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Alkmaar, The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the city of cheese, ALKMAAR, you've also got
prostitution behind windows. The name of the street is ACHTERDAM, and when
you stand in front of the house with the bullit and look to the
bullit, the Achterdam is just behind you.
Prizes are from 50 guilden for a quick one till ????

Date: June 20, 1997 Subject: Sex on my European Vacation Alkmaar There is a street near the cheese market in the opposite direction from the train station - it's about 1 block on the other side of the canal. I got there about 9 a.m. and went looking while waiting for the cheese market to open up. Not much going on but about 10 a.m. some of the girls took position in the windows. Most of them beckoned to me as I walked past, but mostly the girls were older and even the younger ones were not good looking. Mostly 5's, 6's and 7's. After about an hour of walking and looking, I found a 27 year old Brazilian girl who was an 8 and for 50 guilders she invited me in. We got naked and she massaged me for 5 minutes and started stroking my cock to get it hard, then put on a condom and sucked me for about 3 minutes and then we fucked. I had just arrived from the US that morning and had been awake for almost 35 hours, so it was not very good for either of us and I went limp fairly quickly. So she finished me off with a hand job.
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 21:18:43 +0100 Alkmaar I was working near Alkmaar so I also explored Achterdam, here I had my only disappointing experience in The Netherlands, I saw a fairly tall, large girl with dark blond hair in one of the windows on Achterdam, on the corner of an entrance to one of the indoor "arcades" I spoke to her at her door and we agreed NLG50 for the usual, however after I had paid and she stripped off I found she had a personal hygiene problem and in the end I told her to turn round and I gave it to her doggy style, at least her armpits were further from my nose but she still smelt horrible!. Not to be discouraged the next time I was in Alkmaar I found an East European girl "Monica" at the end of one the arcades, she spoke passable English and having started with the standard NLG50 agreement she soon convinced me into spending a further NLG150 for full hour. I asked her to give me a massage as I had back ache from a day stood trying sort some electronic equipment out, she was really good at the massage, she said that back home she had been taught to do massage properly to help back pain, we the then had sex in all sorts of positions with oral both ways and her using toys, in all a very rewarding experince, I will visit her again. She may have been a little large for some peoples taste (not fat) but I enjoyed my time with her and would recommend her. She did not rush me and I stayed for the hour, in fact I said "I think I'd better finish as it's getting late and I have an early start tomorrow". A final note on travel in the Netherlands: The train services are excellent and run to time, for example there are 4 trains / hour from Alkmaar to Amsterdam and return, 2 fast and 2 stopping trains, until around 11pm and the last train from Amsterdam to Alkmaar is well after midnight The single fare is around NLG13. Also a fairly new innovation, (last 2-3 years) is the introduction of the "Treintaxi" system, when you buy your ticket ask if your destination has a treintaxi, if it does then a NLG7 ticket will entitle you to a taxi ride from the station to your destination providing that it is within the area served from that station. When you get to the station if there is no Treintaxi waiting there will be a booth with a button, press the button and you will be connected to the taxi operator. You may end up sharing the taxi with other people but that dosn't really matter to me. You can save anything from NGL5 - 20 over the normal taxi fare. In all The Netherlands is a very welcoming place for the single English traveller, whether on business or pleasure (or both) and most people speak some English. Next time I will also visit some of the other Dutch towns mentioned in WSG. Top Cat

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