren't to offended especially if you ask politely and buy a dance. $10 table dance, $20 couch dance upstairs or downstairs in the VIP room (although the local authorities have really cracked down on personal contact or "Lap Dances" you might still get lucky). Has shuttle service to and from the airport so schedule a long layover and call em. (ask for Haley - WOW) Play House: Landing strip wantabe - (east of the airport exit I-94 at Middle belt road go south a couple of miles it'll be on your left). Some of the girls are of lesser caliber than the Landing Strip but by enlarge they are MUCH friendlier! A greater percentage (still less than 20%) of the dancers will "Date" by the hour or evening - again just ask. If you're going to get any contact (kissing, sucking, touching) it'll most likely be here when its busy and the doorman is overworked and can't watch the couch loft too closely. $10 table dance, $20 couch dance (ask for Sheri or Twylla!) Club 747 Newest club on the scene (northeast of the airport exit I-94 at Middle belt road go north a couple of miles to Michigan Ave. turn left - it'll be on your left). Best venue and the caliber of the dancers is improving (about the same as the Playhouse). Higher drink prices than the other two airport venues same $2 parking And $5 cover (typically no cover till 5pm) $10 table dance, $20 couch dance. Don't have enough experience to know yet if any of the girls are available after hours but my guess is the same rules apply ask. Ask for Brook or Billie! In Call & Out Call: Several reliable agencies service Ann Arbor. While I have tried them all there are many listed in the local yellow pages. Notable experiences listed below: A Abalone & Co Accurate descriptions - they don't generally under estimate age or weight - they have mostly bust types & mostly blondes. Prices at Metro Airport $200-$225 per hour with a $25 to $50 surcharge to send someone to Ann Arbor proper (depending on how far away they are coming from). Out call only. 313 668 8100 A Absoulte Satisfaction Accuracy of descriptions varies with who's on the phone. Ask for Dave he won't BS you and he's got great taste. They have a large # of ladies of all different types mostly young 18-23. Sometimes youthful exuberance makes up for inexperience - sometimes not - again I 'd trust Dave's judgment. They run in-call in Ann Arbor and around Metro Airport weekly as well as round the clock out-call. In-call rate are $125 for a half our $175 for full hour. Many of the ladies will provide full service for this rate but others ask for tips ranging from $40 to whatever depending on what you're interested in. Michelle is by far the sweetest I've had. She's 20 , 5'-6" about 110-115 lbs, shoulder length brown hair with fair skin perfect perky young 34C's and a close bikin shave. If you treat her like a lady everything's included for the base price, but I'd tip her well - she earns it. Out-call is $175 per hour for Airport area ($225 for Ann Arbor), same tipping rules apply. Travel time can be up to one and a half hours (they always say 45 min. to one hour) depending on how far away she lives. There is always (in-call and out-call) a driver who will wait nearby as protection for the young lady. Dave says they have ladies available for threesomes (price doubles) and bachelor parties (prices quoted on a per event basis). 1-800-453-5023 or 313-843-4566 Simply The Best Detroit Service that will service the Airport area and Ann Arbor (for an additional fee of course - depending on who is working when you call) $180-$225 per hour out-call. Very experienced professional ladies of many types. Gabriella is great - about 23, 5'-7", dark brown hair, 120-125 lbs, perfect 36B's and a great personality (have a bottle of Asti chilling if you want to bring out the best in her) and very talented! 313-838-5115 Class Affair Personal Services In-call and Out-call services available throughout the metro area (again Ann Arbor can carry an extra service fee if the lady lives far away) in-call is generally $120 per half hour & $160 for an hour (some ladies require tipping for full service) Out-call starts at $175 per hour. Ask to spend some time with Juliet - WOW, an auburn hared beauty - 5'6/7" tall, 34B cup, intelligent, self employed (outside the escort bus.) professional in her mid 20's. She showed up on time and was quite pretty (obviously works out)! She didn't waste too much time with stupid teenage, nervous, chit chat but talked a little about what I wanted and what she'd do. After a little massage I could wait no longer and started on her. She seemed to enjoy it a lot and was soon telling me to stop or she'd cum too soon. She went back to sucking and playing with me while I fingered her, just as I was nearing overload she straddled me and massaged my cock back and forth through her dripping (boy was it wet!)pussy lips over her clit (no penetration) until she came (I was not far behind!!)! Although she didn't ask for a tip I gave her an additional $60 - she was well worth it. 1-800-801-8025 Other services that I have not tried but which have been at least moderately recommend by friends and business contacts in the area are listed below For Your Information: Executive Personal Service 313-535-2919 Adorable escort and massage 313-913-9602 ______________________________________________________ If you have any questions, want additional details, or have constructive information post your messages to the news group. Use [A2] in your subject line or post to the attention of "Frolic"
