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Amsterdam Clubs

Check out the mens' club Yab Yum (just ask the cab driver where it is) --
for my money, the best whore house in Amsterdam, and I've been to dozens
of them. Forget the red light district. For $250/hr. you will get
Penthouse-quality women in a beautiful townhouse setting.

Subject: JB Club in Amsterdam Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 00:06:59 UTC I took your recommendation and visited the JB Club in Amsterdam last Thursday night and absolutely agree with your comments that it was the highlight of my trip. I got there about 8pm and there were already 16 women to choose from, all nationalities and body types. I selected Katie, a buxom 25-year old blonde from the Dutch countryside, and was very satisfied with my selection. She was very friendly, talented, and beautiful and really went out of her way to make me feel welcome, as did the proprietors of the establishment. The upstairs rooms were very comfortable and well furnished. They are starting to get a sense that a lot of their business is coming from your mention and told me that there are perhaps 25 people a week coming in saying "they read about the place on the Internet." I gave them a text copy of your review. I am definitely returning here again on my next trip. This is the best place I've been to on several continents. Lizardrex
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 23:46:53 UTC I have visited the Society Anonyme in Amsterdam twice in the last year. It was terrific both times. Lovely friendly girls, easy atmosphere, hotel pickup, lots of women, someone for every taste. Had two great fun evenings there in April and November of 1995. Not the cheapest but lots better than some of the more expensive places like the Top Cat which was a ripoff for the money. If you go call and get directions or they will pick you up. Its right near the casino in a good neighborhood close to the center. No pressure; there were some guys there just out for drinks and talk.
Subject: amsterdam clubs Date: Sun, 3 Mar 1996 15:02:50 UTC After having the opportunity to visit Amsterdam a few times in the last month, I decided to add my own bit to the information here. These trips were in November 1995 and January 1996. First off, let me write that apart from the known and wonderful vices of this Dutch city, it is truly a great town with very warm and open people. On to the good stuff. Using this site as a guide as well as the local papers I sampled several places: JB Club (Buitenwieringenstraat 3, 622-2785): Having read much on this place I just had to go. The price was very competitive (150G), the management friendly, and the place acceptable. My only complaint was the quality of choice. Mostly older Eastern European girls and really not to my liking. However, there was one acceptable Rumanian girl who was quite charming and gave me more than an hour's worth. This is not a bad place and I only went once, so it is worth a try. Chatterly (Zieseniskade 18, 623-0133): Another place prominently listed in the local guide. It is well appointed, as such places go, more expensive (325G I recall, but no cover when I was there), but again the quality of the girls was not to my liking. I left without sampling. Societe Anonyme (Stadhouderskade 64, 6624952): Now this place I liked. I have been several times and each time at least 2-3 of the girls were young and beautiful and no bullshit. The managers (two ladies) are very nice, the place is smaller than most, upstairs from the street, dark, with a small bar, two nice rooms with more in a nearby building (all with tub), off from the center of the city, and a good price (250G). I always felt very comfortable there and the variety of girls is good. I have seen most nationalities and types in my visits there. As with all of these places, the price gets you an hour and a drink. I have never experienced any pressure there to move on and they always drove me back to my hotel. Princess (in the paper): I believe this is a new place and I only went once because upon a return trip it was closed. I suspect it may still be open. It is also out from the center of the city (I like to walk), a contemporary atmosphere like Chatterly, and many more rooms than the other places, but not quite as comfortable (all with tub). There were at least 10 girls there, several very sexy, young, and certainly well within in my scale of acceptability. The cost is high (325-375G) for the usual hour. The girl I chose was quite nice and I would like to have stayed longer but I had a budget. I recommend it though I only went once. Yab Yum (Singel 295, 624-9503): Wow, heard so much about this place; alas I did not go but I talked with many of the girls about this place. They are of course biased so take it as you wish. The cost alone is prohibitive (100G cover, 500G for an hour, I called about this). I would have tried it however all the girls I talked with (a few had worked there) were very dissmissive of it, for example: "it caters mainly to tourists and tries to milk you," "the girls see very little of that money," "the management sux," "no, the girls are not better looking than elsewhere." That said, it of course could be Nirvana given the cost. My final comments are thus. Any review of these places is subject to significant change I found. Girls travel around from place to place so quality could change by the day. Cost however does not change over night. And if you want choices of a good quality expect to pay 200G or more. When entering these places don't fear. Many guys lurk in the shadows and are very reluctant to engage the girls in conversation. Relax, this place is a business for you and most of the girls I encountered were cool. I tip when I can cause this work is obviously tough, so show respect. Warnings or danger? I found none when I was there, but be aware that these places are basically run by wise guys. More respect. Finally, to really get your money's worth if you are in Amsterdam for a few days, find a girl to which you are attracted and can talk with and go back. If she feels comfortable with you, you can get far more for your money than the one time visit.
Subject: World sex guide contribution :AMSTERDAM Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 11:33:39 UTC Some contribution about the J&B club located in AMSTERDAM I have read some good comments about the J&B club in the Amsterdam reports. I would like to give you my personal impression of this club because I was getting used to going there each time I had to travel to Amsterdam (the last time was at the beginning of March 1996). 1) Time are changing: it was really a good place when girls from the Eastern country were allowed to work in clubs, actually it is no more the case ! 2) There are always more people going to this club, thanks to Internet, and now you will find much more men than girls, sometimes you meet only men because the girls are all booked, it is not exactly what you are looking for ! 3) Girls working there are not more so beautiful as it used to be. I founded more beautiful girls in clubs like Satellite, Golden Key, etc. Tips: If you like to find a nice girl for one evening and if you are a relative good looking man (you do not need to be like Marlo Brando or Mel Gibson) the best way is first sleeping with the window-girl of your choice. If it is what you are looking for, I mean if you have a good feeling with her, try to invite her outside her work schedule. Oft she will be glad to have a dinner with somebody considering her like a girl and not a prostitute and once in your hotel I can assure you, you will have fun together because you had time to know each other. Have fun !
