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Angeles City, The Philippines

Since the crackdown in the Phillipines the best place to visit is
Angeles City. Located at the site of the old Clarke Air Base of the
ex-US Air Force base it is a booming metropolis of around 50+
bars/night clubs.  The price for a hotel room runs around Pesos 400
and the price for a girl that you pick from one of the dancers or
waitresses at the bars is Pesos 600 or about $20.  The girl will
usually stay enthusiastically (with services rendered) until you kick
her out the next day around 4:oo pm if you buy her lunch and dinner.
An American run hotel is the CPT Cook Hotel, minutes by walking, or
shorter by Jeepney (local mode of transportation), from the strip of
bars.  There are many other places to stay--run mainly by Australians,
and you will see mainly an Australian slant to menus.  The fare for
the trip from the Airport to Angeles is around $40 US, a low cost
bus--the Blue Bus runs every three hours to Angeles: cost $5.  Manila
hotels are much more expensive than Angeles (double to triple) with a
much greater chance of being hassled by the police.  Olongipo is
another location on the seaside, with lower prices, but lower controls
on bargirl health and fewer locations.  Other hotels in Angeles are
satisfactory: if not staying at the CPT Cook, I suggest the Chicago
and the Oasis.  The women are beautiful, oriental, and enthusiastic!

Subject: Filipina Dreamgirl Bar Review Date: 1 Jun 1996 FILIPINA DREAMGIRLS HUSTLER correspondent ANTONELLI continues his series on world sex destinations with a trip to Angeles City, home of the "cherry girls". The Phillipines was one of the prime destinations for single men in search of exotic pussy for many years. Foreigners swarmed to Manila and Angeles City in their droves, to sample the delicate Asian wares on offer at cut-rate prices. Manila was notorious for its go-go bars, while Angeles City attracted over 25 000 "hospitality girls" to its numerous bars, chiefly to entertain the US Clarke Air Base recruits. This Sex Utopia was seriously affected by two events in 1992. Mt Pinatoba erupted near to Angeles City, resulting in the mass evacuation of the town, and the destruction of numerous buildings. The US Air Force decided to pull out of the Phillipines, which resulted in the closure of most of the go-go bars in Angeles City.Almost simultaneously, Mayor Lim was elected mayor of Metro Manila, promising to clean up prostitution in Ermita. Laws were passed, and all of the go-go bars in the tourist district were closed down. The girls of Manila and Angeles went back to their homes in the provinces - a tragic situation for the seeker of pussy. Fortunately, the adult entertainment industry in the Phillipines has shown considerable recovery in the last two years. A few go-go bars have opened in the Mabini and Pasay districts of Manila, but the city is notoriously dangerous and tends to be unappealing to most single travellers. Angeles City is were it's happening now. Over 50 bars are now open, employing over 1000 girls, with more arriving every day. For this reason, we suggest you spend as little time in dangerous, expensive Manila, and head straight on out to Angeles City. GETTING THERE There are several flights from Cape Town/Jhb to Manila with a number of airlines, although I would suggest joining one of the 10 day Filipina Dreamgirl Tours offered by TRANSWORLD TOURS (PH 082 5544 315) at the low cost of R 6000.00 including air-fare, accommodation, transport and a guide. That way, you avoid any fuck-ups getting to Pussy Heaven, and get introduced to the hottest girls when you do arrive. If you choose to go it alone, be careful. On arrival at Nino Aquino International, ignore taxi drivers offering to take you to Ermita for 300 - 500P(R50-R85). Go to the Nissan Shuttle/2000 Taxi booths at the exit of the airport, and pay 245P(R42) for a voucher, which you exchange for your trip outside the airport. Go straight to the Swagman Hotel in Ermita - the taxi driver will know the way. From there, you can catch one of the air-conditioned buses straight to Angeles City, departing at 11.30am, 3.30pm and 8pm for 200P(R35). The trip to Angeles takes about 3 hours, and you will be taken to the Swagman Hotel in Angeles. Although the hotel isn't too bad, with attractive facilities, it's very far away from the real action, and you'll end up spending 580P(R100) per day plus 60P (R10) return on a tricycle to get to the bars. By all means stay for a day, but leave as soon as you can find a room in a hotel on the strip. The main strip of go-go bars is situated on Fields Avenue, and I suggest you stay at one of the hotels in the immediate vicinity of the bars. That way, you can simply walk to and from the bars, without the irritation and expense of having to use "tricycles" or "jeepneys", the only forms of transport available in Angeles. Try the TROPICANA, CHICAGO PARK or ORCHID INN. They all offer air-con, colour TV and room service for 450 - 500P(R78-R85). Quality varies slightly, with the water supply at the Tropicana being somewhat smelly. Nevertheless, these hotels are extremely popular because of their proximity to the nightlife, so move fast to secure your room. It's also difficult to change travellers cheques at hotels, so you'll have to go to the moneychanger next to Marguaritaville for a decent rate. Avoid the banks - they're distant and charge more. While the bars in Angeles are not as slick or as explicit as their counterparts in Thailand, there are a number of factors which make them appealing. Although the girls in Thailand are more beautiful, and tend to be slimmer, the Filipina women are a lot more friendly and extremely affectionate. Filipina girls generally speak really good English, which means that they can chat and joke with you, which adds to your general enjoyment of their company. They quickly get attached to their lover, and tend to be really loyal. At the end of the day, they hope to meet the man of their dreams, who will sweep them off their feet, and transport them magically to a land far away from the poverty they are used to. So, if you're looking for a wife, then the Phillipines is your dream destination. Apart from the friendly girls, costs are really low in the Phillipines as compared to Thailand. Drinks in the go-go bars are an incredible 20 -35P, and believe it or not, you can spend the entire night with a beautiful young girl of only 600P. In other words, if you go to a bar and find a girl you like at 8pm, you pay a total of 600P, and she'll fuck and suck you until 10am the next day ! In general, I fucked most of the girls in the Phillipines at least three times during the night, in addition to the blowjob and massage they willingly administered. This has got to be the best deal on earth ! GO-GO BARS The bars in Angeles operate in a similar fashion to those in Thailand. On entering the bar, you are ushered to a seat, and are expected to order a drink for around 30P(R5). You can then watch the girls dancing on stage. The girls are not permitted to dance nude or even in g-strings, so they wear shorts and tanktops or mini's. If you see a girl you like, make your interest obvious by smiling, winking or waving if necessary. Competition is not as hectic as in Thailand, as there are far fewer foreign men in the bars of Angeles. The girls tend to swamp you as soon as you sit down. Keep your wits about you - carefully choose the girl you really want to fuck, and buy her a drink. Wave away less attractive girls who think you'd be fool enough to buy them a drink as well. Be firm about not buying a "friend" a drink costing 65P as well. If you're just looking, then say so, and avoid buying too many "lady drinks". Once you meet the girl of your dirtiest, raunchiest fantasy, pay the 600P(R100) fee to the manager or "mama san". The girl will get changed, and leave with you. You have now paid for roughly 12 hours of her time. Use the time wisely ! LA BAMBA **** Probably the friendliest bar in Angeles - on your first visit you can expect a complimentary drink from the management! The girls are chatty and approachable, and there are some real cutie pies amongst them, as well as a few model types, as is obvious from the following pics. TAHITIAN QUEEN **** Several hot numbers here, including a few "cherry girls" for which Angeles is famous. If you take out a "cherry girl" you are forbidden to attempt to fuck her, as she is still a virgin. Apparently many guys are happy to simply snuggle with a stunningly beautiful young girl. Not me - give me a good fuck any day! ILLUSIONS *** A luxury bar with comfortable seating and a selection of about 30 girls. A few hot numbers in the 18-22yr age group here, which makes it worth a visit. If you really like a girl, make it clear that you intend to barfine her before buying her a drink. Some girls will accept your drink, but have no intention of fucking you or anybody else - they're content with their 3000P salary. CLEOPATRA *** Really impressive decor, including a waterfall and Egyptian artifacts, together with a good selection of girls makes this club worth the visit, although it's not exactly cosy. STINGERS *** If you're after younger girls, then this is your bar. Although the girls are aged 18yrs and up, some Filipina women are very small and youthful-looking, and tend to look 4-5 years younger than they really are. The girls from Stinger will give you a really good go for your money. ARCHIES ** An impressive interior fails to save this bar from the fate which befalls many bars in Angeles - a lack of atmosphere. The girls seem disinterested in their potential clients, leaving sad-looking men sipping their beers in an atmosphere deviod of any warmth. Owners and managers complained to me that some girls are happy to earn their salary, and don't seem at all eager to meet men. This lack of interest is immediately obvious in several bars. Rather go for those bars where you're welcomed with open arms, and an open pussy! BLUE HAWAII ** A cosy bar with a few hot girls scattered amongst less attractive dancers. However, considering that most of the men in the bar were particularly ugly, I suppose it wasn't all that bad. CLASSROOM ** As the name suggests, this is one of those clubs catering for a predominantly Japanese clientele with an obvious schoolgirl fetish. Some of the girls appeared to have spent an abnormally long stint at school. BEST OF THE REST Blackjack Roadhouse Top Hat Connections Dreams Private Dancer MARGUARITAVILLE Located opposite the entrance to the old Clarke Air Base, this is a popular 24hr hangout for bar girls and freelancers. The music is good and the food and drinks are reasonably priced. As this is not a go-go bar, the really cute waitresses are not on the "take-out" menu, so don't embarrass yourself, and the girls, by making unwanted approaches. Rather try picking up one of the many girls who hang around the pool tables or bar, eyeing out new arrivals with come-to-bed eyes. After 3am, when the go-go bars close, many girls come here in the hope of meeting a foreign fuck for the night.Costs are a lot lower, from 250P to 500P(R45-R85), and the freelance girls are keen to move into your hotel with you, given that you have air-con, a colour TV and a bulging wallet. As the food is good, and reasonably priced, many tourists congregate here for breakfast or lunch, making it a good place to meet new friends if you're travelling alone. If you play pool, all the better! Some of the girls are pretty nifty with a cue - imagine what they're like when they get their hands on your rod! Marguaritaville also provides currency exchange, telephone and fax services, and a laundry service, as well as stunning frozen marguarita's, to cool you down after a long, hard night of fucking. MUSIC BOX This is the disco of choice for off-duty bar girls. 50P(R8.50) gets you in, with a free drink. There are numerous opportunities to pick up succulent, firm-bodied Filipina's, if you can stand the lack of air-conditioning. Be firm with your date for the night, or she'll dance until dawn, thus severely limiting playtime. Also be wary of local Filipino men, who tend to get drunk and pick knife fights with each other, and the odd foreigner. Friday and Saturday nights should be avoided for this reason. As long as the single seeker of sex is aware of the potential hazards and frustrations awaiting him in the Phillipines, the Phillipines is a dream destination - cheap hotels, cheap booze and cute chics.
Subject: Re: Manila Phillipines Date: 16 Jul 1996 15:04:58 GMT From the airport go directly to "Angeles City." It will cost you 1,500 pesos for the trip. Stay at Clarkton Hotel, and enjoy the wonderful girls of Angeles for 500 pesos a night. There are over 50 bars ran by Americans, Australians, and Germans. Good hunting. Wish I was there.
