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Alcoa, Tennessee


 VIP SPA ALCOA TN.  I first went to this spa 2 yrs. ago and had a great time
however I revisited it again last weekend ( May 1997 ) and it was a rip off.
There are 2 very attractive asian girls working and I paid 40.00 for a half
hour session. The body shampoo was nice except the girl receives a phone call
and went to talk on the phone leaving me unattended for 5 or 10 mins shorting
a 30 min. massage to 25 or 20 mins.
After receiving a short massage I offered the girl a 20.00 tip for a hand job
she said no we don't do that here I reassured her that I was not a cop and
offered her a 40.00 tip again shes said no and I explained that I use to come
to this parlor and always got a hand job.I also told her if I was a cop I
would have arrested her during the boby shampoo because she washed my private
parts so whats the differance between doing that and doing a hand job in the
massage room. She refused to do anything and said that she had just started
working at this spa 30 mins. ago, which to me none of that made any sense ?
I have been to 4 massage parlors in Alcoa and Maryville and always got a hand
job I don't know why they refused to do anymore then a massage? I don't see
how they stay in business I will never go back to that spa again.

The Executive Accupressure spa down the street from VIP will do just about
anything for a price. The girls are fairly attractive however on one visit I
paid for a half hour massage and got a 10 min. massage and hand job the girl
( I can't remember her name ) had a bad attitude and could not understand
english. My advise to anyone visiting any of the spas in Alcoa / Maryville is
to talk to the girl before you pay and find out what they offer.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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