Subject: Recent trip Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 15:58:37 UTC Atta if you can use this, here is information from my trip in March 1996. I recently visited JB Club in Amsterdam. There is a new law requiring all girls to be legal resident of the Netherlands to work as prostitutes. The result has been a substantial reduction in both the number and quality of girls at JB's and those working the "Windows". I also visited "Yab Yum" club. Very slick and the girls were 8's and 9's. The cost was 150g to get in, 500g per hour for the girls and drinks for her are extra. As far as I was concerned it was a pretty con job. Yes you get sex but they have add ons like food and extra time. I got out for about 1400g. I can afford it but I can't relax because you end up just watching your wallet. Frankly not worth the effort.
Subject: Update Date: 7 June 1996 Visited the JB Club on a Thursday night at 10:30 pm. 6-7 girls, 2 from Brazil and the rest from Holland, not bad but not spectacular. Prices still 100 Gulden per half hour, 150 per hour, 2 drinks included. The JB Club recently received the "Erotikeur", the new stamp of approval issued by the organization of entrpreneurs in prostitution. The Erotikeur requires a certain standard of hygiene, safety, clear agreement about what the customer gets for his money, no involvement in child prostitution or involuntary prostitution as well as acceptable working conditions for the women. The Club 118 (020-6723022) at Sarphatiepark 118 at the South end of the Sarphatipark advertises with "always 17 girls present". When I arrived on a Friday night at 9:45 pm, I was first instructed by the manager (125 Gulden per hour, or 150 with bubble bath, all drinks included), then the girls introduced theselves one after another, which was a little awkward - no relaxed bar atmosphere. They told me that it was very busy that night. In any case, I only got to see 3 women. They were ok, but I didn't bite. Here are a couple of addresses that still need testing: Paradise, Schaafstraat 26, 1021 KE Amsterdam N(6), 020-6373416, week daily from 8pm for couples and singles, saturdays couples only from 8pm, Sunday from 2pm. Apollo, Apollolaan 76, Amsterdam, 020-6766176, info line: 06-88982222, open 4pm-3am daily. Lady Privé, Middenweg 89a, 020-6925207. Privé Amsterdam, Overtoom 443, 020-6188677. Chiang Mai, Thai massage, Barndesteeg 9, 020-6237870, open 11am-12pm. Atta
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 1997 16:33:27 -0500 (EST) Subject: Stay away from JBs I visited J.B.'s on March 1st in Amsterdam. It was very disappointing. The selection of women was quite poor. I would recommend somewhere else.
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 20:10:01 -0600 Subject: WSG Visited the JB Club twice in the past year. It is very much as described in other messages in WSG and I consider it a much better value than the red light district. On my first visit, I went with a young blong girl named Katie who had some of the most incredible tits I have ever played with. She jumped into bed and immediately started in on one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. We did a little 69 action and I then I got inside her. Lots of fun, too bad I was too jet-lagged to do it twice. The second time was less enjoyable but still nice. The selection of ladies was definitely inferior on this visit, I would up with two of the ladies and both were over 30 (probably closer to 40). Not great fucks but adequate. Prices both times were 100 guilders for 1/2 hour and 150 for 1 hour. Arrangements are flexible, when I did two girls I got them both for the first 30 minutes and kept the second one for the full hour. Bottom line, if you can't get laid in Amsterdam you can't get laid.
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 22:32:10 -0500 (EST) Subject: J.B.s is a disappointment I visited J.B.'s on March 1st, 1997. The quality of women available was quite poor. It is bad when the two managers of the club are better looking than the women. Don't waste your time there. You are better off going to the Red Light District. If you pick a Latin girl or and Eastern European girl, you will be better off. Don't pick the Dutch hookers. They may be beautiful, but totally unfriendly to their customers.
Amsterdam - 1/97 Back to civilization. I headed immediately to the Jan Bik club - it's about 3 blocks for the Central Station. No cover, DFL150 per hour for full service. I spent two hours with a dynamite 20 year old, 6ft tall Blonde named Chantal. This was a good as it gets, except she doesn't kiss. I went back the next night looking for her, but she wasn't working - no matter, as the there were other women just a pretty. This is worth a special trip all by itself. I did the red light district for old time's sake - I headed directly to Trompetten Steeg - the only worthwhile part of the district - and found a beautiful 30ish German blonde named Anna for DFL100 for the half hour. Just for variety, I went to Anonyme Society near the Heineken Brewery. They want DFL275 for an hour with bitchy, aloof, average-looking 30ish babes. I passed - and was charged DFL20 for my beer. Fuck that. Between Jan Bik and Yab Yum, you have the world's high temples of gash for cash - tho you can visit Jan Bik 6 times for the price of a session at Yab Yum. If there's a better place, I want to know about it.