Subject: More on ANGELES: FOR THE PARANOIA.COM SITE Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 08:16:00 GMT Angeles, Paradise on earth All you can read about Angeles in this guide is true. Drinks are 25-35 Pesos (25 or 26 pesos = 1 Dollar). Girls are 600 Pesos for the whole night, you can ask Mama San to get a short time (2 hours), some charge the same, some go down to 400 or 300 Pesos. For that money, in a US city, you cannot get a 3 minute private dance. A lady drink for a max of 75 Pesos gets you a girl's undivided attention in the bar. Girls are cute and homely, usually about a 7. If you insist on beauty queens, you find some stunning young 9's or 10's. As everywhere, the less gorgeous ones are frequently nicer or more intelligent. Or sometimes the most gorgeous one is a cherry girl, a virgin. Many girls are very short, like 4'11''. 5'5'' is fairly tall. If you like tall blondes, Angeles is not for you. Very frequently the girl picks you. She dances looking at you, or some girls tell you "she likes you" while pointing at a giggling girl who is a bit shy trying to hide from you. If you like her too, call her, you are treated especially well. Many girls are completely outspoken and explain that their aim is getting a husband. If they ask you if you have a girl friend, I believe this is the clue that they are interested in being your girl friend. A girl friend sticks regularly with you, you hire her most nights or buy her out once for, maybe 6000 Pesos for a number of days with no time limit. If you want be "butterfly" and settle for many different girls, be careful not to get claimed as possession of one girl. You might want to pick up your next girl at another bar in order not to offend your prior date. Girls are happy to get 50-200 Pesos tip after a night, but this is not at all required. Most speak good to very good English. One shy cherry girl, who spent the night kissing and hugging in a friend of mine's bed actually refused to accept a 200 peso tip. 200 peso is equivalent to about two day's salary. If you go from Fields Avenue past Orchid Hotel and Orchid Annex, Chicago Palace Hotel, you get on what I would call blow job Alley. You get offered blow jobs, on the spot, or in your hotel (cleaner and less hurried) for 250 Pesos. All without condoms, you come in their mouth. I hope you do not get any disease, though. In the more reputable bars the girls have weekly checkups, in the more sleazy places and in Margaritaville, where you find free-lancers or off duty bar girls, this is not guaranteed. Careful, some girls on blow job alley are boys. There is also a boys only bar 2 blocks away, with boys who are not transvestites. It is upstairs, at a corner, I cannot remember the name of the place. Go to Angeles before it is too late. You never know if some future major will try to close the bars down, the way it was done in Manila. More likely, the international airport, planned on the area of old Clark Air base, might destroy the small idyllic atmosphere and turn it into a more business-like professional atmosphere like it is now in Bangkok. Some hints for Angeles. At Manila Airport ask for Swagman Shuttle. It brings you to Swagman Hotel in Ernita, for 100 Pesos. Otherwise, buy a taxi ticket inside the airport, near the exit. From the Swagman Hotel, you have several buses a day leaving to Swagman Hotel, Angeles. As Swagman is about a mile away from the action, you may ask them to take you to another Hotel, for example Chicago Palace or Orchid Inn, which are squarely in the Center of the bar scene. If you stay longer, request a discount, at the beginning of your stay. For 500 Pesos you should get a decent room. Standard rooms have no fridge and are frequently just equal to the more expensive rooms. Ask if you get air condition or a fan. The lonely planet travel survival kit Philippines has about 10 pages on Angeles. You might want to go on some guided tour near Mount Pinatubo to see the destruction due to volcanic ashes and mud slides. Thus you have an excuse why you went to Angeles City. Avoid painstakingly all men who come up to you with "hi friend, do you remember me from ..." (your hotel, I was your bus driver, yesterday, ...). They are all con men. They are quite good at it, too. One got a friend of mine when he was looking for a martial arts club. He took him all across town to a guy who claimed to be the owner of the local Karate Club, who immediately wanted to register him, for a fee, as a member. Additionally, the guy wanted to hire him to join him in some ruse to defraud a Casino, with the knowledge of the owner and the dealer. He would play with their money and get 25% of all the thousands of dollars he would win. I wonder if they would not have had him jailed, had he agreed to it, and then extorted a huge fee to get him free. Or, maybe they were 'honest' crooks, but it still would be a great risk. Luckily, he had just 150 Pesos on him, so they could not talk him out of more money. E mail and internet To get your e mail or internet access try Seoul Garden Inn. Ron forwards and receives e-mail. For a small fee your local girl friend can send you messages. His address is or I found out that I could have gotten my flight a lot cheaper from him. He has a homepage with information, airline ticket sales, and hotel reservations in Angeles at His hotel is only a few hundred yards away from the bars, and it is nicer than most. Jun, at Planned Systems, A-5 Fields Arcade, Fields Ave, Balibago, Angeles City has phone services and e-mail access right next to where the bars are. Datelnet Computer Services, Internet Cafe and access provider 404 MacArthur Highway, Angeles City 2009, Tel. +(63 455)602 0800 I have not tried this one, it is a few miles away in downtown Angleles. Money you get the best exchange rate right at Manila airport. But, the rates do not vary much. Too much cash is risky, traveler cheques pay a bit lower rate (about 0.5 or 1 Peso less, it seems). Cash advances on your Master card or Visa credit card only at Equitable Bank in Manila, any branch. You may be able to use your Master or Visa Credit card at some local ATM downtown Angeles, if it has a Cirrus or Maestro ATM sign on it. I also saw a local bank whose ATM had a Diner's club sign on it.
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 22:24:39 +0200 (MET DST) ANGELES: Bars closed in 3/97 crackdown [LONG] Some of the longest-running bars in Angeles have fallen victim to the latest local crackdown. Casualties include Archie's, Blue Hawaii, Flash, Temple of Rock, and a number of places on A. Santos St. (aka "Blow Row"). The Classroom and Misty's are also closed down. "Violations" that got the places closed included: -- Flashing the customers (no nudity or baring of breasts allowed) -- Girls not wearing their IDs -- Girls hanging out outside the club, trying to get the customers in -- Underage girls working in the bars (even though the girl probably lied about her age) This came down in the early part of March, prompting seasoned veterans to mutter that election time must be nearing. Local and PNP police did the operation jointly. It sent a chill down the operators of the bars that were left. The "Happy Hooker" has changed its name to "The Happy Club" (I guess you can't advertise hookers). Only the guards can be outside the bar. Some mamasans aren't letting dancers take their IDs out of the club because they don't want them lost. One place I visited had temporarily done away with barfines. Instead, you had to buy three "special ladies drinks" for 225 pesos each. These crackdowns have come and gone before, but this one seemed to bite a little harder. A good number (if not most) of the padlocked places will reconfigure management just enough to satisfy local authorities, and reopen. They'll have to nearly start from scratch on finding girls, though, and fight to get their market share back. (I noticed that all the Archie's signage was gone and the outside was all painted over. Will they have to cease-and-desist using the comic-book characters?) Of perhaps greatest concern to Angeles visitors was a report in the Philippine Star that Social Welfare Secretary Lina Laigo (one of the people behind the raids) is trying to persuade President Ramos to have police go after customers, not just bars. "Prostitution is also a matter of supply and demand," was Ramos' vague comment about that, as reported. It's hard to predict, but I can see two bad possible scenarios: 1) They do like Manila did and run the clubs out of Angeles. Maybe they feel they can afford to, with the growth from Clark development picking up the revenue lost from barfine clubs. That'll displace the activity to places like La Union, Olongapo or Puerto Galera, which may or may not adopt health and other regulations as stringent as those in Angeles. The more underground they drive it, the more dangerous it is for both girls and customers. 2) The clubs stay, but plans for the mega-resorts/casinos on the old base come to fruition. Direct flights from Tokyo, Seoul or Taipei to the Clark International Airport (already up and running) bring in planeloads of high-spending Korean or Japanese vacationers to the area and bar prices reach Manila level, then Bangkok level, then Hong Kong level, then... It may not even be a question of if, but when. If so, hope that the process goes very, very slooooowwwwwwllllyyyy.
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 22:24:44 +0200 (MET DST) ANGELES: Comments about the bars (3/97) [VERY LONG] The barfine bars in Angeles continue to hobble along, bent but not broken by recent crackdowns that left about 15 of their number closed at least temporarily (see related post). For those who've never been but are thinking about going, Angeles City, Philippines (or, specifically, the Balibago part of Angeles) has long been a favorite spot for cheap sex. There are two or three dozen bars. A typical bar: * is a small place, blacklighted and with one or two stages, playing dance music. * has 7-12 dancers dancing at once, in two 20-30 minute shifts. Girls can't really show anything; most wear the equivalent of a one-piece swimsuit. * has girls with looks in the 4 to 8 range. The real knockouts tend to flock to Makati (near Manila), where prices are 2-3 times higher all around * charges 40 pesos (each peso is about 4 U.S. cents) for beers or local mixed drinks (25-30 at happy hour) * charges 75-80 pesos or so to buy the girl a drink (or 110 or so if she orders a cocktail). Talk to a girl for any length of time and someone will ask you if you want to buy a drink for the girl (the implication being that you won't get to talk too much longer if you don't) * charges 700 pesos ($28) to take the girl out all night. This is the "barfine." The bar gets half and the girl gets half. One price covers all; it's not like Bangkok where you pay the bar and the girl separately. Unlike Patpong (Bangkok), Angeles doesn't have any outright "ripoff bars." There's less to differentiate one from another. If you're not out to barfine a girl, it can get downright boring, as girls can't dance topless or nude or do the kind of wild shows they do in Bangkok. On the other hand, costs for hotels, food, girls, etc., in Angeles are about half what they are in Bangkok. Here are some observations about the bars as of 3/97. A few had improved; many had gone downhill. With a change of management, most bad or mediocre places could be improved. Then again, a new management also could try to fix what's not broken. THE GOOD GUYS BLACKJACK BAR (Real St.): Mamasan Helen runs a really good operation at this Swiss-owned place. Barfines are still P600 and drinks P35. I credit the Swiss influence; the Swiss are among the most frugal travelers. Drinks are P25 in the 6-8 p.m. happy hour. The half-liter of Red Horse for P25 is an especially good deal. The only drawback is that girls seem slightly below average on looks. ZIGGY'S (Fields): Video-augmented music and a better-than-average atmosphere. Girls are hit-and-miss; beware of any who attempt to short-time on an all-night barfine. More money and care than usual seems to have been put into running this place without prices going out of line. Happy hour 'til 7. TOP HAT (Fields): Much like Ziggy's; P30 happy hour until 7. Some good girls. TAHITIAN QUEEN (Fields): This same outfit has a location on Beach Rd. in Pattaya, Thailand, and can change your baht into pesos. There's an outdoor sitting bar and an inside dancing bar. I put it in this category because its 9-10 p.m. P25 happy hour seems to be an exclusive for that time slot (everyone else is at P40 or so for a drink by then). Girls are in good number but average. THE BAD GUYS STINGER (between Fields & Real): There always seems to be a place that tests the waters with "aggressive" pricing and right now this one's it. If you want Manila or Bangkok prices to come to Angeles, then go to this place and spend money. Customer drinks are P50 (P10 above market), lady drinks are P90 (P20 above). Barfines are nominally P700, but are really P790 because they require buying a drink for the girl before allowing a barfine (something that should be the customer's perogative, not the bar's mandate). Avoid. DREAMS (Fields): Too pushy. Girls are apparently under orders to engage customers in conversations nearly all the time to maximize sales of ladies' drinks. I find that irritating, since it's often hard to talk over the music, and most guys want time to settle in and scope out the girls and zero