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Amsterdam General Information

Prostitution in Amsterdam
Amsterdam red light area just by the Central station

Lots of choice all types from 18 to 50ish.
For some odd reason the good looking ones are all in the side
streets and the older/ugly ones are in the main street cabins.
Mugging risk is almost Zero the area is very heavily discreetly
policed (Prostitution is of course legal).
Prices 25NLG (about 18USD) for a bj if you shop around
50NLG (35 USD) for a short fuck 1/2 hour. Rubber is required.
anal sex is usually 25 or 50NLG extra but you get more time
as well, ie BJ+Fuck+Anal = 100NLG.

There are a number of 'party houses' around which is the local
English term !. These often have an all in deal ie entrance is
300-400NLG which includes as much as you can drink for as long
as you stay + the girl of your choice.
Most are real nice friendly places.
Beer in local bars ranges from 2.50 NLG for a 1/4 liter to
to 4.00NLG

There are many live sex shows and Amsterdam is one of the few
places where you get exactly what the man on the door tells you
you will get, no rip-off's no short changing etc.
A good place to get started if you can drink is the Banana Bar
entry is 60NLG or you can negotiate slightly less if you have a
party. Once inside the 'bartenders' are all good looking girls
and all naked. The bars are more like soft top tables where the
bar staff sit to serve you. All drinks , beer spirits cocktails
are free. For tips the girls will do various tricks like
write you a postcard out without touching the pen with a hand
(yep these girls are skilled :-). A really good place to start
out on a Stag night.

Subject: Amsterdam report Date: Sat, 23 Dec 1995 20:44:16 UTC Notes: Prices quoted in Netherland Guilders (f). Please read the "World Sex Guide" page on for background information on Amsterdam & the Netherlands. In the interests of good taste, and out of respect for sex workers here, I do not include descriptions of sex acts performed. Red Light District: Don't let anybody knock this. Yes, it's seedy, and many of the women old & ugly, but with a bit of work you can find exactly what you're looking for. The most attractive women work in cabins, in a narrow alley between the Voorburg Wal and Achterburg Wal called Trompetten Steeg. The alley is less than a meter wide. The best time is Monday thru Friday from 19h-00h. Most girls don't work Sunday, and Saturday is too crowded. I paid f50 for a quick time, f100 for 1/2 hour. I don't go with ugly girls, and I don't bargain, so this may be on the high end. My favorite girl was "Bianca" - a tiny, 24 year old with a beautiful face. You can hire girls from their cabins to come to your hotel, but it's expensive - f300-400/hr. At least you know what you're getting. Men's Clubs: Yab Yum Club, Singel 295, tel 020/624-9503. This club is in itself, worth the trip. The club is housed in an elegant townhouse filled with beautiful furnishings. There is a full bar stocked with top-end liquor, and private bedrooms equipped with Jacuzzi tubs. The entrance fee is f150, and includes all drinks. The girls charge f500/hr. They are totally exquisite young women in tasteful evening gowns. My date for the evening was a 20 year old Dutch economics student at VWU who was also a gymnast and ballet dancer. After a chat downstairs, we went upstairs, had a soak in the tub, did the deed, then came downstairs for coffee, cognac and cultured, post-coitial conversation. Needless to say, her face and body were perfect, as were her skills as a lover and hostess. After I left, the club's chaffeur took me to my hotel. This truly was one of the golden hours of my life, very expensive (with tips, f800) but worth it many times over. After visiting Yab Yum, I didn't go to any other clubs, but did call for info: Anoyme Society, 662-4952, 8p-4am, no entrance fee, f250/hr Satyrcon Club, 676-2420 Jan Bik Club (reviewed elsewhere) 622-2785 Perhaps some kind A'dammer or Tourist can provide a review here? Call Girls: Didn't partake, but called for info: Amsterdam Call Girls is the sex worker's collective. If you want to do the right thing, the first hour is f300, 2nd hour is f250. You can also find ads in "De Telegraaf" newspaper under "Diverse clubs" Also, look in the "Gouden Gide" (Yellow pages) under "Sex Clubs and Saunas" and "Escort Services". Again, many thanks to Atta & JayHawk for providing inspiration and style for my travelogue.