Subject: Yam Yab Club in Amsterdam Date: Wed, 25 Jun 1997 01:21:15 -0500 I went to the Yab Yam club on recommendation of WSG. It was a ripoff. The club was extreamly nice. Six of the 12 women were between 8.5-9.5. The cover charge was 140 Gilders and included all drinks until you get to the room. I picked out beautiful 23yr.old from Amsterdam, paid 500 Gilders and went to the room. When I started to take off my clothes she said "not so fast, lets get to know each other first" and then disappeared to the bathroom for 5 minutes. When she came back to the room she lit a cigarette and sat beside me on the couch smoking one cigarette after another. The first thing she did was to try and convince me to buy a bottle of champaign. The cheapest was 360 and most expensive was 600. It really turned me off to have her push as hard as she did. She finally stopped after I told her I would rather tip her than buy a bottle of champaign. After four cigarettes and 20 minutes she suggested we get in the tub and take a bath. After we got in the tub she insisted on rubbing my back and continued to smoke. After 15 minutes I suggested we get out of the tub and in the bed. We got out and she wanted to smoke another cigarette. We got in bed and she started giving me a blow job. I wanted a little foreplay, especially after paying as much as I did. After spending a total of 20 minutes in bed,I was within 30 seconds of cuming and the phone rang. She answered and said her time was up. I tried to convince her to finish me off and she said I would have to stay another 30 minutes for 350. Needless to say, I left and went to the red light district where I found a few 9's and had a great time. My experience with the Yab Yam Club is that it is the biggest ripoff in Amsterdam.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ - information on Amsterdam Date: 15 Jul 1997 02:56:43 GMT I was in Amsterdam about six months ago and here is the scene as I saw it: First of all, the Dutch have an amazingly cool attitude about personal freedom/sexuality issues. They don't have the weird hang-ups that our puritan-based society has here in the states. This means you don't have to be nervous about asking cab drivers etc. about where to find some good sex. The Red Light District: It is fun, with the prostitutes behind glass, but I didn't try them. From what I hear it tends to be rushed and anonymous. The sex shows there are interesting for their novelty but not exactly sexy with crowds of drunk businessmen. As I was there with my wife I did not try any of the strip clubs. Brothels: This is, in my opinion, the best part of amsterdam. There are tons of them, and they tend to be safer (STD checks regularly) and less anonymous. Unfortunately I only had time to try one. I had a couple of names from the WSG, but I basically piled into a cab and asked the driver for a recommendation. He told me about a number of places and we settled on the Golden Key which he claimed was very clean and had attractive women. (Maybe he gets a kickback from them, I don't know.) You pay up front before the bouncer lets you in to see the women. The Golden Key had a small bar/lounge area with free drinks. I was disappointed at first. There were about six girls, none of them very attractive. There wasn't much talking, just a lot of looking around with the more aggressive women trying to catch your eye. Perhaps on the weekends or later at night the atmosphere is more relaxed, I couldn't say. I waited about an hour until a new woman came in. She wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but she was fairly pretty and had a great body. She was enough better looking than the others that I chose her. We went up to a nice room and got to it immediately. She gave head so well that I came without meaning to. We then finished with sex (she charged me extra for the secod climax.) To sum up, I had a good time, but I think with a little more research I could have found a better place and had a GREAT time. Anyone else have any Amsterdam stories to recount?
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 21:56:10 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Amsterdam Report -- May, 1997 Dear Atta, First of all, I want to commend you on your website. It is a shining beacon among the sludge that pollutes the vast Internet ocean. Okay, now that I've gotten the poetry out of my system, on to the business at hand: A summary of my Amsterdam sex club experiences in May, 1997. The four clubs I hit ran the gamut from awful to awesome, and that's the order in which I'll discuss them. I use a 0 to 5 stars (*****) rating system. 1) Society Anonyme (Rating = Zero Stars) This place was a disaster. Stay away guys! I took a seat at the bar and immediately got cornered by a chubby Hispanic chick named Carmen. She was friendly, and I considered her, but when it came right down to it those thighs of hers were just a bit too big. Other than Carmen, there were about seven other girls in the room, and most of them were skanks. There was one broad who had to be at least 50 years old! Another chick looked like actress Ellen Barken if Ellen's face had gone through a car windshield. The women were split up into little groups looking very content to talk among themselves. They didn't appear to give a shit about me or the other two potential paying customers in the room. They were having a great time, talking and laughing. But it was all in Dutch which I don't speak, so I wasn't in the joke. I was feeling ignored and pissed off. Fighting through my descending gloom, I noticed that a tall blonde girl standing off to the side wasn't too bad looking. She was wearing a black cocktail dress that highlighted her thin body. I walked over and struck up a conversation. Her name was Desiree, an Amsterdam native. I was giving her my best rap, but getting very little back in return. She's responding, but not initiating anything. No 'Where are you from'?, 'How do you like Amsterdam'?, 'How long will you be in town'? NOTHING! What a stuck up bitch! I should have walked out, but at that point I was thinking with the wrong head. An inner voice was saying 'What the hell, you're here. FUCK HER!' I paid my money -- 300 guilders -- and we entered the big room right next to the bar. Its got a huge bed and bathtub. But I'm feeling weird. I'm not enjoying any of this. I haven't connected to Desiree at all. There's zero chemistry between us. And things immediately went from bad to worse. When she took off her clothes, I saw that her breasts were a big disappointment. Her dress did a great job covering up what turned out to be skinny little hot-dogs! We get on the bed and start groping each other, but I'm not into this. We start doing it, but there's no spark. I go through the motions. I'm on automatic pilot. When I finished up I hurriedly put my clothes on and got the hell out of there. Three hundred guilders down the drain! Summary: Gentlemen, keep your guilders and your pee pee in your pants when you're in the neighborhood of Society Anonyme. Both the atmosphere and the girls are terrible. Do yourself a favor and stay the fuck away! 2) JB Club (Rating = ***) A very friendly and attractive woman greeted me at the door. This was Evelyn, the manager, and she gave me the rundown as we walked upstairs to the bar. She said there were 12 girls working that particular evening, and the price for an hour was 175 dfl. with a bath, 150 without. Certainly the price was right. She said 'Have a drink, make yourself comfortable, relax, and if