in on one or two. Places that operate like this force guys to "window shop" (i.e. walk in, try to look at all the girls as quickly as possible, and walk out if nothing is eye-catching). Bars don't like this, but I guess it's using one bad system to fight another bad system. BUTTERFLY (right off Fields): Same problem as Dreams. PANAMA JACK'S (Fields): Small hole-in-the-wall appendage to La Bamba, right on the A. Santos corner. All hype and "concept," little substance (and little elbow room). They're trying to imbue the place with some pseudo-romantic concept of Jack the lone-wolf aviator taking a shine to Angeles on his travels through banana republics. It's all to sell t-shirts. That's the entire reason for the place's existence. BLOW ROW: Not a bar, but a group of places on A. Santos St. (a major street running into Fields Ave.) It was hit hardest by the recent round of bar closures, which isn't surprising, since it's seedy in one of the few places where you don't really need to be. Lady-boy streetwalkers ply the street approaching you, and girls call out from the bars. Standard offer is a P250 blowjob. It makes the mainstream places look classy. THE TRY-YOUR-LUCK GUYS [Most places are in this category. These bars are neither exceptionally good nor bad; your lasting impression will probably depend on whether you liked the girl from there or not] BIG CLEOPATRA (Real St.): A best-laid plan that never took off. It's a larger-than-average Egyptian-themed venue with nice couches that's been up for sale for a few months. Their real problem: the size works against them, since the girls dance on a stage that seems like it's too far away from the customers. This is the choice venue for drink promos on weeknights (P28 Budweiser, P20 gin-and-tonics), and they've tried some variety shows and "solo dancers" to hold interest (within the restrictive local codes about what they can do and what they can't). You might get a good drink special or good girl here, or you might just pay P5-10 more for drinks than other places. Temple of Rock has the same "size" problem as Big Cleopatra, only worse. COZY CLEOPATRA (Fields Ave.) Much smaller, more intimate version of Cleopatra's. Used to be known as the raunchiest place in town, with dancers that'd flash the customers and soft-core porn on the TVs. Seems a little more tired now, and they've had to tone it down a bit. CONNECTIONS/COCK & BULL (Fields): This temporary merger seems a little bizarre. C&B will be heading back to its old location in a month or so. For music, a guy sings Tagalog and English songs on a karaoke machine (the first and so far only place I know to do that). Maybe it's a secret plot to lure high-spending Japanese visitors (like lobsters are lured by drawn butter?). I saw a guy try to get his barfine-to-be drunk on cocktail ladies' drinks. Before he knew it, she was passed out, and then started flailing wildly after she came to. It caused a big scene, the guy was embarrassed and the guard even had to come in and intervene. FIRE STATION (Real St.): Good 5-7 p.m. happy hour with two drinks for P45, but girls seem a little listless and the place is usually not crowded. ABBEY ROAD (between Real & Fields): Spacious but tired. Occasional happy-hour 2-for-1s, not the best girls. Rarely crowded. CLUB FANTASTIC (Fields): Cavernous in the same way as Abbey Road, with similar results. It, the Viking and the Blackjack are still doing happy hour up 'til 8 p.m., though, when most other places stop by 7. CHAMPAGNE: New place, small, but nicely decorated and furnished. Maybe you'll meet a good one here. Y: Also new, also small. Comfortable fishing lake with average prices. LA BAMBA (Fields): Out to prove that fluorescent orange indeed does glow under black light. Average prices, average girls. Go fish. And be sure the girl clearly understands that the barfine is for all night. WELCOME INN (Fields): More girls than average and a few good ones. Some are a little attitude-laden. CHEERLEADERS (betw. Fields, Real): Another concept gone mediocre. Average price, average chances. HAPPY CLUB (Fields): The former Happy Hooker used to be known for having some real sweethearts in its employ (and producing quite a few marriages), but I haven't seen much to set the girls apart from other places lately. ROADHOUSE, ILLUSIONS: Turn the music down! Too much investment can be a bad thing if it's directed toward the stereo system. It's hard to talk to anyone, or hear yourself think. VIKING: Drinks are pricey outside the P25 happy hour ending at 8 p.m. Girls the usual hit-and-miss, though the seemed a rather dour bunch. THE CLUB: An small, Aussie-run place with some steep prices for lady drinks and a happy hour clock that's always fast.
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 19:17:39 +0000 Subject: Update on Angeles City Update on Angles City--The Philippines: I am somewhat upset, because there has been no review of A.C. since early April of 1997. I was there from the 22-25 of March of this year (1997). I think that the thing that concerned me was that so many of the clubs had lost both dancers and clintelle. I contacted a source in the area and this is part of what he had to say (in an e-mail message): ....."Most of what you have heard [about the crackdown] is true. Since the crackdown however, the remaining bars that are open for business are full, because you and I both know that no one can stop the world's oldest profession. If you close all of the bars, the girls will turn to the streets. If you run them off of the streets, they will go to the lobbies of hotels or to Sari, sari stores. The drive [to close the bars] was not in any way conducted to eliminate the night trade, but rather to clean up the image of Angeles City as well as the standard of the bar and nightclub industry. You go into a bar now on Fields [Street], and you will see clean toilets, the girls dancing with shorts and tops. The cherry girls kept in the background. The bars who passed the inspections, are still open. The one's who have cleaned up their act are now re-opening. They eventually want all of the bars to move further up Friendship Hyway, instead of right here at the front door of The Clark International Airport. The best rule of thumb for testing the climate over here, is to ask the one's [politicians presumably from the Philippines] who complain about Angeles City one question: "Do you want [me] to go back over there [to A.C.] again?" No matter what the answer to that question is, people are still coming over here full, and leaving empty and satisfied.
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 10:45:49 +0200 (MET DST) Subject: [ASP] Quick update on ANGELES CITY, PHILIPPINES The scene in Angeles City, Philippines, continues to trundle along at something less than full steam. Fallout from the March crackdown is still being felt, as only about half the bars closed during that time have been reopened. BLUE HAWAII looks down for the count, as does the CLASSROOM. ARCHIE'S made an abortive attempt to reopen as "Reggie's," but is closed again. TEMPLE OF ROCK is trying to get back on its feet, too. FLASH is now open as LASH. ZANADU is now VOODOO, using the same logo as the place in Nana Plaza, Bangkok. Abbey Road is now London Beat, but still seems cavernous and mostly barren. MISTY'S (at the Tropicana) is open again. Most other places reviewed in April 1997 are still open. Overall, there are still enough places to absorb all the girls, but the March closures have meant a net loss of 5-10 places. Barfines are now almost all at 700 (though Stinger might be trying to test a new upper limit). A few places have raised it to 720, supposedly in response to the recent peso devaluation. Drink specials have held down the price of customer drinks to pleasant levels (P20-30 on special, and P40-45 regular). Some bars keep trying to push up the price of girls' drinks (still mostly P70-80, but check first. The Club wants P110!). Benefits from the recent Philippine peso devaluation have yet to "trickle down" to the visitor, though. Greedy banks and other parties are still giving only about 26.00 pesos to the dollar on traveler's checks (before any fees), even with the official exchange rate at about 28.10. So they're pocketing 6 to 7 %. Street moneychangers give a much more reasonable 27.60 or so, but can only change cash. Clearly the local and regional authorities are looking toward the day when low-spending, barfine-club-going visitors are replaced by planeloads of high-spending people who'll fly into Clark International Airport, pay $100+ a night at the resorts inside the base (Hyatt, Holiday Inn, others to come), and drop huge dollars at the casinos or shopping areas inside the base. If they ever get that going, there's a good chance of a Manila-style effort to eradicate the barfine places completely in Angeles. For now, though, the contribution to the economy from the bars is still too important. Banks, ironically, may be the region's worst enemy for getting higher-spending tourists. By pocketing 6 to 7 percent on exchange rates on traveler's checks, and charging an obscene 7% on credit cards (which merchants have to pass along), they make carrying cash about the only way to go to avoid getting nicked. Of course, that's dangerous, and I don't think the big spenders are going to take kindly to it.
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 18:54:50 +0000 Subject: License Renewals for bars in Angeles City, Philippines I have just gotten information from a good associate and friend, who has returned from the Philippines, that after the March 1997 close-down of several of the bars in Angeles City, about 80 percent of the bars have now reopened. Still, it is uncertain as to whether all of these bars will be able to get their licenses renewed come January of 1998. My associate said that "it's anyone's guess as to whether the mayor will renew all of the licenses. So, to be on the safe side, come early [presumeably before December] if you want to take advantage of what little there is left [of an era]." It is hard to say where Angeles City is headed, but it appears that the "good ole days" of really cheap sex may be slowly setting with the sunset.
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 22:43:25 +0000 Subject: Update on Angeles City: The end of an era (long) Some major changes are brewing in Angles City. Long known a place for relatively cheap sex, but at the same time having some of the best ladies that a man could ever ask for, A.C. may be changing with the times. I was last in and out there from March 15, 97 to April 6, 1997 when the effects of the closing of many of the bars was most noticeable. What was apparent was the fact that many of the single young girls without children were largely absent while single women WITH one child seemed to dominate most of the clubs. This was is contrast to May of 1996 when I was there and much was going on. Apparently many of the clubs were busted for lack of cleanliness, having girls outside hustling for customers, and at times the girls exposing themselves on stage. These clubs were closed in a massive crackdown that has affected the landscape of the whole area on Fields Street. While since I have been gone many (80%) of the clubs have reopened, it appears that come January 1998, many of the clubs will not be able to renew their licenses. It is also rumored that many of the clubs will be forced to relocate up the highway out of view of the Clark Air Base Development Authority. Apparently the mayor wants to spruce up the image of A.C. and is looking to get rid of what he thinks is an eyesore and an embarrassment to the city's name. On the one hand, we can understand any politician who honestly wants to improve the lot and the image of the city. Afterall, how many of us would honestly want our own hometowns known exclusively for whoring? Nevertheless, I cynically wonder how much money the mayor may be going to make on the side and the sly. The upshot of this change is going to most likely be a tremendous increase in prices for the girls as the town starts to go upscale and reap some of the benefits of economic develpment. As of March, the barfine was 700 pesos. I can't tell you what it is now nor if it has gone up. Whether or not this will help the girls and improve their living conditions remains to be seen. The catylist for all of this is the Clark Air Base Development Zone. With any kind of economic development and boom, this usually means that prices go up. Next year (in February, I think) there will be an Import-Export Trade Fair and Show. The whole thing will be to push develpment in the area. As one friend said to me, "Business is booming!" Those of you who want to take advance of what's left of a bygone era ought to get to A.C. while you have the chance. I am going in October. Prices are still moderate and there seems to be an increase in the number of girls in the clubs according to a friend who returned a month ago. However, after January 1998 if you go there, you will probably see much higher prices for the girls, and the clubs that so many of us have known will be gone. Sorry to be so analytical rather than sensual, but I just thought that this message ought to get out, particularly when there have been virtually no updates listed on the website here since April. This information is unbiased is based on correspondence with associates living in the A.C. area as well as those who have returned from the area. Enjoy while you can!
