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Anchorage, Alaska

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997(EST)

Greetings ASPers,

Firstly, I wish to thank all the posters to this group for the
overall high quality and usefulness of their information. I will attempt
to make a small contribution by discussing the scene in Anch. Ak, a city
 for which I have seen no post's.

The greater Anchorage area contains roughly half the total population
of Alaska, as well as  Army & Airforce bases. This relatively large male
population assures an ongoing and active street, escort, and massage
scene. Of course, quality and attractiveness of the available ladies
varys widely, as in any other city. Many of the girls come to Anc. for a
short period of time (4-6 mo) to work during the fishing and tourist
seasons, these girls tend to be more professional than their local
counterparts. Ages range from the mid-teens to "I don't want to think
about it". Patience, and a little knowledge, will help you to find what
you're looking for, most of the time. Selections include, white, black,
native and asian girls, even the occasional hispanic.  Surprisingly,
wintertime can be quite active, especially during events such as Fur Rondy
(mid Feb), Iditarod (starts 1st Sat March), and meetings such as AFN (Nov).
These events bring in "Outsiders" as well as Alaskans and the girls try to
fill a need.

Street action will vary widely depending on season and weather. In
general prices will run from $30 to $50 for a BJ, $40 to $80 for 1/2 &
1/2. As usual, the nicer the girl, (generally) the more you'll pay.
While all the girls have somewhere to park, I suggest getting a room to
reduce stress and increase your enjoyment. Motels such as the Puffin Inn
have separate outside entrances so you can avoid the lobby scene, about
$60 winter season, $100+ summer (Hey, this is Alaska!). For the more
upscale, I suggest Executive Suites also on Spenard and $80-140.00 will
get you a one bedroom suite with a full kitchen and a separate entrance.
The most active street areas are as follows (no particular order).

Spenard Ave: From Fireweed on the North to International Airport drive
on the South. Most of the action occurs South of Minnesota Ave., to the
7-11 store just North of the Regal Alaskan Hotel. This area also hosts a
few cheap motels that the girls sometimes call home. I have found some
very nice girls along the entire length of this strip. Spenard also
contains an assortment of Massage Parlours which I will describe in a
future post. A neigborhood patrol is active on Friday and Saturday
nights, this consists of a few bible-thumping oldsters who harass the
working girls, they have no police-powers and (I suppose) simply add
lic. plate numbers to what must already be a very large list of
"suspicous" vehicles.

Gambell St: Most action occurs in the several blocks surrounding the
Carrs Store, it is open 24hrs and girls can be found in the parking lot
in back, as well as walking on Gambell and the adjacent side streets.
Many more black girls here than on the other strips mentioned.

4th Ave: This is the downtown area, the strip here runs from C St on
the West to Gambell on the East a good loop here is to go East on 4th to
Gambell turn right (one-way) and turn R on 5th (one-way). Girls can also
be found on 5th. Drive to 2nd Ave and again make a R, of course its best
to vary the exact route somewhat. You will find the 'citys finest' more
noticible here, especially during shift changes and when the bars close.
Occasional stings take place here, and it's best to follow the advice in
other posts about not discussing specifics until the girl is in the car
and both partys are proven not to be cops (grope-grope).

  Again, thanks to people such as AGentleMan, Brockton O'Toole, Atta,
and 22Rimfire who make wading through the spam worth it. Long live the WSG!!

  Coming in Part Two: The Escort and Massage scene, and the bars.


Subject: [ASP]Anchorage Sting Operation: Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 This past weekend Anchorage Police arrested 12 men on "assignation" charges as well as two women for prostitution. Sgt. Arvid Bjornton (no kidding) stated "We try to make it dangerous for the average guy." Officer Sherry Price who apparently dressed-up as a shady-lady was surprised that she saw "a lot of middle class people driving by" and "there's been a lot of normal citizens, quite a few Lincoln Continentals and several rental vehicles." This is the 4th year of the "summer sting" located on 4th and 5th between Denali and Eagle streets. They observe the activity from rooms rented in the Sheraton hotel. Then swoop down on the heinous (and horny) criminals. As I mentioned in the Anc FAQ, and many others have as well, DO NOT discuss any money matters until the girl is in the car and you have had her prove she is not the police. I have never had a girl in Anc refuse to get in the car. If she won't- thank her, and drive away! In closing, its nice to see that the Anchorage Police have the time to arrest "normal citizens." Apparently crime took a well deserved holiday to allow some of Anchorages "finest" to play dress up. Also in the news an APD Officer Kelly Heitstuman was charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor (she was 16 at the time). The officer in question has been granted sick leave (the sick bastard). No arrest has been made, Police Chief Duane Udland has not taken any administrative action, and stated "He still has rights as an employee, and we want to be cautious we don't violate those." Another example of the police handling their own with kid gloves. They wonder why people have lost respect for them, I sure can't figure it out.
Subject: Anchorage Prostitution Date: Sun, 29 Mar 1998 The local hotels were very interested in the section on Anchorage. The article was written very well and is quite precise. I work at the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel as Security and would like to have my comment posted/attached to that message if possible. The article was slightly incomplete and incorrect though. The Sheraton does not rent the rooms to APD for the Sting Operation- We give them to APD for FREE!!! We also include the usual quality assortment of foods and drinks so that Anchorage's Finest don't have to work on an empty stomach! We here at the hotel do not allow the "Local" girls in the hotel. Many of them are trespassed and will not even try to enter the hotel! Personally I have nothing against most of the girls and if they do not loiter or walk in front of the hotel on 5th ave we will not bother them. If they do, we will usually walk with them, take their photo, report any vehicles that pick them up to APD with license plates and descriptions of the drivers etc so they can be stopped. This usually results in a traffic stop on the vehicle and ID'ing the driver. Guess how many men did not know the woman they were giving a ride to was a prostitute!! :) Anyhow, she usually gets out and leaves the area! It was with great laughter that I read the article and within 10 minutes a call on the scanner reported two prostitutes had just robbed a guest at one of the local hotels and took about $4000.00. I hope they were worth it!! If you do pick up these ladies off the street you need to be careful, most have drug problems that can be solved by taking your money without giving up any "service"! If you do happen to stop by our hotel with one, don't be alarmed if we (Security) ask her for her ID and verify she has not been trespassed here before. We do not wish to cause you any embarrassment but we are concerned with the safety of all of our guests, even those that may be looking for some "company"!

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