you would like to spend some time with any of the girls, just let me know and I'll introduce you. I hope you have a wonderful evening!' Cool. When I got upstairs I was immediately disappointed. The quality of most of the girls was decidedly sub par. A few were really getting on in years. One young one had a bad case of acne! Nevertheless, I took a seat at the bar, paid 5 guilders for a tonic water, and thought about how I might make a graceful exit. I started to pay more and more attention to a girl who was sitting on one of the sofas reading a magazine. Her pale, cute face was set off nicely by her medium-length auburn-colored hair. Her brown lipstick gave her an older look, but I could tell she was fairly young. A black low-cut top highlighted her breasts nicely. I couldn't get a sense of the rest of her body because she was wearing an ankle-length skirt and long boots. When she stood up to go to the WC, I saw that she had a nice thin waist. I figured there had to be a tight little ass somewhere under that skirt. A hundred and seventy-five guilders for this chick? Definitely! Evelyn introduced me to Melanie. Her age was purported to be 19, but she certainly could have been a couple of years younger. Later on Melanie told me that her mother was only 33 years old. She had Melanie when she was 14? It's certainly possible, but still . . . Melanie and I took a seat and got comfortable. She didn't speak English very well, but at least she was attentive and friendly. After about 15 minutes, Evelyn came over and asked if we'd like to get a room because one had just become available. Sure! Upstairs we went. Melanie got out of her clothes and it turned out that she had a GREAT body. Medium size breasts. Natural, but firm. An extremely tight ass. Slipping on a rubber with her mouth, Melanie gave me expert head for about 10 minutes, frequently looking up at me the way porn actresses do. A real turn on! Melanie was somewhat impassive once we got to the main event, but at least she was open to a lot of different positions. It was great jumping into a warm bubble bath after we finished. We relaxed and talked about rock music. We had a few favorite bands in common. I started singing the chorus from 'Wild Horses' by the Stones, and Melanie joined right in. She actually had a great voice and was singing really loud. She was obviously in a good post-coital mood. We sang a couple more songs together in the bath tub. I had FUN! Summary: The JB Club is definitely the place to go if you're on a budget. You can't beat the price. The quality of girls is far from great, but if my experience is any indication, get there early (around 9:00) and you might find a gem like Melanie. The atmosphere is friendly, and Evelyn made me feel right at home. Definitely worth a try. 3) Club Elegance (Rating = ****) I'm not sure why haven't seen this club discussed on this site, because I think it is truly one of the best. It's located in a beautifully furnished townhouse that sits along quiet Nicolaas Witsenkade. I was greeted by the doorman who gave me the details. He told me that the girls wouldn't approach me. If I was interested in any, I could either introduce myself to them directly or ask the bartender or manager to make the introduction. I went upstairs, got a beer at the bar, and took a look around. There were ten to twelve girls on duty. A number of them were talking with a group of poorly dressed Korean guys in the livingroom. Four girls were at the bar -- three whites and one black. Two of the white girls were okay-looking, not quite my taste. The other one was very attractive with a gorgeous face and waist-length hair. The black chick was a total knockout! The manager -- an older woman -- came over, welcomed me, and gave me the rundown once again. Not wasting any time, I told her I wished to speak with the beautiful black girl in the white dress. Her name was Shannon, and she was absolutely stunning. Nice and thin with very shapely legs. Her breasts were not big, but even with the dress she had on I could tell they were 'happy.' She told me she was 25 years old, originally from the Dutch Antilles. Shannon and I repaired to the livingroom, and I ordered a half-bottle of Moet Champaign. Shannon loved to talk. She talked about everything. When she asked me a question, she would let me get out about ten words before interrupting. Then she commented that I was very quiet! Shannon mentioned that Room #5 was her favorite. I asked her if it was available. She checked with the manager and said yes. They must have fucked over the Koreans, I thought. Put them in the less opulent rooms. I had another half-bottle of Moet sent up to the room and paid the manager for two hours. The room was big and exquisitely furnished like the rest of the place. There was a mirror on the ceiling above the king-size bed. Nice touch! Shannon took off her dress and sat seductively on the edge of the bed in her bra and panties. I had the feeling that Shannon would talk during my entire two hours if I let her, so I stripped and joined her on the bed. I told that although we had plenty of time, I wanted to get to it. She took off the rest of her clothes, crawled on top of me, and asked if I would like to begin with a blow job. An excellent recommendation! She put a rubber on with her mouth and began to go to work. At last, she finally stopped talking! Shannon was really built. She looked like a cross between model Naomi Campbell and porn actress Heather Hunter. She had beautiful almond-shaped eyes that gave her an exotic look. You could crack walnuts on that gorgeous ass of hers. After about twenty minutes of wonderful head, she asked if I wanted it harder. I told her no, I wanted her to get on top and ride. She lubed up and slid on. GOD!!! Over the next hour we did it in just about every position the two of us knew. We took a little break to drink some Moet. Shannon climbed back on top for another 10-15 minutes. We reversed positions and I really started pouring the coal to it. Faster and faster, building and building, until finally: 4th of July fireworks!!! Christ, was that intense! Shannon was a little fuck machine. I collapsed next to her. We laid around for about 10 minutes. The phone rang which signaled that my two hours were up and it was time to go. We showered, dressed, and went back downstairs. I got a beer, hung around for a few more minutes, and said good-bye to lovely Shannon. The manager told me that their chauffeur would bring me back to my hotel. Very cool. Summary: There's a lot to like about Club Elegance: Some extremely attractive women, a friendly atmosphere, a chauffeur to pick you up and take you back to your hotel, and the price for all this was not unreasonable. I can't remember the hourly rate, but it was closer to the JB Club than Yab Yum. I certainly recommend it. 4) Yab Yum (Rating = *****) Okay guys, let me deal with the cost issue right off. Yes, Yab Yum costs a small fortune to partake: 150 guilders cover charge, an hourly rate of 500 dfl., and bottles of champaign that begin at 500 dfl. If you can't swing this, forget Yab Yum and head over to the red light district where you can make your guilders stretch. If you CAN get past the prices, take note: Yab Yum will prove to be an extremely pleasurable experience that you will remember well into your old age when you're pecker has shriveled up like a raisin. Every man should visit Yab Yum at least once in his lifetime. Period. Like Club Elegance, Yab Yum is located in a beautiful townhouse. I was amazed as soon as I walked inside. It's even more elegant than Elegance! I paid my 150 guilders to a woman at a counter up front. I walked into the main room and was completely blown away. There were more than twenty extremely attractive women in this room. An unbelievable sight! Some were seated along the big oval bar. Others were seated along the edge of the room. A DJ, perched up above in the balcony, was pumping out house music. I was directed to a seat at the bar by a very friendly bartender named Robert. Robert looked like Captain Piccard from Star Trek. He came around to my side of the bar, sat down next to me, and informed me that there were twenty-five girls working tonight. If I wished to speak to any of them, he would be happy to introduce me. The only other potential customer in the room was a guy sitting a couple of chairs to my right. A fellow American. He leaned over and said 'I think we're kind of early.' It was about 10:00. 