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 22:38:40 -0400 Subject: Angeles city, Philippines Date;October, 1997 This was my fourth trip in the last year and a half. I must say that for the pure sex seekers the scene in Angeles has definitely deteriorated. You may actually bar fine a girl with the explicit understanding that you are paying for sex, when in fact once back in the room she might refuse. That would be O.K if you could return to her bar and get your money back,but that is not the case. It seems to me that Angeles has become one big ripoff. This is not to say that all of the girls pull this same shit. But the fact that it is happening tends to put a damper on otherwise what would be a great scene. Who wants to have to deal with this kind of shit after enjoying yourself all night. The places that I know which have ripped off people; The Roadhouse,Champagne and LaBamba. Having said all that I will tell you the places I was and my personal observations. Ziggy's; Has a fair amount of girls dancing, and entertainers who both join in helping you enjoy the evening.I have bar fined a handful of women from here and have never been disappointed.The music while loud at times keeps the place non-stop rocking. Cleopatra's; Without a doubt has the best dancers, perhaps not the most attractive or approachable but nonetheless it is a place where you'll spend time. They put on dance shows every wednesday and saturday nights,some portions of which may be silly but the others are downright titillating- it all leads to a good time. Cozy Cleopatra's; A small place but it exudes excitement. Plenty of girls whom are quite fun and friendly. The Y; right next to cozy Cleopatra's and has the same atmosphere. Champagne; After having told you about the one girl who ripped off my buddy, this place is chock-o-block with girls, plenty of whom are quite doable. The atmoshere here keeps you drinking longer than you might realize. Tahitian Queen; Also plenty of dancers,the only problem being it's too damn dark to get a good look at them up on stage. A place to check out though. Private Dancer; Not that many dancers and on top of that the first three I asked about were all cherry girls, and out the door I went! Voodoo club; I can't really give you the lowdown on this place cause the one night I was here I was three sheets to the wind but I do know I had one helluva time.I ended up with two girls this night, neither one I'd have gone with if I was't so shitfaced. Oh Well! There is one other place that warrants special mention,it is located behind Fields ave. that being a place called The Duke of York. Blow jobs for three hundred piso practically 24 hrs a day There are many other places,none that did anything for me. They might be worth a look see. To give you an idea how much things ($) have changed, in the year and a half I have been going to Angeles, the bar fines have escalated from 600 to the unthinkable 750-850 price range. In the same breath, in a six year time frame, prices have stayed the same in Thailand at 500 baht, IF you know where to go. My suggestion to anyone thinking of going to the Philippines for sex, Don't. I believe you get more bang for your buck in Thailand. Good Luck.
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 21:40:49 -0500 (EST) Subject: Angeles In August 1997 I had the opportunity to fly to the Phillipines for nearly free as a courier. I arrived late in the night but to a frantic scene at the airport. Business as usual, like most third world countries I've been to. As I hadn't been able to sleep on the 17 hour trip in I was not at my mental peak and could only think of getting to a hotel quickly. That may be why I made the mistake of buying a taxi voucher downstairs in the airport for $22 when ordinarily a ride to a hotel would only cost 150 pisos (pronounced pesos), equal to about $3.50 American. But I didn't bother to argue. A bed and pillow were waiting. At the Swagman Hotel I didn't expect to share a room for the $45 per night charge. But no one told that to the colony of cockroaches who covered every open space of floor, counter top and couch. I could sense they were a bit peeved to have such an enormous creature, with potentially cockroach killing feet, walking around in a home I'm sure they have occupied for generations. Ulitimately, they must have found me quite amusing because they would just sit and stare at me for hours. A better option for first night accomodations might be the Manila Midtown Hotel. It is very nice with a pool, restaurants and bars inside. If you book your room through a travel agent, even one in Manila, it should only cost about $70 a night. I went out for a walk in the morning to see (through the heavy layers of smog) some of the sights that Manila had to offer. There weren't many, I quickly realized. A few interesting old buldings, forts and museums. I was out for no more than five minutes before a Phillipino man struck up a conversation with me. His sister, it turned out, would soon be going to school in Los Angeles. Of course L.A. is known the world over as a boiling cauldrion of hate and crime. Would I be so kind as to come and have lunch at his house and reassure his mother that L.A. would be safe for his sister? And against my better judgement I accepted his invitation thinking it was merely the kindness of the Phillipino people that I had read so much about. Far be it from me to refuse someones hospitality. Once at his house, where there was no mother or sister, I realized I was going to be scammed. But out of curiousity I stayed to see exactly how they intended to get money from me. I was introduced to an uncle. The premise for the scam was that this uncle, a dealer in a local casino's VIP room, would teach me to cheat at Blackjack. The uncle would give me a certain amount of money to play with at his table in the casino and use hand signals to show me what cards the house was holding. This way we were guaranteed to win. And as an american I would not be suspected of cheating. Of course, before they would go through with this, they wanted me to play with $200 of my money at their house. Sort of a final examination to see if I could be cool under pressure. After my refuseful and a few tense minutes trying to force my way out of the house, they finally relented. They even helped me get a cab back to my hotel. But I realized this adventure could have ended much worse. Not a day went by where I didn't read about several armed robberies and murders just in Metro Manila alone. That night I was feeling a bit disenchanted with my Phillipines experience so far. After my first day I couldn't see why anyone would want to visit Manila. The city is dirty and congested. Manila Bay stinks like an open sewer and after a few minutes outside my face was covered in a sticky layer of soot. It all reminded me of something out of the movie Blade Runner, but without the modern conveniences. I decided to leave first thing in the morning. But I was stuck here for the night. I went out for a walk hoping to find some of the erotic nightlife that Manila is suppposed to be famous for. As I passed in front of the Manila Midtown Hotel a man appproached me. I was weary of his intentions as my earlier experience had conditioned me to be. He said he knew where I could go find some beautiful young girls and have them for the night. Hmmm, I thought, a little female companionship would do wonders to lift my spirits and my opinion of Manila. So there I stood talking with this man on the street corner about what I would like in a girl. Very pretty? Yes. 17 to 18 years old? Sure. And so on. He said he knew the perfect place so we hopped in a cab towards the Pasay City district of Manila. After an excruciatingly long drive we arrived on a small backstreet to a house bustling with activity. Inside are about 15 young girls hanging out in a brightly lit room. To my eye their looks were only average and the price was 3,500 pisos (about $120). This seemed really expensive but it was my first such situation. After all, it's hard to say no when you are thinking with your little head! I picked the prettiest girl but was told she was on her period. My second choice was pretty but didn't look friendly at all. The papa-san assured me she would be fine so off we went. Her name was Ley Len and she spoke broken but understandable english. She was about 5'2" and 18 years old with a perfect little figure. Like almost all Phillipina women she could easily pass for quite a few years younger than she actually was. Back at the hotel she took a shower and walked out in the nude exposing pert little tits and a soft, black bush. She laid me down and started massaging me softly. I asked her to give me a blowjob but she refused. If you like blowjobs (who doesn't) always ask if the girl will accommodate you before you take her home. To get your money's worth you have to be specific with your preferences. We had sex a couple of times, but it was somehow unsatisfying. It just seemed business as usual for her and not too exotic. For 3,500 pisos she could at least pretend she enjoyed it! The whole experience wasn't at all what I expected. I had remembered some military friends telling me of Angeles City about two hours north of Manila. The bars are great and the girls are very friendly, they used to say. Anything had to be better than Manila. I got a bus in the morning from the downtown Manila bus station for 100 pisos. I breathed a sigh of relief when I reached Angeles. The people were friendly and helpful and the city didn't have the sprawling, oppressive atmosphere of Manila. My final destination was the Balibago section of Angeles, which is situated around Fields Avenue and the old Clark Air Force Base. This is where the bar scene of Angeles is centered. It is a dusty section of town but quaint and thoroughly pleasant. Now, I said to myself, my vacation can finally begin! I stayed at the Anchorage Inn. It is a small hotel but very inexpensive, only 475 pisos (about $16) for a deluxe room (air con and cable TV). It is conveniently located right in the middle of the bar scene. All the bars are within easy walking distance, some even mere steps from the hotel's front door. The proximity to the bars means it can be a bit loud from the bass heavy stereo systems pounding through your walls. Luckily, the jet engined air conditioner in my room drowned out the noise. Plus, getting an abundance of restful sleep was the last thing I planned to do. All those stories from my military buddies about the girls of Angeles City were bouncing around in my head. I walked over to Margarita Ville, a nice bar and restaurant on Fields Avenue. According to the tour guides I had read, it is practically a mecca for foreigners in the Phillipines. It certainly is a good place to get your bearings and learn a little about the city and people. And quite entertaining as well. Sit back and watch the parade of balding, overweight, old men walking around with beautiful, firm bodied teenagers on their arm. I can understand why many foreign men decide to spend their retirement in Angeles. It certainly didn't appear seedy, though. At first appearance, it seemed this town was made up entirely of very happy, healthy and well-adjusted couples. Of course, the women were all young Phillipinas and the men all foreigners. Where was all the pornographic depravitiy that I thought I should find? My military friends had said back in the '80s they could get blow jobs under the tables of bars and have sex with the girls on top of the tables. Well, I learned that the police have fazed much of this out. You won't find any sex shows or even nude dancing. The dancers in the bars have to be clothed in swimsuits or work out type wear and I didn't see any pornography my entire trip. It was my first night and I wanted to hit every bar I could, really take in the scene. I went to Tahitian Queen first. The air conditioning was turned up to polar level and I thought I could actually see my breath, if it wasn't for all the fake smoke being pumped out from vents in the ceiling. To add atmosphere, I guessed. The narrow dancing stage in the center of the bar was filled with gyrating young women dressed in tight athletic type shorts and halter tops. I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer for 40 pisos (about $1.50 US). A girl sat down with me and chatted away while I scoped out the ones dancing on stage. It seemed they were only average in looks except for a couple of stunners. Cherylynn, my new friend, said that I could pick out any girl I wanted and it would only cost an 800 piso bar fine (only $27!) for the night. Of course my first choice, a tall, slim, tight-bodied young girl with dough eyes and a perfect, inviting mouth, turned out to be a "cherry girl", a virgin, and quite young by the looks of it. I could take her home for the night but I couldn't have sex with her, just kissing and cuddling. I asked how much it would cost to have sex with her and was told 12,000 pesos. This seemed a downright bargain. Only $400 to be the first to experience a beautiful teenage girl's wonderous gifts. But nonetheless, it was out of my price range for tonight. Maybe another time. She really was beautiful. And $400 isn't that much money when it comes right down to it. Half of my rent at home, a few weeks groceries. All these thoughts on sex had gotten my hormones boiling at dangerous levels. I would have to get laid, and soon! I decided I would put my bar hopping plans on hold and take a girl right now. My self-appointed host, Cherylynn, was looking pretty good (after three beers) and I asked her if she would come home with me. 800 pisos to the mama-san and we were out the door. This was Cherylynn's first barfine since her "cherry was busted", as she so ineloquently put it. Well, I can tell you I might as well have had a cherry girl, if you know what I mean. She was tiny and I guessed only around 16. Our sex was a bit tentative as she was so inexperienced. But she had been studying hard, watching porno movies (bald movies they are called in the Philippines) and learning as many techniques as she could. She got me off a couple times before we even got to the intercourse. I slowly entered her tiny, almost hairless snatch. She was tighter than I had ever felt before and I really wanted to ram it into her. But it was very painful for her. I was gentle but it was still a bloody affair. I found it to be a bit of a turn-off to have a girl crying in pain while you are trying to make sweet love to her. In the morning, I felt an emotion I didn't think I would have. Guilt. But not the sexually repressed, "I've done something dirty" kind of guilt=2E You see, Cherylynn really wanted to stay with me. She was hoping she could be my girlfriend. But I wasn't interested. She gathered her things and looked at me longingly. Can't we just spend the day together? No, I'm sorry. I had plans today. She left and it felt like I had just called off the wedding at the altar. The bar girls in Angeles aren't just looking to make some good money servicing foreigners sexual desires. And they don't consider themselves prostitutes. For the most part they are young, sweet and sincere in their feelings toward their customers. Ultimately, they want to find a man who will take them away from the abject poverty they have known all there lives. I laughed when a street vendor referred to a foreigner sleeping with a