Subject: Amsterdam Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 16:12:40 UTC My visit to Amsterdam was made complete by going to the J.B. Club, which I might add I found here. thank you very much! Not only did I have a wounderful time with some very beautiful and friendly women but they also made me feel very much at home. As for how good the sex was? Whether it's with a professional girl or your girl freind, you get out what you put in! And how you treat someone, after all both are people with feelings. So I had great sex and we both got off. So I give the J.B. Club a 10. Adress, Buitenwieringerstraat 3-5 Tel 6222785 It's a short distance from Central Station, you can walk there, I did. As far as the real red light district goes there are some very beautiful women working there most are very nice but it's more like going to a store, you pay your money and you get what you paid for but! no emotion are very little, no oh baby oh baby. But I had fun just looking at their great young bodies, what we in america would call the A team dancers at a strip club. So if you can get off to the fact that you're fucking this great looking girl regardless of how excited she gets you will have fun, it's what I would say more of a sexual fantasy with these girls like going to a strip club and one of the girls taking you home, it's not going to happen but these girls look like those girls so you can pretend. When I say very beautiful I am talking about 40% of the girls, 20% of the girls are average and the other 40% are not that good looking but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To find that 40% you have to check every street in the district and alleys to find them, and check every so often because the good one are busy. Also they run two shifts 11 AM to 7 PM - 7 PM to 3 AM. So you will have to look or be lucky ( I was both ) to find these girls but to me that was half the fun like looking for buried treasure. Let's talk money! ( I'm sure prices subject to change ) I went there 2/96 So who knows, you can spend alittle or alot, the red light district, 50 guilders for a fuck, 100G for a fuck and suck or different positions. Some won't even take off there top for 50G during sex and no sucking there tits at 50 or 100G. I never asked what it would cost, I was just told they couldn't do that but if you wanted to throw out some numbers I'm sure like all good business people they would shoot you a price. The J.B. Club 100G half hour 150G an hour, like I said I had a great time. The Amsterdam call girl service! I was politely told if you have to ask how much you can't afford it! But remember you can't fuck the diamonds or the silk dresses they have on but you do have to wine and dine them. I ask one of the girls I was with so for that kind of money are they any better at what they do than you! you can guess her answer. The price this girl told me that these type services were asking was 1000G. I don't know how long or what just that they expected to be taken out. Well there you have it, I hope it helps but if you go and you love women like I do you will have fun and like this girl told me anything is possible in Amsterdam. Cowboy
Subject: Amsterdam Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 11:27:00 UTC This article on Amsterdam relates to July 1995. Amsterdam is a fun place but like everywhere else there are dos and donts. I presume you will fly so when you land go to the train station which is well signed. There are about 4 trains an hour through the day to central station and it costs about 5.5 guilders. If you are looking for fun walk out of the station up Damrak for maybe a third of a mile and then everything to your left is the Red Light District. The area is not as big as you may think it is about three cannals wide and a third of a mile long. The best area is in the little narrow streets around the Oude Kerk (Dutch for Old Church). The area consists of dozens of windows with red lights displayed with a girl sitting in the window. The girls ages range from around 18-50! The younger girls are mainly beautiful with great bodies, they usually wear either a bikini or sexy underwear.. maybee a G-string and lacy bra... I'm sure you get the picture!! Feel free to approach the girls and ask them their price, you can do this with no shame as most people do. The prices range from 50 guilder for a suck or fuck to 100 guilder for suck or fuck. Most girls are great, you will give them 50 guilder and they will take you into their clean, safe room, strip of, lay you on their bed and put a condom on you. Some will spend a few minutes turning you on but you are more or less expected to get on with it!! The most time you will get is around fifteen minutes unless you pay for more time and services. Now I mentioned there are a few points to be wary of and here is the benefit of my own experience. Some girls will tell you 50 guilders and take you in and then not strip of all their clothes, say leave the bra on and then tell you it doesnt come off for that price, you have to pay 50 guilders more. Another trick is to give you a blow job only for 50 guilders and charge the same again for sex. Don't argue or threaten girls as their rooms have panick buttons and you would soon meet their minder if you harmed them. The thing to do is to ask on the door, how much they charge, what it is for and do they strip off. Don't get me wrong, most girls are great but some aren't. Stalker.
From: Subject: Amsterdam June 1996. Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996 13:25:47 UTC The following relates to Amsterdam June 1996. This visit is my seventh visit or so. The location of the Red Light District is well documented, out of the station for a couple of hundred yards and then the canals over to the left. There are new regulations relating to working girls requiring them to be resident in Amsterdam and as a consequence of this there are more vacant windows than I have seen before. The mix of girls is the same, from good old fashioned 'drop dead gorgeous' to fat and ugly. The girls in the main seemed more friendly than they have in the past. Yes, they are working and you always will be on the clock, but not once did I get reminded of the passing time and a couple seemed happy to stand and chat afterwards. There is a healthy mix of races, I visited a pretty Brazilian girl, a voluptuos Spanish girl, a gorgeous Sweedish girl, a nice half German/half Polish lady, a horny Italian lady and one of the nicest Dutch girls ever. The cost is still the same, I was quoted 50 NLG for suck or fuck, 100 for both but some girls still do the old 25 NLG extra to take the bra off (this is a small minority) Some ask for an extra 25 NLG to do it in different positions, this seems fair enough to me. The shows are still there and are genuine, what the doorman promises is what you see inside. As always avoid street drug dealers and there are one or two girls working from the street and should also be avoided. The Traveller