'I don't think being early in this place is a disadvantage,' I replied. After twenty minutes or so of looking around this wild scene and drinking my Chivas Regal (personal drinks are free), Robert came over and asked if I was interested in meeting any of the girls. 'Yes, Robert, I'd like to talk with the girl who was just dancing.' I pointed her out. 'An excellent choice!' Robert exclaimed. He brought her over and sat her down next to me. 'I'd like to introduce you to Angie!' There were mainly blondes in the room; a few were total knockouts. They were the obvious choices. But Angie was the one who caught my eye. I was watching her dance and she seemed to have a real spark. Don't get me wrong, she was certainly no slouch in the looks department. In fact, she reminded me of actress Andie MacDowell, when Andie was younger and really good looking. Angie had the same kind of hair, only with some tight streaks of blonde mixed in. She had a wonderful voice that was very husky and sexy with a light Dutch accent. She also had a marvelous laugh. We immediately hit it off. This was going to rule! I ordered a bottle of champaign. Talking, laughing, drinking. Angie said 'Let's get a room, we'll have the bottle sent upstairs.' I opted for two hours. The room, as I expected, was over-the-top: King-sized bed, leather love seat, and jacuzzi. Luxuriously furnished. The house music was pumped in. Angie had tremendous energy; she never stopped moving and dancing. We got naked and hopped into the jacuzzi. Angie had a fantastic, well-tanned body. She was no waif. Lots of curves on this girl. Then it was time for bed. This chick was the hottest: Hair, tan body, and personality. The complete package! I knew she was going to be an incredible fuck, and I wasn't disappointed. We did numerous positions, building up a big head of steam. We took a little break to drink some champaign and then went back to it at a frenetic pace. I exploded with a few minutes to spare on my second hour. Angie went right to the top of my 'all-time great lays' list. We leisurely showered together and got dressed. Downstairs, I sipped another Chivas as Angie and I continued to converse at the bar. Unfortunately, it was time for her to say good-bye. I told her I had a lot of fun, and that I'd never forget her. I don't think I will. She kissed me three times on the cheeks -- the Dutch way -- and took off. Robert called a taxi for me, and I was back at my hotel before I knew it with a big smile on my face. Summary: As I said up top guys, if you're going to cry about the cost of the Yab Yum experience, then stay away. If you want some memories that will last a lifetime, then Yab Yum is the place. It is as they claim, 'The gateway to the good life.' If there's a better club on this planet, I'd like to know about it. I'm sure you've figured out by now that Yab Yum gets my highest recommendation. Enjoy!
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 23:47:55 +0200 Subject: Vienna In July 1997 I visit de Vienna Club in Amsterdam. Rijnstraat 224. You come into the club but there is no bar, but a lot of rooms with a shower and a bed. You were invited to go to one rome and then the girls are coming in to introduce themselves. There were 5 girls. I made my choice and a minute later my choice came in with a drink. She gave me a menuecard about the possibilities. A normal massage was possible but fucking was also a possibility. I choose for a body to body massage then french massage and afterall a good fuck. The time I spend there was 45 minutes and the price FL.260. The girl was very beautiful and very friendly. I almost fell in love. A good club.
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 15:47:36 -0700 Also recommended club: Amsterdam, Rozenstraat 152
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 16:43:08 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Sex on my European Vacation The last night in Amsterdam I went to the Jan Blick Club at Buitenwieringerstraat 3-5 and it was about 6 or 7 pm. I chose Roseanna, a Brazilian girl who was a 9 maybe a little less and she was in her late 20's. I was charged 150 guilders for my choice and we went to her room. There she asked me if I liked it better to have a blow job with condom or without and I said without but I was worried about disease so use it. Then she asked if I liked to kiss and I said yes. She said it would be extra cost for a sucking without a condom and kissing, I asked how much and she said 100 guilders. I had just that left over and decided to spend it all, so I chose the sucking without condom, kissing and a fuck with condom for the 250 guilders. She said we had an hour, but it really went for 1 1/2 hours total. We stripped and showered together in the room in a tub with a hand held shower, massaging each other while soaping and showering. That was nice. Then we talked and caressed each other, kissed some and she sucked me for about 10 minutes without a condom. Then she put a condom on and sucked me for about a minute and said "see, isn't it better without" and I said yes, so she took it off and sucked me another 10 minutes, then put on a fresh condom and climbed on top of my hard cock. We fucked in that position for about 10 minutes and then I lost the erection. She washed me off and sucked me another 10 minutes and I ate her pussy in a 69 position. She got off on that and heaved in a very good orgasm, and I was hard again so she put on a new condom and climbed on top again, only with her back to me. She leaned forward while I fucked her that way giving me a nice view and it felt really good, but after 10 minutes, I lost the erection again. I figured she'd tell me my time was up and I asked about it but she said don't worry, you have to come first. Of course, she had asked me if I had a hotel and could she come to my room when she got done at midnight and I said yes. So figuring she liked the orgasm I gave her, she was going to keep me until I came. She sucked me some more until I was hard and we fucked doggy style and then missionary and then doggy again until I came - it was about 15 minutes. She asked for the extra 100 guilders which I paid gladly and then siad when she came to my hotel I wouldn't have to pay the first 150, only the 100 guilders. I said I didn't have any more guilders left and we discussed using a ATM machine, but I said no I really didn't ahve the money. Needless to say she didn't come to the hotel and in hindsight I wish I'd have gone to the ATM and got another 100 for her to come to the hotel room with me. Ah, well, next time!