Phillipina bar girl as "marrying" the girl. "You can marry a girl at night and divorce her in the morning." But in retrospect, it seems closer to the truth for some of the girls. And every bar girl has a heart wrenching story of their path into this life. If you take the time to listen you can't help but gain respect for them. But after a few beers with lunch my thoughts are focused solely on all the lovely ladies I can meet. Tonight, I make myself promise, I will really go bar hopping! I start at Illusions, a very friendly bar with a few cute girls and some average ones. Three girls fawn over me (of course, I have bought them all ladies drinks) and make me feel like a movie star. The papa-san sees all the attention I am getting and all the ladies drinks I am buying and gives me a round on the house. A very friendly bar indeed, with plenty of choices. But I have sworn to myself that I would tour the bar scene. I say farewell with a promise to return another day and bar fine all three girls. I head over to La Bamba, a bar I've heard good things about. I was unimpressed on entering and thought I would just grab a quick beer and be on my way. But one of the girls on stage calls out that her friend likes me. She points to a pretty but shy girl in back. I invite her down for a drink and her friend comes along as well. Evelyn, the one that liked me, and her friend, Vickie, give me some pointers on enjoying my first trip to the Phillipines. "Don't tell anyone that it is only your first trip to the Phillipines" was their first peice of advice. Of course, through my experience in Manila, I had learned this the hard way. When the subject moved to the bar girls of the Phillipines, they had a few more words of advice. Only take girls from the regulated bars in Manila or Angeles City. These girls may be heavy drinkers, use drugs or have other problems but they aren't diseased. They must report to the doctor every two weeks for a series of tests. If a girl is sick, she won't be allowed to work at the bar. But there is no regulation on bar girls in Subic or freelancers one might meet outside of a regulated bar. There is no recourse if you are robbed or made sick as there might be with a girl from a bar. Evelyn has been treating me really well, like an attentive mother although one who rubs my crotch every few minutes. I feel compelled to bar fine her. At La Bamba they don't have a traditional bar fine. Instead, you buy a round of 8 special ladies drink at 100 pisos each, all at one time=2E You can then hand them out to the other dancers and be a very popular man. By my third day in Angeles City I have forgotten about travelling any further. No tropical beaches or rain forests for me! This lifestyle is infectious and one I am inexplicably drawn to. Sex all through the night and morning with beautiful, young women. Eat then drink some beer until your hungry again. Head out to a bar and get yet another beautiful young girl for less than the cost of dinner and a movie back home. Tonight, I start at the Road House in my quest for the perfect woman. It's dead there and I get the impression that the girls just started dancing for my sake as I walk in the door. But soon a couple cuties sit down with me. They turn out to be cousins but not quite what I am going for. I make excuses, promise to return, and am off to Stingers. I was impressed with this bar immediately. It is the perfect size and has a very cool atmosphere. The girls were all above average with some true beauties. I quickly decided that I would find a girl here. There were three I had a hard time choosing between but finally used the tried and trued method of "enie-menie-minie-mo" to aid in my decision. It was a very young looking girl with a perfect body named Lucy. I bought her a couple ladies drinks and found she was nice to talk with. The bar fine is 750 pisos, a bargain. She took me straight to my hotel and I had some of the best sex of my life. She was only 17 with nicely rounded tits with upwards pointing nipples and the prettiest, finest haired pussy I had ever seen. She was open and adventerous in bed taking great pride and enjoyment in the attention she gave my cock. She was also just learning how to give blowjobs and I spent many hours as her test subject. We spent the next day together, with her acting as tour guide, and even ended up spending the rest of my time in the Phillipines with her. After a few days, though, my eye was wandering. There were many more girls I would have liked to spend the night with. But I knew I couldn't leave Lucy at this point. She would have been devastated. She had become as emotionally attached as my last american girlfriend and I were after a year long relationship. And with only a few days left in the Phillipines I didn't want to carry the guilt for breaking a young girl's heart. I'll just have to return to Angeles City when she has forgotten about me! GENRAL NOTES FOR ENJOYING THE PHILLIPINES Don't stay in Manila. If you do feel the need to spend time there follow this simple rule of thumb. Don't trust anyone. Just assume everyone who approaches you uninvited is trying to steal money from you. It sounds paranoid but you will be safer this way. I didn't visit any of the bars in Manila but heard from other travellers that the bar fines are very expensive. I don't know if the quality of girls is any better. You have several hotel choices in Angeles but I would stick with the ones nearest the bar scene. A few of the hotels to choose from there are the Anchorage (where I stayed), the Orchid Inn and the Chicago Park Hotel. Realize if you do stay outside this neighborhood you will spend a lot of money on tricycle rides (scooters with side cars). It can amount to 100 pisos each way from hotels like the Carlton. I would highly suggest visiting Margarita Ville's website ( to help you decide on a hotel. They list every hotel and seem to update the prices regularly. Remember that Margarita Ville is a standard bar and restaurant. The waitresses here really are waitresses and not available for take out. That doesn't mean there aren't opportunities for a love connection. Margarita Ville is the main hang out for off-duty bar girls and freelancers looking for foreigners. But avoid taking any back to your hotel. You may run into a girl who has not been screened for disease or a girl who wants to rob you. It isn't always the case but it is better to be safe than sorry. The bar girls are checked for HIV regularly but remember that it may take a few months to show up in their blood and they can still infect you during that time. This is especially important to note as in my experience many of the girls did not insist on using a condom. I visited most of the other ladies bars in town with my new "girlfriend". The best advice I can give is to try every bar that strikes your fancy and develop your own opinions. I would even venture to say that a bar by bar review could do a disservice to the potential visitor of Angeles City. It is best to go in with an open mind and no preconceived notions on the "good" and "bad" bars. The reviewers opinion is subjective and often biased. For instance, I read in this forum that Firehouse was a bar best avoided. Because of this I planned on skipping it completely. But we ended up there one night anyway. I was very surprised by what I found. It is not a crowded bar, as the review mentioned, but it had the three gorgeous girls dancing along with several very attractive girls. If I had come here my first night I might not have needed to visit another bar in town. Of course, the next day my opinion of this bar could be completely different depending on who was dancing, who my waitress was or what time I arrived. Jeepneys are the most economical way to get around in Angeles, at only 2 pisos per ride, but it takes a few days to figure out the system. Hire a guide or get your girl to ride with you in the morning to show you how to use them without embarrassing yourself. I hired a guide for a day who is known as "Dan, The Man". He works as a street vendor of t-shirts but is more than happy to show foreigners around. He is an intelligent man with many interesting, and sometimes quite unique, insights on Phillipino culture. Importantly, he can help you feel more comfortable with the in's and out's of daily life in the Phillipines. Ask for him by name with any of the other street vendors, if he doesn't find you first (just hang out at Margarita Ville in the seats bodering the sidewalk). There are con men in Angeles but they tend to be somewhat incompetent. The typical opening line is "Hi friend! Remember me from the hotel the other day?" Maybe as an American I should have a short memory and not realize that I have never seen this sleazy, gold chain wearing character before in my life. Often times, the same man would come up to me several times in the same day, never changing his approach and not remembering that he had just tried it on me half an hour before. The best defense is to never shake their outstretched hand (some are excellent pickpockets) and just ignore them completely. After a day or two you become atuned to who is out to get you and who is sincere. Angeles is a small town and the bar scene an even smaller community. Every girl I promised I would bar fine I would meet out at the most inopportune time. "See how you are!" they would all say. Roughly translated this means "You're a shithead!"
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 19:57:55 +1000 Subject: (ASP) Angeles City and Manila, Philippines Just got back today. That place is great. The exchange rate while I was there was 40 Pesos = $1.00 Hotels in Angeles City run about 600 to 800 pesos. (Some are more and some are less). Business is booming there, the girls are beautiful, willing and able. Bar fines will run you from 600 pesos to a very expensive 1000 pesos at Voodoo. Voodoo was by far the most expensive bar I went in. The drinks were also high at 80 pesos for San Miguel. In all the bars, the only problem you will have is deciding who you want. Roadhouse is a good starting place, but there are a lot of virgins there. You should ask that right away, if you bar fine a virgin all you are going to do is sleep with her. Some other notables are Stingers, Champgne, La Bambas and of course MargaritaVille for the after hours action (here you will find the girls when they get off work or before they go in the next day). Hold on to your hearts when you go and have a great time. I moved back into Manila my last night because off my early flight Monday morning. I stayed at the Cobacabana Hotel in Pasay. It ran me $68 for the night. It is right across the street from the Edsa Int'l Entertainment Center. This is where all the good clubs have moved to. Here bar fines will run you 750 to 1000+ Pesos. In Manila the bar fines go to the bar, you have to pay the girl seperate. This will cost you what you think is fair, they will not tell you a price. The drinks will cost you 40 pesos during happy hour and 80 after. I paid 750 bar fine and she helped me with the taxi to the airport the next morning. I ended up paying her 900 pesos plus cab fare home. This seems high but keep in mind that the exchange rate is so high it is next to nothing.
Subject: (ASP)travel report Angeles City and Manila Date: 1998/01/05 Philippine Trip Jan 1-Jan 5, 1997 Arrived Manila at 1:30AM, everything was closed and there was only 1 taxi. Ended up buying pesos from a security guard. Agreed with the taxi driver for 1100 Pesos to Angeles After almost a 2 hour drive, arrived and checked into the America Hotel. Hotel was O.K. for 750 Pesos a night. Went out to exchange money. The rate was 39.75 = 1 US dollar. Got my money and went to Voodoo. Voodoo turned out to be the most expensive bar in Angeles. Had a couple of beers for 45P, then paid 1000P bar fine. Went back to the Hotel, took seperate showers and got down to business. Foreplay was excellent although she would not go down on me (This turned out to be a recurring problem during my stay), but she did like it when I ate her. After we finished, we cuddled until we both fell asleep. We woke up early that morning and had a repeat version of last night and then room service. After breakfast I escorted her out so she could go home and I could go exploring. Not much to explore in Angeles. I ended up hiking back to Magaritaville where I had a couple of bottles of water while I watched the cute little pool sharks. Ended up going back to the hotel for a swim and a nap. Woke up and had dinner at Margaritaville. Starting to get on towards evening now, so I sat by the window and watched the girls on their way to work. About 6:30 started making a tour of the bars, talked to a few girls, but the only ones I really liked turned out to be virgins. I was told by one of them that you can barfine them, but there will be no sex. I would prefer to sleep alone rather than being in the same bed with a beautiful little lady and being able to do anything. Finally ended up in the Irish Pub. There I met a cutie. Paid the 600P barfine, toured a few more clubs, went back to the hotel. Sex twice that night, but once again no head. Sex was good. Once more in the morning, after which we both fell back asleep. Woke at almost 2PM. She left and I was at a loss for what to do for the rest of the day. I ended up at Rick's watching movies. That night made the rounds again until I got to Roadhouse and settled on a 18 year old. Went back to the hotel and repeated the first two events. We ended up staying awake all night to watch the NFL Playoff games. We slept all day. Finally got up at about 3:30PM. Had room service lunch/dinner. Neither of us felt like sex again. She left as I promised to come see her later. (For some reason I never did) I ended up at Stingers that night. Ended up with a 28 year old for 700P. Said she didn't have kids but her nipples had the look of nursing at least 1. I didn't argue with her. She ended up being the best of the trip. Everything went with her. She gave head, she to be ate, and she loved to fuck, (at least she acted like she loved it). We finally got to sleep. Woke early the next morning so I could check out. Said my goodbyes and headed to Manila on the Fly the Bus for 300P. Got to Manila and checked into Copacabana in Pasay for $68. Later headed over to the entertaiment Center. Met a lovely lady in the first bar. Paid 40P a beer during Happy Hour then the price went up to 80P. Bought a couple of Lady drinks for 85P. The barfine was 750P. Unlike Angeles this all went to the bar. You make seperate arrangements with the lady. We toured the bars. I got a little too drunk. We finally made it back to the hotel. This girl turned out to be a little vixen. She would do anything. Made me wish I hadn't drank so much, as I manage to perform only once. She seemed as disappointed as me. Woke at about 8AM and had a quickie. Checked out of the hotel and tried to get a cab to the airport. We ended up in the third one. The others would not use their meters. She helped out in this by talking to them in Tagalog. Finally made it to the airport where I paid 57P for the ride. I gave her more for her ride home. We had never discussed her price. I gave her 950P and she seemed happy. I got a nice big kiss goodbye and headed into the jungle of Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport All in all I am really happy with the trip and hope to go back next month.