Subject: Amsterdam travel-report (long) Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 15:49:45 -0600 I just returned from Amsterdam and thought I'd post some tips for others who may be traveling there. Geography Amsterdam is a relatively small place, at least concerning the central tourist attractions. I walked everywhere and found that as long as I kept my sense of direction, if I kept walking I was bound to reach my desitination within about 15-20 minutes. Since the main canals seem to be in a semi-circular layout, spreading from the Central Station (railroad) like ripples on a pond, I found that all I had to do, if lost, was get to a main canal and follow it along. So, don't worry about taxis. Trams/trolleys are readily available, but I didn't use them. Airport When you arrive in A'dam, get a luggage cart in the airport--they're free and its a BIG airport. The train station is in the airport proper, but I recommend first going to the VVV tourist info store before proceeding into A'dam. Trains to A'dam reportedly run every 15 minutes or so and tickets are about 6 fl. (at this writing $1.00 equals about 1.77 guilders). Hotel I stayed at a place called the Hotel Terminus, a single room was 140 fl. a night. It was OK, not great with one big caveat--the hotel is right near the Grasshopper Coffee Shop (coffee shop=marijuana/hash den; cafe=regular cafe/pub), right between the main tourist drag of Damrak and the edge of the red light district, and within hearing distance of the Old Church, whose carillon bells ring every 15 minutes until about midnight (after which I think they rang only on the hour). You can get used to it, but if you're not used to street noise outside your window at night, you might want to stay somewhere else. There's also no airconditioning, so I wouldn't recommend it in the summer. (No screens on the windows either, and canals can breed misquitos) The Hotel Terminus included breakfast buffet of cold cuts of salami, cheese, ham, juice, yogurt, granola and fruit topping, bread, butter, jelly and coffee/tea. Eggs and bacon were available for additional 3fl. or so. No room service, but vending machines and bar in the lobby. Coffee Shops Yes, they're all over. In any commercial district I suspect you'll find at least one coffee shop every two/three blocks, if not more. I can only relate two experiences--the Grasshopper does not sell loose joints but a shop two stores next door does. One joint sells for 5 fl. You can also buy grass/hash by the gram and by brand name. Red Light District A very strange place. On the main streets, there are many, many pedestrians simply walking through the district on their way to/from other areas of the city. It's possible to do so without being "confronted" by x-rated posters, just stay on the main streets. There are also drug dealers and prostitutes just hanging about all over. Be alert, but personally I had no problems. Men and women also wander around mostly pointing and staring. Men customers do the pedestrian equivalent of cruising up and down the small alleyways looking at the girls in the doorways. Quality of Girls My guess is that at any one time there are about 30-50 girls working windows in the district. Some alleys are for black girls or oriental, but most are mixed. Of the 30-50 girls, I would estimate that 10-15 are, by my standards, very pretty, e.g., in their 20s, slim, and around 34-24-34 (estimate). The girls stand or sit in their doorway (with glass door closed), wearing lingerie. They open the door for prospective customers and to negotiate price (100 fl. for 15 minutes is standard). Sex with these girls is by the clock, though I'm sure there are exceptions, so be prepared to go "wham, bam, thank you ma'am". No opportunity or interest in conversation or leisure. 2-girls are possible, but there are no bargains to be found--these girls are experienced with little timers in their heads. Sex on Stage The Casa Rosso, is the most popular (by the guide books) sex on stage hangout. Tickets are 50 fl. or 75 fl. (The 75 fl. includes coupons for 4 drinks of your choice at the bar or from the waiter, alcoholic or non-alcoholic.) It's possible to purchase a ticket during the day, which provides free admission to their mintheatre across the canal. During the day this tiny, hole in the wall, theatre (seats maybe 25) has 1/2 hour stage shows alternating with 1/2 hour porn movies. The stage show I saw included one male/female couple dancing then having oral sex and intercourse--no climax. Another perform was a solo girl who stripped and then smoked a cigar using her vagina. There are at least 3 different places to buy tickets to the Casa, but there's only one theatre, the other 2 are dummy storefronts. I don't think the pricing is different, but the sellers do work on commission. It's also possible to purchase a daytime/nighttime ticket and use it on two different days (same price as a regular ticket), one day for the daytime, the other for the nighttime. The evening performance is a one hour show that repeats all night. It's permitted to stay as long as you wish. The main theatre has a downstairs auditorium that seats probably 300-400 and an upstairs balcony (where the bar is) that seats maybe 40. The performance I saw included: 2 girls making love; 1 dancer who selected an audience member to work with her (this was legitimate, not a plant and he didn't do much except stand where she said and hold the vibrator); two couples who danced and had sex and a return of the audience participation girl, but she selected 4 or 5 guys, danced them around the stage and then served them a banana from her vagina. (they had to share the same banana) All performers tried to include some artful dancing in their routine. The evening performers, not surprisingly, were more attractive than the daytime group, but there was no hustling or tipping. It's a stage show only, but the sex is definitely not faked (there's a revolving turntable) and no pretense is given regarding anyone reaching orgram. Strip Club I only found one topless bar, La Vie en Rose, it's down an alley near the Oude Kerk (old church). It's small, the bartenders are topless, dancers dance on the bar, tv's play a porn move, it opens at 8pm, has a 5 fl. cover charge after 9pm and the music is damn loud. On my first visit, it was to crowded to get to the bar, on my second visit I left since by 9:45 no dancers had appeared (and I had seen the porn movie once already). Next door is a building which has about 10 redlight doorways, but only about 4-5 girls working at a time. Museums and Other Stuff I recommend the Rijksmuseum, which is known for it's Rembrandt collection. Exhibit plaques were mostly in English but they also have a portable CD player available for rental (I think around 7 fl.) which provides more detailed information regarding the exhibits--definitely worthwhile. Damrak has several nice cafe's (including a Hooters), for girl watching. Because it's the main street to the Central Station, pedestrian traffic is heavy, and the girls look wonderful. Away from Damrak, A'dam is very different, much quieter and scenic. Haarlem is a city about 20 minutes by train from the Central station. round trip tickets were around 9 fl. It has some nice museums and I stumbled upon their own redlight district, which had 2 or three girls working on a Wednesday afternoon, as well as an amusement arcade.
