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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Legal Situation:

Prostitution Status: A local by-law in Amsterdam requires all prostitution businesses, beginning with 1996, to apply to the city council for a license; workers from non-EC countries without a residence permit will not be allowed to work in prostitution. The official Amsterdam policy on prostitution is available online.
The age of consent: unknown.

Finding Women:

Magazines with information: unknown.
Newspaper/Phonebook Keywords: unknown

Travel Reports:

  • First travel teport, focusing on clubs
  • Second travel report, the red light district
  • Pictures of the red light district, now also with club critiques.
  • General reports
  • The clubs
  • The red light district
  • Tips for dealing with the girls in the windows
  • Bits and pieces

  • Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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