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 10:54:03 -0800 (PST) Subject: Angeles City, Philippines, 1/98 Just returned to US from Angeles City. Stayed at Tropicana Hotel, one of three hotels on the go-go bar strip (others are Chicago and Orchid). There are 20 bars now open on the strip. Two of the bars have web sites (Voodoo and Roadhouse). Web sites leave out a lot of information, like bar fines and sex. The only reason anyone goes to Angeles is to get drunk and laid. You can take a girl out of any go-go bar after paying the bar fine ranging from 800 - 1000 pesos. Many of the prettiest girls are "cherry girls" who will go out with you but won't have sex with you. Most girls speak little or no English. You pay the bar fine and the girl is yours for "short time" or "long time." You should agree on this before paying bar fine. You then take the girl to your hotel and do her. You can go out and do some bar hopping and go then go to eat at Magaritaville where most the guys take the bar girls. If you have the girl for long time she'll spend the night and morning with you and you can do her a couple of more times. If you like her you can tip P100 or P200.
Subject: Angeles City, Philippines Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 16:01:05 PST Feb. 1998 update... I did a lot of... research... while I was in AC and will pass along this: Top Hat - Lots of pretty girls. I didn't care for the music. Valentine's - Nice Angel/Devil costumes. A couple of nice girls. Misty's - Some cute ones, some real dogs. Depends on when you go. LaBamba - Best bar as far as I'm concerned. Lollipop - Ugly girls and bad music for the most part. The pretty girls I saw were cherry. Voodoo - Better music and one pretty cherry girl. Big Cleopatra - Saturday night show had some good moments. They had a really cute cherry girl who didn't speak any English. Other nights girls mostly just stand on stage and talk with each other. Ziggy's - Pretty girls, good music and friendly mamasan. Waitress overcharged me one night and mamasan returned $$ next day. Stinger - Above average girls and music. Private Dancer - Bad music and aircon didn't work too well. The place was always packed wall-to-wall. I don't know why? Connections - Bad music and below average girls. Roadhouse - All the girls were fat. Welcome Inn - Awful. Margaritaville - Can't bar fine the girls here. Most aren't friendly. Place is hot and gloomy. Food is hit and miss. Lots of Cheap Charlies sitting around getting pissed.
Subject: Angeles City Update Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 04:54:15 PST Dear Zen, Just completed my 1st trip to the Philippines in 5 1/2 years and I have the following update for you and your Buckaroos. The law and order situation has greatly improved from what it used to be like. I took a taxi from the Manila airport to Angeles for P800. The taxi, like the rest of them in Manila now, was a late model Toyota Corolla. This was very surprising to me. Upon arrival in Angeles I stayed at the Voodoo Hotel (overpriced and sleazy). These were the old Private Dancer rooms that I stayed in back in '92. NOT RECOMMENDED! Tell your followers to go to Vistillana Hotel (aircon rooms for P240, hot water) on MacArthur Highway; telephone 602-0519, 602-5075 which is a short P2.50 Jeepney ride to the action and has a little internet center next door. If they just want a short time room or somewhere they can put their luggage before they head to the airport, try the Million Dollar Lodge & Restaurant, 213-215 Raymond St; telephone 785-1898 which is walking distance to the action. It is owned by a very nice Swedish guy and has a central shower and bathroom for the rooms. At P150, it is the cheapest overnight room in town! As for food, I was VERY impressed by the Edelweiss Bar and Restaurant at 412 21st St. Josefa Sbd. This a fancy address for the location which is actually on Fields just past Archie's bar towards the perimeter road. They specialize in German, Swiss and Austrian cuisine of superior quality at a very affordable price. I give it my HIGHEST RATING! Also, Rosie's Diner from Ermita, Manila opened a branch in Dau. The food was good, atmosphere was excellent (standard for Rosie's) but the menu was very simple compared to the main Diner in Manila. Margaritville was good too but on the pricy side. On to the most important. I found the bars to be COMPLETELY different from how I remember them. The Aussie owner of the Happy Hooker is an old acquaintance of mine. He has the ONLY bar now that will let you take a girl out for a short time in your room at a reduced price for 1 hour only, PLEASE. All others require the full bar fine which ranges from P600 to 10 ladies drinks at a max of P1000. I recommend that you stay away from bars owned by Americans because they have instituted this 10 ladies drink quotient which SUCKS. If you DO pay the 10 ladies drinks up front, this releases the girl for the night, but she has NO obligation to go with you AT ALL, never mind what might come later! I DO recommend Margaritaville and Kokomo's to pick up girls who have gotten off work and are "looking". These can be waitresses and regular local girls as well. I liked the atmosphere and woke up beside a cute thing every time I went to these types of places. OK, best looking girls seem to be at Champagne's. To be specific, try LORENA, her personality sucks but as far as the body goes, SHE DEFINITELLY MAKES UP FOR HER SHORT COMINGS!!!!!!! I had great difficulty getting these girls to blow me. I guess that's why there were so many billy boys around. The law and order situation was the BEST that I have ever seen it in the 12 years that I have been going to the PI. I enountered NO hustlers, pickpockets, scam artists and I only had 1 (one) little beggar boy try to hit me up for a peso during my week there. I would still advise caution if you are a 1st timer to the PI, however. Just be aware of your surroundings and, if possible, bring a buddy with you. Tricycles are a flat P30 in Balibago and immediate area. There are NOW TVs on the aircon buses and they play American movies most of the time. MTV and HBO Asia, ESPN, Cinemax, Showtime, CNN, Cartoon Network and more are all standard on Angeles cable TV which is in most of the hotels.
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 20:13:52 PST Just thought you might like to know that I was in Angeles in January of 1998 and there was a big banner across the main road advertising that Archies was reopening and looking for new girls. I picked up a real cutie in Illusions - She was a complete knock off of Rosie Perez. She was all of 5'1", but still took every inch with style and enthusiasm - broke my heart to leave the poor little 18 year old there.
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 22:21:57 -0800 (PST) Angeles City I took a "Fly-The-Bus" from Swagman hotel, Manila to Angeles City, took about 2 hours and nice thing about the bus, they serve cool beer there too for P25. The bus fair is P300 which include bus from Swagman Manila to Swagman, Angeles City and also to your respective hotel, if you choose to stay near the actions are, which i did, i stay in Chicago Park Hotel, very near to Field Street, for P585, standard room, you might want to pay a little more, like P650 for a delux room. On my first night, i checked out Roadhouse, which a mate recommended, which is pretty good, actually, they have the best dance routine, but then, we are not there for the dance, are we? Make sure you catch the girls do "AC/DC Thunderstruck", just wonderful. Well, i wanted to maximize my coverage, so, i hopped to couple more bar like Voodoo, Archie and MusicBox. I went back to Roadhouse and found a real cutie and bar-fined her for P850. we went back to Voodoo and having some drink there and later went back to hotel. Same routine, shower, towel wrap and go under the blanket, and i had her twice before we fell asleep and we had another one in the late morning before we went out to Cocomo for lunch. I send her to the tri-cycle and that is the end of it. Went back to hotel for the nice nap and wake up at 8pm and went to Salvatore's pizzaria for a good hearty dinner, a pizza and a st. miguel beer for only P120, real cheap. Salvatore's is just above Roadhouse, i didn't go in, i wanted to check out other place. So, i went to Valentines ( bored girls dancing, bar fine of P850 ), Champagne ( nice place, with some cute girls, mostly 7,8, bar-fine at P900 ), Valhala ( not exciting place ) and finally check out Connections. Have couple of beers there and bought a dancer couple of ladies drinks too (p85), since it was a bit late and i needed to leave for manila early in the morning, i bar-fined the girl for P700 ( the cheapest in AC ) and we went straight back to hotel. She is really nice 20 year old and even though she can't speak good english, we still having a good time and i had some real good sex with her. Seems like she is not very experienced in this too, we have some funny moment to achieve the task. We had another round in the morning, we had a breakfast in the room before i send her out for the tricycle and slip her P500 for tips, which she deserve it. I will definitely going back to look for her soon. Took 8am "Fly-The-Bus" back to Manila and catch my flight back home. Overall, a wonderful vacation and will definitely go back. Prostitution is definitely alive in AC, but not sure after May, the election.
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 03:48:53 -0000 Angeles City- A one to two hour bus ride from Manila but well worth it. A dusty, dirty, dumpy town with not much to do except have sex. My kind of place. Barfines were running 800-900 but in Angeles that includes the cost of the girl also. Of course a tip is expected. All of the bars had a decent enough selection but I was partial to La Bamba, Voodoo, and Lollipop. If you go to the Phillipines you must visit Angeles.
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 1998 02:32:44 +0000 Subject: March Update on Angeles City Atta: What a difference one year makes! Going into Angeles City was so much better than last year in March when the clubs were busted and so many of them were closed. In talking with one resident who was familiar with the situation, he stated that for many of the clubs, it was simply a matter of following certain prescribed rules such as keeping the comfort rooms (rest rooms) cleaned and not having any of the girls expose themselves while working. I also suspect there may have been other reasons, but since I cannot substantiate any of these allegations, I won't comment further. The barfines are at a reasonable 750 pesos given the present value of the dollar. Many of the clubs close at 2:00 a.m., but The Club and Private Dancer remained open until 5:00 a.m. and I was able to get two nice ladies from these clubs. I also got a couple of gals from Connections. The one place that I did not particularly like was Abbey Road. The staff seemed somewhat aloof and seemed to want patrons to buy more drinks and, otherwise, spend more money than was needed. I was surprised to find that blow-job alley had reopened. This is important, because if one has just come in during the morning to A.C. and none of the clubs are open, BJ Alley is a good place to get it off when you can't wait any longer. There is another place that has not been mentioned in the WSG and that is the massage parlor over on the other side of the way from the old main gate at Clark Air Base. IF you get a good masseuse and IF she spends some time with you, you can knock out some of the kinks from 30 hours of travel on jet airplanes. Also, it helps if she is pretty, which is usually not the case. You pay 150 pesos for the entrance fee and usually 500 pesos for a handjob. It is my understanding, that none of the girls will fuck you--most of them are not THAT good looking anyway so it is doubtful that any guy would want to. I emphasize that these massage parlors are strictly for real muscle therapy. If you go there emphasize that you really DO want a good massage. The food is about the same in A.C. over the years, but one new twist was the addition of an internet cafe--Rick's Cafe which I had not seen before. I was impressed that there were a lot of men in there watching old movies and having a cup of coffee or a soft drink. I was also happy to have a place to e-mail out when I needed. I met one woman whom I had not seen in two years and it was like old times. Also, I saw one other lady I knew who was a source of information as well. However, I got to say that my greatest coup had nothing to do with whoring. I finally managed to FUCK MY PENPAL of three years! She was a peach!---Aw! Come on guys! Don't chastise me now!---(laugh!) Hey, I like this girl and it may be that my time has come to start playing it straight and to get married. I'd like to have at least one kid to pass my genes to . I am going to invite her in on a "K-1". Whoring is for younger guys who haven't decided what to do about the rest of their lives. I won't say that this is my final hurrah, but I think I have found someone to take care of me for my final 35 years or so. At least, I hope so. Happy whoring and have a fuck for me, everyone!