Subject: {ASP} Amsterdam Date: 24 Feb 1997 23:43:19 GMT We can debate all day long as to the the location of the best prostitutes on this planet, but it is my learned opinion that Amsterdam rates the best anywhere for quality, quantity, price, service, and all around satisfaction. I had the opportunity to partake of the wonderful selection of true babes. Of course, I believe that Dutch women are amongst the sexiest in the world, and most of the prostitutes in Amsterdam are Dutch (although a few non-EUwomen ply their trade, mostly Dutch and EU nationals work in the oldest profession). I have been to Amsterdam on a number of business trips, and I have often wandered the alleys and streets of the Red Light District; however, until this past trip, I have not sampled the women, mostly because I was with coworkers. On this trip, I found myself alone and horny (a common condition), and decided to visit the Red Light district. After reading some of the WSG comments, I decided to start in the area of the Oude Kerke (Old Church), which defines one side of the district. The best alleyways are immediate to this are, and contain the most beautiful women. As most of you guys know, the women stand (or sit) in full length windows, wearing limited lingerie or bikinis. In certain alleys, you can see that probably 90% of the women are 8-9's, with a few 10's in between. Of course, in certain other areas, there are a lot of 3 and 4's, with a few 8 and 9's scattered about. Basically, WHATEVER your favourite type of woman, you will find them here. Blondes, brunettes, blacks, whites, orientals, large breasts, thin, fat, young, old, tall, short, it doesn't matter--you will find something that attracts your fancy. I would say that on an average weekday night, you can find about 150 girls in the window. Here is my experience: on the first night, I decided I wanted to find a relatively young (18 is the youngest, I think) woman, with smallish breasts, tall, outstanding body and a very sexy face. After about 30 minutes of wandering, I found this half Indonesian/half Dutch girl who looked about 17, but had a great body (34 C). Of course, she wasn't blonde, but she had this sexy kind of college girl look. I knocked on the window, she stated her price, and we proceeded upstairs to a room, where she proceded to disrobe and allow me to fuck her, very profesionally, butefficiently. She charged 50 NLG (right now 1.92 NLG = 1US$.). It was for 20 minutes of a straight fuck. I would rate her sex skills about a 5, but her looks and body about an 8. Whatever you might think, it was a good fuck for about $25. She used a condom, so I felt relatively safe. After that experience, I decided I was still significantly horny, so I decided to splurge and spend another 50 NLG, and enjoy myself once again. I found a beautiful, blonde Dutch girl, about 23, large, perfectly shaped tits (and no implants), long legs, long curly hair, and a very sexy face. Again, I was charged 50 NLG for another straight fuck, which again lasted about 20-25 minutes. She was another 8.5-9 in looks and body, but efficient, impersonal sex skills which rated about a 4. If I had the willpower and energy, I imagine I could have fucked 5 or 6 different girls and never break the $200 mark. And I'm talking about sexy, beautiful, outstanding shape, clean, friendly women, not crack addicts. This is heaven. Here are the approximate rates, but apparently they go up in price between 1900 and 2400. I did not partake at other times, not because I was cheap, but because I wasn't alone: Straight sex 15-20 minutes 50NLG Blow Job 15-20 minutes 50NLG Half & Half, 15-20 minutes 100NLG Full hour, sex & blow job 200-250 NLG Despite what is said in WSG, the girls seemed open to different positions (but wouldn't change once started), and always removed their top and let you squeeze away on their tits. Since I am not into anal, I never asked, nor was it ever volunteered. But I certainly would not be shy in requesting. The next evening, I again wandered the district, looking for something new. Believe it or not, I found a set of blonde, identical twins. Again, they had outstanding bodies (natural, nothing enhanced), sexy faces, flat stomachs, shaved pussies, everything a man could want. I didn't want a rush job (I mean, name me a heterosexual man who hasn't fantasized about fucking a pair of twins, especially when they are so beautiful, you would have paid even if they weren't twins). I inquired as to their availability to return to my hotel room, and they said it would cost 350 NLG each for a total of an hour. So, for a total of about $350, I fucked both twins (with blow jobs, etc.) for about 90 minutes, cumming twice. I would have paid twice as much for the opportunity, but I paid exactly what the market would bear. These girls were about 9's in looks and body (each of you will have to add points for the twins factor--however, that would have put it off scale). In technique, the time in the hotel seem to be much better, and they were much more into it. Just to get all of you buying tickets to Amsterdam, they ate each other's pussy (or they faked it, but like I cared) while I fucked them from behind. I felt like I was in a porno movie of my own doing. Sexual technique rated well above the maximum10. What else can I say? I am horny just recalling the moments. Since I go back to Amsterdam approximately 6 times a year, I am fantasizing about my next experience in that wonderful town. I mean think about it: Amsterdam has the most beautiful prostitutes who fuck at ridiculously low prices, you can go to coffee shops and buy the best weed I've ever had, you can drink the best beers outside of Belgium, and you can stay in one of the loveliest and safest cities in Europe. I am trying to decide why I turned down my company's offer to transfer me to the Netherlands. The Random One