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 23:45:04 -0400 (EDT) Subject: ann arbor Greetings, I hope you add this one to your Ann Arbor Michigan listing. Let me first say that the first time I ever went to a massage parlor was in Ann Arbor. The Retreat Spa located on the south side, I visited about 3 years ago. I entered the establishement, it was much like most oriental parlors: ring the buzzer, you walk in and get ushered to a room. The girl who then entered the room was a young, beautiful Korean (I forgot the name), who made me feel relaxed from the outset. I told her that I had never been to one of these establishments, and so she did play it pretty cool with me. After a great table shower, where she cleaned every crack, and even fondled my unit, she led me back to the room and finished drying me off. At this point she asked me what kind of massage I would like, and not knowing any better (because I hadn't read any of the Sex Guide info), I replyed: "a hard massage." Which wasn't neccesarily a bad thing. She proceeded to give me one hell of a massage, and she cracked every crackable joint in my body. After she completed the massage, she rubbed my belly and the area around my genitals, and asked me if there were any other parts that she should massage. I fumbled through this scenerio as best as my nieve mind could have, and we agreed she should jerk me off for an extra $40. She lovingly poured some baby oil in her hands and proceeded to jerk me off until I exploded, all the while my hand was rubbing her fine ass. About six months ago, I visited the Retreat Spa once again, and had since learned much about the massage scene by reading the Sex Guide, and also visiting a few other similar establishments. I entered through the front door and rang the buzzer as I had before. I had notice a few cars parked outside, so I wansn't surprised when I was told to wait for about 15 minutes in the front lounge area. As the time was passing, one of the oriental girls came out to the front area to gather up some items for her session. This girl was a 10 easily. She was incredibly good looking - my mouthed dropped when I saw her. She had on a skin tight purple mini dress that showed only some of her treasures. She was tall, and she had incredible legs. Her skin and her hair was georgeous, I could barely say "hello" when I saw her. I only hoped she would take care of my session. A few minutes later I was led to one of the rooms and told to wait for my girl. Then entered a different girl from the one described above. Bummer. This girl was a little shorter, but she had luscious breasts, and and superb ass under her short skirt. She walked in and cradled herself into my chest and arms and began flirting right after I confirmed I had been to this establishment before. She asked me what kind of massage I would like, and this time I replied "a full service massage." After agreeing to an additional $100, she exited the room as she told me to get comfortable. She led me back to the shower area for a fun table shower, and then back to the room for completion of drying. She left for a moment to get a condom and returned. On her second step back into the room she had dropped her clothes to the floor, and by the third step, she was stradled over my back giving me a massage. She massaged my back area somewhat quickly, and then asked me to turn over on my back. She massaged my chest a bit, and started sucking on my nipples. She kissed down my chest to my belly all the while fondling my balls. She lowered herself some more, and sucked on my balls and the shaft of my penis for a few moments. At this point she places the condom on the tip of my penis and finishes putting it on with her mouth. She continued sucking, and gave me one hell of a blow job. About 15 heavenly minutes later, she asked me if I wanted to fuck her, and without hesitation, she was on top of my penis, gently lowering herself down. I had her luscious tits in my mouth the whole while she maneuvered herself on top. I grabbed her ass firmly and proceeded to jam. We fucked like no tomorrow until I came. She cleaned me up with a hat towel, and offered to do it again. She was something else. I don't forsee myself in Ann Arbor anytime soon, but this memory will remain with me forever. Next time, hopefully I'll be able to try the girl in purple.

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