Subject: {ASP} Angeles City PI (Long Report) Date: 1998/04/15 Spent lots of time reading posts, and decided that it was time give back a little information. First of all, last year about this time I posted a couple of question regarding a trip to Angeles city in the Philippines. Thanks so much for the great help I got, it made my first trip to Angeles go much smoother than if I would have been flying blind so to speak. Anyway with that word of thanks to those who helped me, on with my report. Angeles is well documented in the WSG and in this newsgroup. Most of the things that I could share with the group have been covered many times. This report is based on a trip to Angeles City PI occurring in early June 1997 I was scheduled to arrive in Manila on the last Northwest Airlines flight for the night Arriving about 9:30pm (local time). I knew that after getting my baggage and clearing customs it would be around 10:30, and the cheap shuttle buses from Manila to Angeles would be done for the night. So I scheduled to have Margaritaville provide shuttle for me. I had scheduled with them several days in advance and told them I didn't mind sharing the ride. I was given instructions on where to look for my driver and that my name would be on a reader that the driver would be holding. When I got there I had to wait about 20 minutes (the driver was helping another passenger with his bags). But in a short time we were on the road. I ended up splitting the ride with 2 other guys so it cost me about $15 for the ride. In my opinion this the best plan if you are arriving late, even if you have to pay the $25 to $35 for the shuttle all by yourself the money you will save over a Manila hotel for one night will make up the difference. On a suggestion by the folks at Margaritaville I had booked a room at the Pheniox hotel, this was a good suggestion. I stayed 6 days there and loved it. I might also suggest the Euro-phil hotel as another good choice in Angeles. Both of these hotels run about $20-$25 a night, but they appear to be a major cut above the hotels I saw in the entertainment district. I have mentioned Margaritaville twice already in my post. The guy who runs this place was very helpful in giving me advice before I went, and setting up transportation from the airport, as well as making hotel reservations. In addition to that once I was there I found that margaritaville was the number one local hangout and a great place to eat and watch the ladies. Margaritaville has a web sight with includes lots of info. on Angeles, as well as some pictures of the ladies in the clubs (they rotate pictures about once every other month). Check it out I found it very helpful ( Now on to the fun stuff THE GIRLS!!! Over a 12 day period I visited most of the clubs in Angeles. I found that the routine at all the clubs was pretty much the same. You enter to find four to eight ladies on the stage wearing shorts and either a sports bra type top or a vest, or a sleeveless shirt. The show really isn't much to write home about. The girls will shuffle and turn in costume for their set, they DO NOT strip to less than shorts and a bikini type top. The ladies will dance a twenty minute set and then the next group of girls will hit the stage and do pretty much the same shuffle routine. The whole purpose of this show is for you to see the ladies and decide which one you would like to consider for a more personal show later that night. The only place I saw that had any interesting show at all was a place called The Roadhouse, the girls still didn't strip, but they did dance a little coeographed routine which was sort of fun to watch (for about 30 minutes). As far as selection, most of the clubs had about the same mix of good looking ladies and average ones. In my openion the two places which appeared to be a little bit above average on good looking ladies were Tahition Queen and Stingers. Both of these places had a slightly better selection of prettier girls. I was turned off by one bad Club, LaBomba Two things I didn't like here: First, they really pushed the drinks (for me and the ladies), and two their bar fine was higher then anybody else at that time (most places were 700 pesos, they were 850 pesos) but these are only my openion on both the good and the bad, most places are really pretty good. Things to consider when choosing the lady of your dreams. Don't be in a hurry, you are choosing a lady to spend the night with you (or maybe several nights), so time your time. Watch the ladies dance look at the body, but also see who is smiling, and who is at least appearing to have a pretty good time. Be polite, smile, say thank you, the more you act like a gentleman the more likely you are to find that you are the one that the ladies want. Don't get me wrong, almost anybody could get laid in Angeles at any bar, but there is a world of difference in the treatment you will receive if you are polite and pleasant. One thing that I found to be especially good was to wait, be patient, and usually a young lady will come up and say that "her friend" likes you. She will point out a young lady who is sitting across the room, when you look she will smile at you. If you are interested in her at all this may be a very good selection, because for whatever reason this lady has found some reason to choose you over the other men who are there. Of the eight different ladies I "chose" while in Angeles, the three who "chose" me were by far the best times I had there. In fact one lady who said that she liked me impressed me so much that we spent three days together. When you're ready to choose the lady. Once you have selected a lady ask to speak with the mamasan (usually an older lady who you deal with). Tell her that you are interested in having the young lady join you for the evening. She will tell you the bar fine (at that time it was between 700 and 850 pesos for the night). Unlike most places in Angeles when you pay the bar fine it includes the money which the lady will get for the night. When you are making the deal make sure that it is clear that it is for all night (specify the time in the morning), and includes the ladies tip for her time. You should also be clear as to what type of services you are interested in, most ladies in Angeles do not like oral, and almost never are they willing to consider anal. If the lady isn't interested in what you want then either accept what she is willing to provide or choose another lady (trying to talk her into something won't usually work). Then you're off for an evening of fun. Although I said don't hurry, it still doesn't take to long to find a great lady for the night. Most nights I had made my selection by 9:00pm. Usually we would go to dinner someplace (often Margaritaville), and then back to the hotel for a swim. We usually would have to go get the lady's swim suit, even this was interesting to see how they lived (sad to say usually a poor apartment). Once back to hotel and after the swim it gets more personal. I won't go into details about every night but I will give one highlight and one lowlight. Lowlight first. One night I choose a really pretty young lady (said she was 18, and had ID to prove it). When we got back to the room she refused to give oral which she had promised, and also wasn't willing to allow any touching of her genital area by me, and wouldn't kiss at all (not on the lips, not on the cheek nothing). She would allow touching of the tits, which were much more saggy when she was nude than appeared while at the bar. Anyway after about an hour of uninspired sex (including a sad hand job) she turned over and turned on the TV. That was it for the night after that she said that her period was about to start and she didn't want to do it anymore. I let her go at about 2:00am (with no tip, even after she asked for a tip for a taxi, I am not cheap, but I can't see tipping a lady who treats me badly). Now for the highlight. One night I was at The Tehetian Queen when I got the "my friend likes you" routine. I looked across the bar and there sat a beautiful young lady who was in great shape and had perfect complection. Her ID said she was 21 years old, but she looked 17 (she was 21). She had a hard flat stomach, and what appeared to be firm B-cup breasts. We talked a bit, she mentioned that she had just moved to Angeles two weeks earlier and this was only her tenth night in the club (I have no idea if this was true). Anyway I talked with her and mentioned that I would enjoy spending time with her, but that I was interested in oral, would she consider this. She said that she had only done it once before, but she was willing to try. I got Mamason, paid the 750 pesos and we were off. First stop we went to her place and she got her swim suit, we also spent some time there talking and kissing and some really serious tit play I didn't want to get to the main event just yet (but it was tempting). Then we went to dinner and a little dancing. I am a terrible dancer, but she was amazing. Then it was back to the hotel for a swim. She changed in the bathroom and I changed in the main room (still hadn't seen her naked). She came out in a great one peice suit (she was amazing to look at). We swam for about an hour. We go back to the room and start kissing, and I start playing with her tits She slips out of her suit She is incredible, she hadn't had children, no stretch marks, firm B-cups. a great complection, nicely trimmed bush and a killer smile. She takes my suit off and we lay on the bed. kissing, I start playing with her clit with my fingers, and she get really wet (can't fake that). She starts playing with my knob, and asks if I would like her to suck it. Of course I say yes and she goes at it. She isn't very good at it (she must be telling the truth about only doing it once before), anyway what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in attitude. We played like this for a good hour (I thought that I was going to explode). Finally she mounts be. Before I know what is happening she is on me and I am fucking her bareback. I know this is really stupid, and I don't do this, but it just happened before I could say no, she was on me. Anyway I exploded in just a few minutes, and I thnk she did as well. I tell her that I don't usually do the no condom thing, she says that she is sorry, and that in the future I can use one. I know that I was stupid, I didn't really choose to do it, it just happened (I had myself checked four times over the past year no problem) After the first round we layed there and chatted, watched some TV and drank a beer or two. I asked her if I could shave her mound, at first she stared at me, then she said yes. So I got out the razor and in just a few minutes she was not only the pretties lady I had ever seen, she also had the most hairless beaver I could imagine. We did it again three or four times in the night, and even took a 3:00 am swim. In the morning I took her to breakfast, and asked her if she would join me again that night. She said she would love to. I asked her how it was done, she said she would call in sick and that I could pay her what ever I thought was fair on the last day. Basically we spent the next three days togethar She showed me all the local sights (not much to see in Angeles), plus she was actually very smart and spoke wonderful english (she said she went to Catholic schools and that they were taught in english). I loved my time with her. From that point on it was just like she was my girlfriend or we were on our honeymoon. We would go do stuff, and come back and swim, make love (not just have sex). At the end of our fourth day together (the first night, plus three) I had to catch a flight. So it was time to say goodbye. I gave her 4000 pesos for her time, she said it was to much, but I insisted (heck it was the best $160 I have ever spent). When she said goodbye she cried and I felt like a jerk I know that our time together was just a pay to play thing, but I really feel that we had something special (I will always remember it). Since the time of that trip the Peso has been devalued from 25 pesos to the dollar then to about 40 pesos to the dollar now. From what I hear prices in Angeles really haven't gone up along with the change in exchange rate, so aparently it's like getting everything at about a 60% discount from last year. I am planning to make a return trip to Angeles this summer and will post then. I would be interested in any more recent news about happenings over there. I do try and stay current with the stuff that Margaritaville puts on their page, but a travlers report would be nice. Hope that my info helps some.