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 07:00:24 Subject: World Sex Guide Trip to Amsterdam I travelled to Amsterdam in the summer of 1997, and I must agree that this is the city that has a lot to offer in terms of commercial sex. On arrival to the airport the immigration clerk asked me the purpose of my visit. -"Holidays", I replied. -"Holidays!", he exclaimed, "Everyone goes on holidays to Amsterdam! When will I have a holiday?" The hidden meaning of his joke became apparent to me later. I did not tried sex-clubs as their prices appeared to be rather high, but I spent a lot of time in the Red Light District. Fortunately, my hotel was situated almost in the hart of the district, but this is nothing to worry about. This is a major tourist area and it is safe. It is true that as you walk through the district you are constantly approaching by dark people that whisper to you: ?Ecstasy? Hash? Cocaine? What do you want?? If you are not interested just ignore them and they live you alone. You can see police in the area, and it seems that their major mission there is to do everything to help tourists enjoy themselves. The atmosphere on the streets is really good. People appear to be relaxed and friendly. People from all over the world walk along the streets choosing girls in the windows, one can hear Dutch, German, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, etc., speech there. Lets get to the business now: Day one. I arrived in Amsterdam in the morning so by the afternoon I was strolling in the Red Light District. Although it is a quite early hour for the action I was impressed with the choice. Nowhere else I saw so many women on display. The thing to remember is that they are grouped in the areas as Whites, Blacks, and Asians. In one area it is only the Dutch girls are grouped. The first one I picked was a blonde, slim Dutch girl with blue eyes. She must have been really young, because she looked as a college student. It easy to recognised her, cause she is the one who poses in the tight top and blue jeans. I knocked on the door and we agreed on the price: 50 NGL for a fuck. We got into a small room decorated with black marble, filled with red-neon light, and mirror by the bed. (Later I learned that this is a standard interior of the rooms in the area.) But the her performance was very very disappointing. She was not friendly, she did not took her top of, she did not acted at all, she demanded me to go on the top, and this was the only allowed position. So when in 10 minutes it was all over I was very disappointed, thinking that if all the girls will behave like that, what is the point of going to Amsterdam? Fortunately, to me the best was to come. I carried on walking through the area and half an hour later I choose another Dutch girl on the very narrow street in the district. The street is literally a yard wide. Later I learned that the best girls work on this particular street. So I picked this tall and slim girl, after catching her eye, and seeing that she is smiling and waived to me inviting me inside. I knocked on the door, and she opened it. At this moment I realised that somebody tries to unzip my jeans and grab my knob. But that was not the girl in front of me. I turn my head and see another tall blonde girl behind me. She says: ?Come in, big boy. Have you ever been with two women? Don?t be shy.? In the same time she plays with my private parts, which was very convincing, so I a walked in. They suggested that one will suck and another will fuck and this will cost me 100 NGL, i.e. 50 NGL to each. Having had the previous experience in the morning, before I paid I asked whether they will take their tops off. I have never been with two women at the same time before, and I find that this a experience that every man has to try at least once in his lifetime. The sex was fantastic. Imagine two pair of hands petting your body, rather than just one. The pleasure doubles. I will newer forget this experience. These twenty minutes were probably the best part of my trip to Amsterdam. The girls were very friendly, and after we had a little chat. It turned out that they were sisters: the older one is 25 and the younger one is 23. They usually work together. I do recommend you to visit them if your going to Red Light District. It will be easy to recognise them as they work together, both are blonde, look young, tall, and slim. Later this day I picked yet another bird. This time it was a Thai girl. She was wearing deep-extra-green swimware that took totally exotic colour under fluorescent light. As it was the third time I had sex this day so I opted for a blow job, and paid 50 NGL. But it was quite lousy. Unlike the Dutch the girl did not spoke any English, so it was a very boring time. By the time I walked out the night felt onto the city of Amsterdam and I realised why the area is called The Red Light District. The area was filled with red lights, that reflected in the water of the canals. During day time it was sometimes hard to see girls behind the reflection of glass, but at night the girls were surrounded by neon and red light, and all of them looked really stunning. You will have a great time just by walking along the canals, window-shopping and appreciating the beauty of this young girls. There is no pressure to enter, and nobody seems to be ashamed or embarrassed. As I said the atmosphere on the street is very relaxed. Besides prostitutes there is plenty of other entertainment available. There are a few bars, restaurants and take-aways. Also there is an erotic theatre, called Casa-Rosso. I do recommend you to visit it. It will cost your 50 NGL, or 75 NGL if you want to drink as well as to watch. The 75 NGL option includes four drinks. Amsterdam is the place where you get exactly what the man at the door promises. No rip-offs no hidden charges. The non-stop show lasts for an hour and it is quite entertaining. Both male and female actors are model type, i.e. young and beautiful, and they give really good performance. The theatre is full of people who do enjoy the show. For the "dominatrix show" and for "the banana trick" volunteers are invited to join the show on stage. If you young in heart than do volunteer, as it is good fun. To my surprise at least 20% of audience were females. Generally speaking there are a lot of female tourists in the area as well. Note, you are not allowed to take pictures anywhere in the Red Light District, and this makes sense. So leave your camera at home. The last place I visited that night was The Erotic Museum. It worth visiting as it is rather entertaining, taking into consideration