Subject: hollan Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 10:05:14 PDT Amsterdam In Amsterdam I visited a private house called Park 118. The address is sarphatipark 118. This is a part of the ceintuurbaan near the sarphati park. I could choose from several girls. they were not super but on a scale from 1 to 10 they were about 6 and 7. I choose a girl which came in just at the moment that I was there. We went upstairs and I paid NLG 130 for one our (normal is NLG 125, so i tipped NLG 5, I am very generous) We undressed and we drank something whatched a video and she started massaging me a playing with my horny dick. After A while she started sucking (with condom) and she allowed me to kiss and lick her. Her cunt did not smell very clean so I only played a little bit with my fingers. After a while I had a good orgasm in here mouth. She removed the condom and we watched the video. Then she did her best to give me a hard on again. She succeeded in that and she offered me to do it doggy style. We did that and I came again. We cuddled a little bit and the hour was over. This was not my best expierence but still it was good for NLG 130. If you want to go there they have an add every day in De Telegraaf, the biggest paper in Holland.
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 15:56:30 -0700 Subject: Amsterdam Visited the Society Anonyme while in Amsterdam and I can highly recommend it. I called the telephone number and wqs connected to someone who spoke English. They had a limo come to my hotel to pick me up [and after my visit drop me off at the hotel] and delivered me at no cost to the club. At the club I was offered a drink and nice conversation at no charge while I talked to the girls, all of whom where quite lively. While they may not be the youngest most beautiful, not one was someone to be ashamed to be seen in public with. After I made my choice we retired to a nice room with a hot tub and bed. She proceeded to give me a neck and back rum in the hot tub and they we went to the bed when I indicated I wanted to and she was willing to do anything I wanted for the price stated over the telephone with no further haggleing. I was a very enjoyable experience and I highly recommend it.
Subject: Amsterdam Trip Report Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 20:10:31 -0600 AMSTERDAM, HOLLAND A couple of us had the opportunity to stay in Holland for three weeks. Naturally, we spent our weekends in Amsterdam to enjoy some of the places identified in your reports. Let me say that Amsterdam has something for everybody. Whether you want a quickie with some of the attractive ladies in the Red Light District, to the model-types in the better clubs that cater to upscale clientele. In the district, you have every type of women you can imagine. Some are quite pretty, young, and accommodating--for the right price, of course. I'd recall 35 Guilders for a fuck or suck which can last for about 10 -15 minutes. Moving up the ladder, we sampled several booths with different types of women. Most were about the same price with small differences in service. On the next tier are the clubs. These places cater to the horny guys who prefer a more bar-like setting. Prices vary somewhat but we spent more time at Societe Anonyme, at 64 Stadhouderskade because we thought the prices for drinks--and more importantly, the women--were reasonable. Ring the bell to get in, go upstairs, and you're in a pretty nice environment. The place is nicely set up, several themed, well-appointed rooms with a shower or Jacuzzi. Personally, I was very satisfied with the ladies. I had a shapely, hot blond native named Kim who definitely made me feel like I seduced her (several times within the two week period). She was experienced, pretty, and endowed enough (although artificially) to keep you hard and ready for several sessions. We took showers together, playfully engaging in foreplay until we were both hot and ready to fuck wildly. You can't go wrong with her, she's unforgettable. On several occasions she was not available (they go out on escort) I got with a pretty Indonesian lady called Malana. This women was a prize! She could charge double and still you'd be happy be pay the price. She had a great body, beautiful, full tits, and an ass that you'd want to bronze. Malana was tender and made you feel welcome and wanted. I'd also recommend a brunette (can't recall her name, though) who was slim, very pretty, and sweet. She, too, knew how to fuck you until you felt like a wet noodle. That is the good news. Now for a balanced picture, here are the down sides. My encounters were wonderful. But the experiences weren't all great for my business partner. Although we shared stories and tried to take turns each time with the women, there was one that didn't make the cut. After I had a session with one of my favorites, I had to wait until he was finished with his. Well, I waited for over an hour only to find out that he had been with one lady but demanded a different one after about 15 minutes. As it turns out, one of the ladies, a heavy-set, dark-skinned woman from Sri Lanka called Jena, wasn't satisfactory. On the way back to the hotel he told me that besides not being physically attractive without the sexy lace garments she had on (he made jokes that her sexy clothes had held up the body parts), he pressed on. He continued to try to get his money worth even after being somewhat turned off. In the shower he noticed a slight but very unpleasant musky scent but the foreplay preoccupied him. However, once in the bed his suspicions were confirmed. She was not hygienically "clean." He was afraid to stick his dick up her even with a rubber. He put his clothes back on, and told the manager and insisted on another lady. He got Manala. I guess he didn't mind going after me. All in all, the place is nice. Just be careful about your selections. Societe Anonyme should definitely be a stop on your next trip to Amsterdam. The Traveler
Date: 10/97 (Stolen from the "Pictures of the Red Light District" page because I think it's important information --Atta) Golden Key (Overtoom): Interesting scam in operation here. If you arrive by taxi, expect the club to charge the amount of 350 dfl.($175 US), if you arrive on foot the price is 250 dfl---the taxi driver receives a ($50 US) kickback. Best advice is: Don't give the exact address to the taxi driver, but something nearby, lose the taxi, then walk to the club. Similarly, never ask a taxi driver to recommend a club. The place is almost worth all the effort. Barely. (Other clubs are known to employ the same scheme --Atta)
Date: 11/97 The german magazine "Der Spiegel" reports in issue 49 that Yab Yum played a major role in the recent scandal at the Amsterdam stock exchange. Brokers offered representatives of major corporations free fucks in order to get insider information. The owner of Yab Yum claims that all his girls have a dutch passport and can speak German and English. Price for a bottle champaign was quoted as 550 gulden and one hour fuck as 500 gulden.