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 11:35:30 -1000 Subject: Angeles City, Philippines -- sex on the sly. I was in PI (Philippine Islands) 3 years ago visiting a very nice Christian family (translation: no sex allowed!) so I had to use a little subterfuge to get laid. I planned our trip (by hired car & driver) so that we'd be staying in Angeles City for one night (of course, I told them our stop would be in Pampanga, a small town a few miles north of Angeles City -- they never suspected a thing!) We checked into the clean Bonanza Resort on San Pablo Street (Australian owned) which is not obviously involved in the sex industry (or my traveling companions would never have consented to staying there!) I feigned tiredness and retired to my room early (it was only 10 or 11 PM) but not until I'd secretly arranged with our driver to run an errand for me. He happily accepted my mission and went off into the night with a brief outline of the dream girl I wanted him to find. Just 30 minutes later I answered a soft knock on my door (my friends were only two doors away!) and saw a stunning Filipina with the hottest, sweetest, tautest body! My little piece of heaven! (5'-1" 98 lbs, 34B-22-34, 24 years -- at first she said she was 18!) Well, to be accurate, her face was just a 6 but her body! Physically she was in perfect shape and had the flatest firmest tummy (from long hours of dancing?) terrific hard butt and firm thighs -- not an ounce of fat or looseness to her skin anywhere! Even conservatively rated, her body scored an easy 8+. And, her hair! Beautiful, smooth, shiny black, neatly brushed and it reached all the way down to her butt! Her hair was a perfect 10 -- no deductions at all! She was quite, shy and demur at first and only agreed to join me in the shower after much coaxing, teasing, tickling and good-natured horse play and even then she wanted to keep her panties on! I don't know why, they were g-string and sheer and didn't hide anything even before they got wet so they sure as hell wouldn't have provided any modesty for her wet! But, as we played, laughed and giggled in the shower, I prevailed, and even the panties came off. (I highly recommend that all paid sexual activity begin in the shower as it's such a good ice breaker for getting over the first awkward moments AND it's a good opportunity to check for any outward hints of STD's and to accurately gauge the natural beauty sans makeup, push-up bras and other "enhancements." Besides, it's a hell of a lot of fun!) By the end of our time in the bathroom, we were very relaxed and comfortable with each other. We spent our first minutes in bed hugging, caressing and surprisingly lots of long, deep, intense French kissing -- 90% of the whores I've fucked, won't tolerate any kissing (above the neck) at all. My hands were busy too and her breasts were so fine! Small, but fine for me as I'm not overly impressed by size and anyway, her quality was the best -- proud, firm, high standing tits (which made her initial fib about being 18 easy to believe) with smooth, perky, very responsive nipples -- just perfect to kiss, suck and tease! (Besides, anything over a mouth full just goes to waste!) When I went down on her, she began moaning and her pussy got very hot, very swollen and very very wet! Encouraged by her intense response, I rolled her onto her tummy and with no coaxing from me, she spread her knees apart and arched her butt high into the air -- perfectly opened and positioned, her hot cunt and firm ass where right there in front of me, poised and prepped for the thorough working over I was intent on serving up including penetrating my tongue deep into her tight ass hole. I reached for her hand and guided it towards her vagina. She took my hint and began caressing herself, quickly inserting one and then two fingers into her cunt using smooth, quick, rhythmic strokes to plunge deeper and deeper. I loved watching her action! I loved licking the sweet nectar from her fingers -- this hot little bitch loved the pleasures her fingers were stirring up in her! By this time, her cunt was overflowing with love juice and my face was spreading it all over her glorious, soft, smooth, silky skin until every inch of her ass and thighs were coated with glistening love potion! Thanks to the quality, intensity and duration of the foreplay which included a ripping climax for her, the actual fuck, strictly missionary position, while intense and spirited, was over very quickly -- my fault, not hers. I was just too horny to hold back long enough to work our way through several position changes -- even considering the absolutely mandatory condom she put on me which normally has the affect of making me last longer. Despite the obvious thrill I'd given her with my tongue and finger penetrations into her butt (Damn, but it was tight!) she flat out refused to even consider taking my cock up her ass. As she was scheduled to be mine for the night, we relaxed after this brief but intense fuck and spent time talking. Her English was quite good. We covered the usual subjects like her desire to find "legitimate" work, her desire to marry (a hint I fastidiously avoided), etc. One incongruous fact was despite being a Jehovah's Witness, her only apology was that her parents had been dis-membered (or whatever it's called when you're officially and ceremoniously kicked out of a church) for voting! She didn't seem to be aware of the "un-holiness" of her nudity, my tongue up her ass or that she accepts money to fuck total strangers! Despite the initial plan to keep her all night I suggested and she agreed to leave before we fell asleep (It would never do for her to be in my room in the morning!) She seemed pleased that I asked her for her address before she left. Upon returning stateside, I did write to her and she responded! Disappointingly, she wouldn't write anything nasty and I've received naughtier letters from 18 year old certifiably virgin pen pals than I ever did from her. Keeping in touch with her did pay off for me on a subsequent trip when she eagerly met me at the Heritage Hotel in Manila -- but that's another story (which I'll also post). As I recall, the prices paid on the trip described above were: car & driver about P$1,500 (US$ 60 at the '95 exchange rate) per day (he didn't charge me extra to pick the chick but I did tip him US$ 20 for a job well done!) the girl P$ 800 (US$ 30) & I also gave her a US $20 bill as a tip (US currency is a highly valued commodity in the Philippines -- take plenty in small denominations -- you'll never get change back), the hotel about P$ 350 (US$ 15) per room and the evening meal with my friends at a Kentucky Fried Chicken (!) cost about P$ 150 (US$ 6) each. In summary, even if you can't have the fun of doing the whore hunting yourself, in Angeles City at least, the old adage "Where there's a will, there's a way," still holds true!
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 14:38:16 -0700 Subject: Philippines Update JUNE 1998 Angeles City The Club An old style bar (has not changed much since the days of the bases with latrines and a ghetto blaster hooked into some fair quality speakers), with about 20 dancers. Lots of locals hang out there (including me). The place can get raunchy now and then (the reason I hang out there), and several of the girls are not bad. One cherry girl (and she may not be cherry anymore) Private Dancer Changed ownership last year. The new owners dabbled with a part-time karoke format. Not too many girls and hardly any are very attractive, but it has the cheapest prices in town. No cherries. Voodoo 25 or so dancers, good sound system, good DJ and good videos. The girls are about as much fun as any group in Angeles City. It's traditional from the days when it was Vampire then Zanadu. Sort of an ingrained culture that gets passed along. It's open from 2 PM till at least 5 AM. Tahitian Queen New Style bar (neon, brass, etc). Lots of dancers. My guess is at least 40. Well run, good music. Had a reputation for girls that would leave with you, and bolt. That's subsided somewhat. Only bar in town with a happy hour from 9 to 10 PM. Ziggy's Biggest bar in town. 12 or so dancers, 2 are cherry the other 10 are fair to poor. It's the biggest bar in town, and that's the problem. There aren't enough people around to make it look very full. They have a GREAT manager named Mario. Been around forever, knows everyone and is a fun guy to drink with. Vahallah The old Viking Bar. No comments. They have some nice girls, but I don't like the atmosphere. Connections Excellent daytime bar. There are too many cherry girls, but some are really cute. The best girls go out early, so you have to get there between 3 and 6 to get one of the best. Butterfly Located just a bit down the alley behind Illusions. This place goes up and down. Sometimes they have some great staff and other times it's atrocious. Right now, it's in between (on the way down). Illusions Getting better all the time. They have 15 to 25 dancers, some stunning. Roadhouse This is, in my opinion, the best run bar in town. Always around 15 to 20 dancers, but it's very sterile. The owner runs a very tight ship, and the place is very regimented. Not everyone's cup of tea as the dancers dance in step and don't have any of the spontaneity you find in most other places. I'll keep going down Fields, and hit Real Plaza at the end ! Cozy Cleopatra Up and down. Right now, it's up. Another one of my hangouts. Small, cozy, fun girls, very good manager. Y Not I used to like it here, but am not finding it as much fun as before. There are 15 or so dancers, but it's just another gogo bar. La Bamba One of the best in town. 40 to 50 dancers, good mamasans, great staff, good music. Panama Jack's Small and cozy. Right now, it has 4 or 5 really beautiful dancers, and 2 cherry girls. Kokomo's Something like Margaritaville, but much more upscale. Besides the restaurant, it has a 24 hour Internet cafe, laundry service, beauty shop/barber shop, post office and safe deposit boxes and a small boutique with a good supply of last minute items. The dancers from Lollipop and Mudbone's all go there after work. Happy Hooker Ugh, Ugh, Ugh. (I don't think our reviewer likes this place; Paul) Granduer Across from Kokomo's, it's a new and very small place owned and run by Koreans. It's only been open a couple of weeks, so nobody knows just how it will end up. They had a major walkout last week, but were reopened two nights later. Lash Same owners as Champagne. Well done inside, but not cozy. 15 to 20 dancers. It can get a bit raunchy. Champagne Excellent bar. Good girls, but too sterile for many tastes. Thunderstruck Restaurant and Pub, only. Best Thai food in Angeles City if not the entire Philippines. The waitresses do not go barfine (exactly), but are allowed to get ladies drinks and sit with customers when it's not busy. Many will meet you after work. Valentine's The old Dreams. Very nice, indeed. The manager, Bob, has done a great job getting the place going. It's the first place in town, along with its sister bar, Misty's, to go to a flat P400 barfine and let the customer and girl work out the details. It's getting mixed reviews because the Angeles City girls are not nearly as skilled as negotiating as their Manila and Bangkok counterparts. Misty's Also an excellent bar. Lots of dancers, some stunning. Top Hat Mom always said "If you can't say something good about..." Okay, back up the road to Real Plaza, turning left at Kokomo's Lollipop With the great looking staff, two pool tables and customer dance floor, it's one of the most popular places in town. Mudbone's The old Temple of Rock. It's only been open three weeks, but already a hit. Only 18 dancers, no cherry girls, good music, a good manager (Alan) and some really raunchy girls, it didn't take long. Big Cleopatra Lots of girls, but not very busy. I think the place is too imposing. A huge seating area and medium size stage. The girls are too far away from the customers. But, there are some beauties. Car Tunes (the old Firestation) The guys that bought it didn't do much to the inside, but got lots and lots of girls. The costumes are: Maid, Nurse, Teacher - all our fantasies. Doing very well. Blackjack A nice place to visit on a bar hop. It attracts the German/Swiss crowd. I'd guess 12 to 15 dancers. Some old timers, for sure. Private Dancer Too (no misspelling) The old Cheerleaders. Completely redone inside. Reminds me a bit of Lollipop. 25 dancers and some beauties, for sure. Prices are very cheap. Abbey Road Forget it. Stinger Has a well deserved reputation for having some of the best looking girls in town. Up the road... (a couple of km) Rumors Across from the Vegas International Hotel, it's open from 2 PM till midnight. Get there early for the best picks. Even further up the road....(3 or 4 km) Harrold's, Pink Pussycat & Executive Inn Small, cozy, 5 dancers, very raunchy Anything goes at these places. We've had 'em stripped naked and sitting around drinking for a couple of hours. Prices are reasonable.
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 22:45:01 -0700 Barhopping - Angeles City - Philippines - Thursday, June 11, 1998 This was yet another great weekend, with hardly anybody in town. I drove to Angeles City from Manila in under 2 hours and found with great pleasure that the road from San Fernando to Angeles was finally open it only took 10 years! After dropping a friend off and checking into the Park Chicago hotel, I started off on Thursday night by going into Lollipop to find that Andy had resigned the night before and had been replaced by an American guy "Steve". Seems like a nice guy but a little quiet; probably first day nerves. The bar was similarly quiet, with little atmosphere, despite the great line up of girls, both waitresses and dancers, several new since my last visit. After a couple of drinks with friends I headed off to Mudbones, as I had prophesized in previous reports this little bar was really hopping, it had a great atmosphere, the girls are not spectacular or even great, however their enthusiasm and raunchiness made up for their lack of looks, the bar had about 10 or so customers, there was a couple of foreign women who were enjoying themselves so much the decided to join the dancers. Alan is doing a great job as the manager and is very enthused in making the bar perform well. I left and went to Car Tunes, as usual the bar was happy and lively with a good crowd of customers and staff, Des the manager got hold of a couple of pieces of Bamboo and gave them to girls to dance with (traditional Filipino style) and they were having a ball. Together with Des, I went to the "Y" bar and had a couple of drinks, there were hardly any customers but the girls were good-looking and really having a good time, this bar really deserved to have a good crowd, well laid out with attractive décor, and the staff worked well together. Misty's is one of the few bars in Angeles who try to keep the customers interested by trying new things and promotions regularly. Their latest is new dancers costumes; they are great, one is an Arabian with just the right amount of see through, another is a negligée type outfit very revealing. It was almost at closing, when we got there and the Bar was still busy, with the reduced Barfines I heard all over town that they were the busiest establishment around. I then went to "The New Jerusalem Café" for the best Lebanese food I have had for more than 10 years it is now on my list of good eateries in Angeles, I had a Kofta, with Hommos and Tabouli, absolutely magnificent and very authentic. If you do happen by do yourself a favour and go in, ask for the owner he will look after you with true hospitality. I stopped in at Lollipop again and Mudbones, which was still rocking on before heading up to Voodoo, which hasn't lost any of it's old charm, it was busy and the girls were happy and enjoying themselves. I have mentioned this a few times, it is very important to the success of a bar, if the girls are happy it infects the customers and so on.

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