the entrance price of mere 5 NGL. Tell me of any other city that has an erotic museum open to the public. Day Two. The first girl I picked in the morning was a Hungarian girl. I picked her on the same narrow street of the best prostitutes, called Pett St. The price was 50 NGL for a fuck. She was in her early 30s, very warm and welcoming. We tried sex in various positions. Overall performance 9, looks 7. Later this day I decided to give a try to another less known area of prostitution near Singel. The area looked deserted in comparison with the Red Light District. The streets were virtually empty, a few people were walking and shopping for the prostitutes. I got an idea that the area is only known to locals and there are very few tourists here. Altogether you can find around 30 windows here. I decided to give a try to one really big girl. She said her name was Natasha and that she came from Dutch countryside. Again the sex was a disappointment. She was not enthusiastic at all. Performance deserves not higher mark than 2. Disappointed, I walked back to the Red Light District. I walked along the windows just looking to the girls, and spotted one girl with long black hair and in leather jeans. At this moment I realised that I do not want sex anymore. But the girl was really attractive to miss, so I knocked on the door and asked: " Hi, I do not want sex. Can you give me a massage instead?" She agreed, price is the same 50 NGL for 20 minutes session. The girl was Romanian and she speak good English, though slowly. During the massage session we had a chat and I asked what determines such a constant prices in the district. She told me that girls are independent contractors and they pay hourly fee to the landlord for the room. Therefore the rates are determined by the time the client spends inside the room. The very minimum what a client can pay is 50 NGL for 15-20 minutes and it goes up to 200-300 NGL for an hour. And it is hard to haggle here. Where you can haggle is what service you will get. And here is a wide gap to negotiate. Some girls want extra for taking bra off, some will charge for different positions, all will charge extra or will not allow kissing at all. So the tip is that you should always negotiate all you want to get before you pay the money. You are under no obligation to stay if you knocked on the window. But it is the best for you to know beforehand what service exactly you buy and what a prostitute will and will not do. I asked her how many man she had have sex with. "Thousands", she replied, "It is usually around 10 per shift but could be as high as 20 on a busy night". I asked her how old she was and whether she likes to be a prostitute. She said that she was 19, which looked true and she said that to be a prostitute in Amsterdam is far better than poverty in Romania. Day Three. In the morning I decided to visit my beautiful sisters once again, but found only one of them, and she remembered me. ?My sister did not come to work as she caught cold?, the younger one explained, ?but I can still give a very good time.? I believed her and gave her 100 NGL. And it was a very good fuck indeed! No rush, we tried several positions. The only drawback was that she did not kiss, and I can understand this as kissing is contagious. Overall I would say that the sex safety awareness is very high among Dutch prostitutes. All of them use condoms correctly, and follow all the safety procedures, which is indeed good for both of you. Later this day I visited an Italian girl. She was wearing glasses and I found it incredibly sexy. She has long bleached hair and has nicely shaped breasts. Her price was 50 NGL for BOTH fuck and suck, which is quite unusual as in the peak hour on Saturday night prostitutes demand 50 NGL for fuck OR suck. I would give her 8 for appearance and 8 for performance. I liked the way she said good-bye. She shook my penis, as if it was my hand, and said "Chao, my friend". An interesting adventure happened to me later this night. As I was walking back to my hotel at 2 a.m. I was approached by a Dutch girl and the dialogue went literally like this: -Excuse me, do you speak English? , she asked. -I do. -Hi, My name is Silvia. I 'll be straight with you. Ok, I smoke crack. I need some badly now. The girls in windows charge fifty for ten minutes. I offer fifty for the whole night. Come with me and I promise you a good time. My flat is near-by. -Thank you, but I do not want a woman. I have just had one already. -There is no need to rush... We can have a drink first..., smoke crack together..., watch some videos..., have a shower together... No need to rush. Sounded tempting but nevertheless it sounded a bit dodgy to me so I declined her offer. Did anyone else have a similar experience and wish to tell whether it was a genuine offer of a trick? Day four This was my final day in Amsterdam and by this time I was saturated with sex. Nevertheless I still had some holiday money remaining so what could be the better way to spend them than a young girl? This was a Sunday morning so very few girls were in the windows. I picked blue eyed Dutch girl in very high black stiletto boots, and a real tattoo on her back. Beware, during the sex she won't take the boots off, as she said it is very difficult to put them on again! I got away again with only 50 NGL for both suck and fuck as with the Italian girl. Afterall this was the off-peak time of the Sunday morning. After sex she was generous enough to offer me to share smoking cocaine with her. I have never tried this shit before so I agreed. Knowing that crack is a highly addictive drug I tried a very little sip. While smoking we chatted for a while. -Why do you smoke crack? -Because I takes the pain away. -What pain? -My boyfriend punched me heavily yesterday and my rib hurts. -You are a prostitute, how come you have a boyfriend?! -I do have a boyfriend, and he knows that I am a prostitute. -Why don't you dump him if he beats you? -Because I love him. Women are stupid, you see. -Do customers ever treat you violently? -No. See this big buttons on both side of the bed. This is alarm. One touch and security will come into this room. -What do man usually ask you to do? -Various things. Sometimes really