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 11:06:20 +0100 Subject: Clubs in Amsterdam Hi Atta, I've just spent a couple of days in Amsterdam, please find below some comments about the clubs I visited: J&B: Wednesday 10/12/97, 20:45 Just 2 girls, very bad looking, I forgot my time Prive Amsterdam: Wednesday 10/12/97, 21:30 Just 2 girls, not bad looking but I left Ria's: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 20:30 About 6 to 10 girls, nice girls and good looking, nice atmosphere (do not use a taxi to go there, the club charge you + 80 G) Lady Chatterley (Zieseniskade): Friday, 23:00 4 girls were present. I tried a Thai girl but was pull shit (spent 550 G for nothing, but really nothing), avoid this girl P&P
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 22:48:29 -0800 (PST) Subject: Comments about Amsterdam, Dec. 1997 Was in Amsterdam in early December 1997 on a junket inspired by an airfare sale. Having good information really makes a difference in this particular city, and this site really helped. In Amsterdam you can pay 150 guilders and get roughly the same level of service someone else got for 500. Best place I tried was Club 118 at 118 Sarpathiepark (the road running along the edge of the park of the same name). It's in De Pijp, I believe (the district not far from the Rijksmuseum, outside the canal belt), about 2 km inland from the Ruyskelade red-light strip. Like other clubs, it's very discreet, looking like someone's house. Ring the bell, walk in and you'll be seated in a room, where girls will walk in one by one, say their names, and walk out (it's hard to remember some of the names). Looks were excellent: tall, thin ones from places in Europe (half east, half west). I tried Leina (probably misspelled), a tall, dark haired Dutch girl of French ancestry with a really great body. The price was 170 guilders an hour ($85-90), all inclusive. Where the place really shined, though, was the room. Very spacious, wall-to-wall red carpets, big bed with mirrored ceiling, brass-fixtured sink, TV with porn videos...and a big round tub with jacuzzi jets. It easily beat anything I'd seen in Nevada or Thailand. We lay in the bath first with the jacuzzi jets, I alternating between relaxing and groping. Then, on the bed, a covered BJ and sex in two positions. Really nice; the girl was skilled, friendly the whole way through with no trace of an attitude. Definitely a place to go back to. Also tried the JB Club, referred to in earlier posts. It's a pain to find the place -- Buitenweiringerstraat is just a short side street (Harlemmerstraat, or something spelled close to that, is the main street. It's just west of Centraal, I believe, and NOT toward Damrak or the red-light district). Drinks in their downstairs lounge are 5 guilders. I give the management high marks for friendliness and full upfront disclosure (still 100 guilders a half hour and 150 a full hour). Girl selection is not that good. On a Sunday night they only had 4 (all taken). On a Monday the male/female ratio was much better, with maybe 10 or so girls. I'd put 3 or 4 in the 6-8 range, another 3 or 4 in the 4-6 range, and two below that. YMMV. The street scene can be a real pain. Saturday is too crowded (you'll be rushed even more than usual) and Sunday a little sparse. Many from Ghana in the area around the Oude Kirk. Still a few east Europeans and a smattering of Asians. 50 guilders is still the most basic price, but it's strictly single-position, or BJ, for very little time. Some girls get so worn out that they only want to to do doggy-style with their legs together, an awkward and very user-unfriendly position. Beware of ones that talk you in, do something like sucking that you didn't ask for, say that the 50 guilder time is up and demand more. Or any number of other things like that. If you negotiate for something more than the basic amount, tie it to a certain length of time, like 100 guilders for 30 minutes. Seems much easier to get on weekdays than Saturdays. The business ethics of the girl seems to be the most important thing. I got a good, short single-position session with a handjob for 35 guilders in one case. All the rushing and the occasional hustle and asking for more money to keep going is a real drawback for the red-light street scene, though. Whoever designed it that way must have had a premature ejaculation problem and thought it a clever way to take revenge on the rest of us! Clubs can provide better value: The trick is finding ones like Club 118 that can be afforded (as many in that ilk are much pricier). Information from a site like this can really be invaluable.
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 97 17:51:54 Subject: Posting for ASP Dear Atta, Please see enclosed a report on a club in Amsterdam which hasn't featured in your guide yet. Can I ask you to make this posting anonymous, and not forward any replies from other people, please. Feel free to reply yourself, however. I didn't include a description of the actual sex, because I believe that other information is more important (times, prices etc.). Nor did I include a physical description of the available women, as I dislike the idea of grading them as though they were sides of beef. To be truthful, none were outstandingly gorgeous. However, I rate personality and friendliness over looks. In fact, the sex was fabulous; she gave me a blow job without a condom, and even took my load in her mouth, sucking me dry. However, what one woman will do for one guy, she may not offer to another, so it's a bit indiscreet to mention it, in case other guys turn up and demand the same treatment. I'm not sure, but I think that the price I paid included a kickback of 100 NLG to the taxi driver, as the price mentioned in the other website quoted 275 NLG. Next time I go there, I will take a tram instead! I will try to send you more postings in the future; I contacted the legendary 'Samantha' in Central London a few weeks ago (she's still working) and arranged a 'date' with her for the middle of January. Keep up the good work! Here's my contribution: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a recent visit to Amsterdam, I decided to try one of the clubs as featured in your excellent guide, as a change from the red light district. Following the advice in the 'Pictures of the Red Light District' website, I went to: Ria's (Overtoom 558) I was welcomed by the charming manageress, who introduced me to the girls waiting in the bar. We then discreetly discussed the business aspect; if I decided to stay, the price was 375 NLG for one hour with the lady of my choice. It wasn't too busy at that time (about 10:30); they are open until about 02:00, but phone and check first (they advertise in "De Telegraaf"). I sat at the bar with a drink, and we all got chatting in a casual, relaxed manner.The friendly barman kept my drink topped up (without asking). I then slipped off to the one of the well-appointed rooms with the cuddly, sexy lady that I had been talking with. There then followed a wonderful sex session, with lots of kissing and fondling. At the end of the hour, a phone rang in the room, so we went back to the bar and sat there talking. The manageress offered me another drink, but I wanted to move on, so she phoned for a taxi. The whole experience was superb; a good club-like atmosphere in a cosy, discreet townhouse, nice decor in the room. Everything was done in an open, business-like but friendly manner with no embarassment or worry about being ripped off. After that, I went to a 'coffee house' to round out the evening. I had 2 cups of 'space tea', a pleasant-tasting herbal tea made with marijuana which gets you gently stoned, then a joint, then a visit to a live sex show. What a wonderful city. As Arnold once said, "I'll be back".
