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Amsterdam Report #1

So what can you expect from a city which has "XXX" as its official
sign?  Only the best of course.

When you leave Centraal Station, the main railway station of
Amsterdam, and walk towards the center of the city, the red light
district is some 2 or 3 blocks to your left. Watch out for street
names like "Oude Voorburgwal" or "Achternburgwal". There are sex shops
at every corner and they carry SM and zoophily stuff as well as
'nudist' journals depicting nude children at the beach.

All day long, the prostitutes work behind their windows, so this area
is a great place to look around. Some will even show off their tits
or pussy to get you in. Don't miss out on the many tiny and narrow
streets in this area since that's where the action is. This is all
perfectly legal here; note however that the women are not required to
have regular health checkups like in other countries with legal
prostitution. The working girls consider this to be a major victory.

Everyone who goes in with one of the girls comes out after at most 15
minutes. You pay between 50 and 100 guilders for that. So I wouldn't
try it. There are much better options in Amsterdam (see below). But
it's still great for voyeurs. Also, the sex shows and the peep shows
with life fucking are in the same area and might be worth a visit.

You'll find a lot of 'coffee shops' in that area too. They offer
different sorts of Haschisch to smoke or to eat ("space cakes"). You
should try some, visit the Hash museum and then continue to work
for legalization at home.

If you are into these things, visit the SM Cafe at Oudezijds Armsteeg
7. They have a great collection of informational material pointing to
other SM places in Europe.

If you want to do The Right Thing, call the Amsterdam Call Girls at
6002354. It's an escort service which is organized and operated by the
prostitutes themselves and considered to be a model initiative.

To find out about the good clubs and brothels, you should get yourself
a copy of the Telegraaf, the main daily newspaper. With a little
fantasy, it's not difficult to spot the right ads. We visited a couple
of places:

1. Chatterly, Zieseniskade 18, Tel 6230133, open 20-4. An expensive
   place, 8 girls there, not best quality, porn movies running, cover
   charge is 100 G and a 1 hour fuck costs you 250. Bad.

2. Society Anonyme, Stadhouderstraat 64, Tel 6624952. Nice little
   club with 6 women at 20:00. There's no cover, you get
   yourself a drink for 7.50 and look around and have a little
   small talk (which is not too easy since the women come from all over
   the world, like south America and eastern Europe). All women were
   young and pretty and they charged 225 G for one hour, bath
   included. Not bad.

3. Margaretha, Bestevaerstr. 215, Tel 020-6869264. Definitely the
   cheapest fuck in town. For 100 G, you can fuck twice, for 200
   infinitely often. 6 girls there, not the highest quality as was to
   be expected. The advertising is misleading: there's no sauna, no
   snacks, the place closes already at 23:20. The boss is extremely
   annoying. The girls start with foreplay by themselves, you don't
   have to do anything. In fact, it can be slightly embarrassing to
   fight off the girls because you are waiting for a particular
   one. Fucking is for everyone to see in the main (and only) room. In
   fact, the whole thing happens in a very usual apartment. Fucking is
   with condoms as everywhere. I had two girls, a very thin one with a
   very ugly face, good blow job, but close your eyes while fucking,
   the face is ugly and she looks very bored. The second one was
   shaved, a little tender. Cheap but not the best: You get what you
   pay for.

4. The highlight of our trip was doubtlessly the JB Club at
   Buitenwieringerstraat 3-5, Tel 6222785, open 12-2. Prices: 100/half
   hour, 150/hour, no cover. If you fuck, you get your drink free. 8
   women, six of them very pretty. Since there is much traffic, they
   fuck sometimes downstairs in the office on a narrow bed. You should
   refuse to do so and wait until one of the rooms upstairs is free:
   they are very luxurious with bath, mirrors and wide beds and the
   price is the same. We talked to the manager who owns three clubs
   and told us that he always makes sure that his women make the
   customers come back. Several girls come from eastern Europe, stay a
   couple of months, go back, and return later with a girlfriend. He
   was a very sincere person to talk to (and probably had to kill some
   time until he could use his office again :-).

   I chose a gorgeous 21 year old Rumanian women for one hour. She was
   very tender, easy and open to talk to and it was a great fuck. She
   told me that she sometimes comes with a customer (yeah,
   right!). She had worked before in the red light district and likes
   her new job much better although they earn more over there. (She
   mentioned 1000-1500 G per night, of which they have to pay 150 to
   rent the room.)  My friend took a beautiful Russian woman and was
   also very content with his choice. This place is definitely


And the same story (the JB club) from a different perspective: You see many girls from many countries, so you'll find a girl to love. I had a juice while looking and checking out all the girls. I talked to the boss, who calls himself "manager", Jan Bijck, a clever businessman, who tells "his" girls to make a man come back. And this is what the girls do! At least the one I had. All sex workers in the world would need this directive. JB Club is not a club with through-traffic, they usually do not have ads in the newspapers. I had a beautiful blond Russian girl called Angelique, all shaved, great silicon tits, very very tender, very tight, very good work(wo)man. Soft touching, blowing, licking, sixty-nine, riding, and four more positions. Very tender afterwards, not the "ready-and-jump-away" mentality. I will come back! Every time I go to Amsterdam! M.

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