weird stuff. Many like their hands to be bound. See this rope. Some ask me to kick them with my stilettos. It helps me to relive my stress, ha, ha. Some ask to piss on them. One men insisted that I pee into the glass and then he drunk my pee! I think that they are really sick in their heads. ...etc. Time to go. It is time to catch the train to the airport. I have superb holidays. I spend 550 NGL = 300 USD aprox. to have sex with nine women in four days. I reckon this is a superb value for money. This is my story about trip to Amsterdam. One final major tip. When shopping around do not rush. Stay opposite to the window and try to catch a girl?s eye. If she interested, she will let you know and will invite you. You are guaranteed to have a better sex if the woman likes you, or at least does not mind. Personally I cannot enjoy sex with somebody who hates me with every thrust of their soul. Take you time, negotiate. The way a girl negotiates will give you a clue about her character, whether she has a nice personality or whether she is a cold bitch. There was one girl on the main canal who was incredibly attractive and sexy. Her window was well above the pavement and she seat with her legs in high boots spread and she very slowly moved her knees in and out, with her eyes looking at infinity above the pedestrians heads. The face carried no emotion. When somebody ran up the stairs and knocked on the door she briefly replied: "It is one hundred", without even giving a single glance to the customer. I bet, the sex with her will be crap and complete waste of money. Prostitution in Holland is a legal business and there is plenty of competition in the Red Light District, so rules of free market apply. You are the customer and if a girl does not give you a service you want for your money there are plenty of others to choose from and negotiate both service and the price. I believe none other place in the World will give a man such a variety of legal sex services. This is the destination one must visit at least once in their life. Amsterdam has a big international airport and many passengers travel via it. So if you have more than four hours between your flights, do go and visit the city. In around 20 minutes the train from the Shiphol will take you to the Central Station and the Red Light District is just ten minutes walk away from it. This will be the visit you will never forget.
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 09:44:32 +0800 (SGT) Subject: WSG: Amsterdam diary Amsterdam diary --------------- Friday evening -------------- I've finally arrived in Amsterdam and I sit here in my hotel drinking a whiskey reading the WSG. Amsterdam looks like a great place and my expectations are high. I'm pretty picky with girls, but if the WSG is right there should be plenty here to choose from. Well, my whiskey is running low. It's time to head to the Trompetten Steeg (that's where all the reports claim the hot ladies are). Friday night ------------ Wow! I'm back after a very memorable evening. I took the tram (Amsterdam has an excellent tram system) to the Central Station. Looking out (SE) from the Central station you can see Oude Kerk and I started walking in that direction. After five or ten minutes I hit the sex district. A little walking there soon led me me to the narrow alleys around Trompetten Steeg. It has to be seen to be belived. On some of those narrow alleys (less than 1 meter) just about all the girls I saw were 7-9, with the occasional 10 (and 6). This was despite the fact that it was very busy and about 2/3 of the windows had their curtains drawn and the girls presumable busy. I just couldn't make up my mind. In just about any other city in the world any of them would have been an instant choice. I walked around in wider circles (and almost lost my sense of directions). The selection got less attractive as you got further away from the central streets. Walking around I happened to walk by Casa Rossa, the sex cabaret, and I decided to check it out. I paid 75 NLG (about $35) to get in and get four drinks. A couple on stage just finished sex as I got in. The next act was a dominatrix that got a guy from the audience to participate. The show itself wasn't that spectacular (I've seen better in e.g. Paris and Bangkok), but it was done with a good sense of humour. And the audience consisting of half drunk Brits were happy to participate. The next act was a male stripper; I don't care for that, but the ladies in the audience (about one third were women) seemed to like it. The guy was muscular, but not any better equipped than I. The next act was a blonde and a black guy in a Batman suit. (The black guy definitely dispelled the myth that all black men are well equipped; had had a pencil dick.) Now the amazing thing started: Batman looked around for some audience participation. He picked the British woman sitting with her husband next to me. She was about 35 and rather plump. I'm 99% sure they were regular customers, I heard them talking a little and I saw them in the street later. When the woman from the audience got on stage the blonde told her to do the same movements as her. The plump woman was very reluctant at first, but participated, without undressing though. The blonde sucked Batman's dick for a while and then persuaded the plump one to take off her skirt. She had no panties, only pantyhose! The blonde continued to suck Batman, and the plump woman followed it closely. It looked like if she'd let the cock out of her mouth the plump one would have taken over. And sure enough, after a while the blonde let go and plump one grabbed the cock and devoured it. I looked at her husband and he looked less than amused. I think it was real, but then you can never know. After the show I started window shopping again. Now 75-80% of the curtains were drawn. (I definitely have to go back when there is less of a crowd.) After long deliberation I decided on a cute short-haired blonde. But when I got to the spot where she was just minutes before she was gone. After more looking (which is great fun in and of itself) I decided on Monique. Monique is from Suriname, she dark skinned (of course, being from Suriname) and has a very nice figure with natural D cups. I'm