Subject: [ASP] re: REQ: Amsterdam (Leo the Limey) Date: 1998/01/17 >Apart from what is on WSG, any recent experiences in Amsterdam? Girls behind >glass, massage, brothels? I would be very interested in recommendations and >warnings etc, we have a trip organised for March this year. > > I spent some time in Amsterdam last summer and sampled several of the delights. As for the window girls I have nothing to add to the World Sex Guide except that it seemed to me, as has been said on this group before, the younger and prettier the girl, the less likely she is to be friendly and skillful. You get what you pay for. You'll find brothels advertised in De Telegraf daily newspaper, listed under 'Private Clubs'. One I can recommend is 'Mon Bijou' (sorry I've lost the phone number, but it's easy to find in the paper). 200 guilders for an hour including a drink and usually 4 or 5 ladies to choose from - in a range of ages and shapes. You pay the lady when you get to your room. One I do NOT recommend is 'High Soceity' (their spelling, not mine) on Stadhouderskade. I rang first and they told me there were 6 girls to choose from. When I got there there was only one. I paid 250 guilders at the door for an hour plus 50 for a drink each. She was quite young (25?), good-looking and shapely but she was dressed unappealingy, never smiled and had the slackest vagina I have ever known. Didn't do a thing for me. As I was leaving the doorman/barman had disappeared so there was no-one to complain to about the lack of choice or the fact that they hadn't given me my change for the drinks. Obviously a rip-off. It cost me 350 guilders for that little addition to my education. I won't get caught like THAT again. A club with a good reputation that I didn't get to is the JB Club in Harlemmerstraat. I presume it's something to do with the Jan Bik Escort agency, which is advertised all over town, also a good rep but rather expensive.
Subject: WSG / Amsterdam / Jan98 Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 04:19:54 PST Hi Atta, Thank's for the most useful xxx-yellow pages in the world. I visited Amsterdam in January 98, and did have a lot to do, doing daytime work, combined with my Amsterdam at Night expo. I visited the JB Club, low to midrange girls and cheap. What you pay, is what you get. (don't waste your time on this spot). After been at the JB I went back to the hotel and phoned Club Elegance. I was staying at the SAS, and the limo (read: car) picked me up as promised after 15 minutes. When I arrived I went up to the 2nd floor and got a beer form the bar, I was told that the girls would not hesitate you, so I was free to do my own choice. There were about 20 girls in the bar area, mostly black or oriental but some European, even some gorgeous one. I learned later that the Europeans where more busy, and therefore not in the bar area. There was one cute blond, who was retaining eye contact with me all the time, and I felt like this was the one. I went over, and made the same old joke. This was the first time at this sort of club, and we do not have anything like this at home (I am not Dutch). She premised me to give me an unforgettable time, and we went up one floor after giving the Mam NGL 375 for one hour. When we got up she filled the Jacuzzi with water and we sat down on the bed small talking. In the middle of a sentence, she grabbed my pants, took it down and yelled "I am so horny, I need to suck you right now". And then my cock was in the mix and my face with the biggest smile ever. I do not know how she got the condom on, I didn't see it go on, so I believe she had it in here mouth and got it on that way, very professional. After my first orgasm we did undress and went into the Jacuzzi. Simone (here name) asked for us to share a bottle of champagne, and who are I to deny a girl that. After the Jacuzzi I fucked here in all the possessions my dirty mind could imagine. And so the hour was gone. I didn't feel like leaving, and wondered if she did massage, and so she did. I booked up for another hour, with another NGL 375. Half an hour later, after a gorgeous massage, I was the rabbit again hunting for my 3rd orgasm that night. I strongly recommend Club Elegance and Simone (who is from Rumania). My tips is, stay put until you see a smile. The one who is smiling does have a good time, and if you both are smiling, then you both will have a good time.
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 23:55:12 +0800 14th March 1998 Disappointment in Amsterdam! I was in Amsterdam last week and went to JB. The place was not as good as they use to a year ago. The place is full of old unattractive women. According to the recent change of rules, you will not be able to meet attractive girls from Eastern Europe. However, I missed the gorgeous Russian babes from the good old day which willing to offer passionate French kisses, mind-blowing sex and amazing blowjobs from good old JB Amsterdam.
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 06:05:09 PDT Amsterdam : Sauna Paradise, on thursday they have a gang bang. About three girls are there and every hour its action. Many guys are fucking all over the place. Each girl is being fucked, sucking and giving a handjob at a time. This is a real different experience. Entrance is about NLG 100,- including some drinks. You find the exact address in the newspaper de telegraaf, the ads say parenclubs.
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 11:05:08 +0100 Subject: Report on JB Club, Amsterdam Hi, The World Sex Guide site is a great idea and I've gained a lot of good information from it. Here's a report on the JB Club. Visited: 13-June-1998 After reading favourable reports about the JB Club on the World Sex Guide site, my friends and I decided to pay the club a visit during our most recent trip to Amsterdam. It's a little out of the way, on the opposite side of the town centre from the main red light district, but not too hard to find if you ask a cab driver outside Central Station for directions to the street. We arrived at midnight on a Saturday during the World Cup (a large soccer tournament) - a very busy night for Amsterdam. However, the lounge area of the club was almost empty except for the manager (a very pleasant blonde), my three friends and I, and two of the fattest, ugliest prostitutes I have ever seen. I don't mind large women who carry their weight well but these were just two old frumps. They were not particularly friendly and hardly even looked up at us, never mind say hello. Compared with the gorgeous, smiling girls who work in the windows it's impossible to believe that anyone would choose to spend money on the women in the JB Club. These women seemed resigned to their own unattractiveness. A third prostitute came into the bar a little later and was even uglier than the others. A group of about six other clients arrived and had a look round but like my friends and I, they all decided to drink their introductory beer and leave without dealing with any of the "girls" on offer. Verdict: A waste of walking time, drinking time, smoking time and shagging time.

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