a definite boob man and it took me a while to find someone fulfilling all criteria :-) The Casa Rossa show had really set my mind on a blow job so I got only that. The price was 50 NLG. She gave me a competent blow job. I didn't last very long, but that wasn't really her fault. Monique: looks:7, body:9, skill:5. After the sex I walked out of the sex district and got a Big Mac. After that I found that the last tram had already left so I decided to look a little at the girls again. After oogling them a while I felt horny again, but I decided I could really do another girls justice. Besides, my selected blonde was still unavailable. Walking around I spotted some nice looking oriental girls. One of them was a truly incredibly beautiful Thai girl. I love those delicate looking, but strong and agile, brown, silk smooth bodies. They remind me of my trips to Thailand. I will definitely have to sample some tight Thai pussy again before I leave here. I feel like doing it now, but I guess 2:30 is a little late to go back. After the oogling I tried to grab a cab back, but they were all busy so in the end I walked back. Time to sleep to prepare for tomorrows adventures. Saturday night -------------- Today I had less time for the girls. I had (an excellent) dinner with some friends and after that I headed over for the red light district. The place was at least as busy as on Friday evening. Most curtains were drawn, there was a long line outside Casa Rosso, and lots of people about. I looked around for a while. The busty short-haired blonde that caught my eye yesterday was not to be seen. After walking around for a while a beautiful and busty girl caught my eye. She seemed rather taken with her own beauty since every time I walked by her door she was staring into a mirror combing her hair. Her name was Valerie and she was from Venezuela. I decided on a straigth fuck (50 NLG as expected). She did not take her top off for just a fuck, but that was OK since she let her tits out for me to fondle. She had quite a tight little cunt and made the right noises as we fucked. For 50 guilders it was very adequate. Valerie: looks:9, body:8, skill:7 As I got out from Valerie and started walking home "my" short haired blonde had reappeared. Oh, well. There will be other days. Sunday afternoon ---------------- After some rain the weather was really nice and I strolled through the city. Amsterdam is definitely a place I could live. I decided to check out the girls again to see if there was any action a Sunday afternoon. Sure enough, there were a few girls there, but mostly tourists. It is very weird seeing Japanese tourists in business suits, with their wifes carrying parasolls, couples pushing strollers and all of them looking at the girls in the windows. Somehow it's more like Disneyland than prostitution. I like it! Anyway, out of the slim selection I finally choose a German girl named Betty (I think), this time I got half-and-half and paid 100 NLG. She had a wonderfully smooth body with big natural tits to fondle. Her looks were not that great, but pleasent enough. Betty: looks:6, body:9, skill:6. Monday night ------------ After dinner with some friends it was pretty late, but I decided to make a quick visit to the red light district anyway. First I had thought of something different for Monday, like a club, but the girls behind the windows have a strange appeal to me. I just made a quick look around and I spotted that "my" short haired blonde was available. Her name was Erds (sp?) from Hungary. She was almost reluctant to let me in, and the attitude continued. I decided to settle for just a fuck with that attitude. It was pretty unexciting even if she was very pretty and busty. Erds: looks:9, body:8, skill:4. Tuesday night ------------- It's late and I'm tired after a late dinner with friends. No girls tonight. Wednesday night --------------- I found a Thai girl named Lin. She was unusually busty for a Thai and with a very dark and smooth skin. Yum! I opted for a suck and a fuck (100 NLG as usual). Lin sucked with much more fervor than Thai girls usually do, maybe being in Europe had taught her a few things. Her sucking got me really turned on and I proceeded to fuck her doggy style. She had that silk smooth skin that I love to caress. It also felt good to juggle her big tits. And then that tight Thai pussy; it's hard to beat. Lin: looks:8, body:8, skill:8 General info ------------ The girls all sit lightly clad (bikini, lingerie etc.) behind a glass door. Sometimes the door is open sometimes not. If you want someones service you just walk up, open the door (unless she does) and get in. You may want to enquire the price first, but it's generally the same (suck 50NLG, fuck 50 NLG, suck+fuck 100 NLG). When you get in she will draw some curtains across the window. Sometimes she will lead you up or down some stairs to a room, but as often the room is just inside the door. If it bothers you having people walking by just a few meters away (on the other side of a window and curtain) while you fuck then you should stay away. It doesn't bother me, I usually have other things on my mind :-) The first thing you do is to agree on what you want and then you pay. You will then both undress and sometimes she want's you to wash your dick. You lie down and she will slip on a condom and proceed with whatever you decided. Most of the time the girls undressed completely and didn't mind having their breasts fondled during the act. You are expected to finish quickly, then wash off, get dresssed and be out of there again. All in the span of about 15 minutes. If you want more than this you'll have to pay more. Amsterdam is definitely the best place I've ever been to for street/window prostitution. I usually don't like that much, but here it was a pure delight. And the selection is just amazing. You can find Europeans, Africans, Asians, blondes, brunettes, redheads, black hair, skinny ones, fat ones, flat chests, incredbly big busts (I didn't try any of the really big ones), gorgeous bodies, ugly bodies (but you have to look hard to find those), ... In short, everything you can imagine. I can't wait to go back and I strongly recommend visiting.

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