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Albuquerque, New Mexico

Also looking for info on Albuquerque, i.e. streetwalkers, services, etc.

Check the Business Personals in the classified ads in either the
Albuquerque Journal or Tribune (same ads, the Journal is the morning
paper and the Trib is the evening paper) and you should be able to
find something.

The streetwalkers frequent Central Avenue but I couldn't tell you
what parts of Central.

Date: Sat, 21 Oct 1995 03:53:26 UTC Street scene is great here if you look and have or take the time. Young first timers, welfare moms, etc. Have had excellent dates. Anything you want, just be choosey and you won't get any crackers. Places: central from the Univ. of N.M. east to Wyoming west from univ. to boardway. Stop by the ltd. bar now el sarape for a beer ($1.50) and local color. Is at sierra & central and on any day you can see what out on the streets.
Subject: Albuqurque, NM Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 17:21:29 UTC On a recent business trip to Albuqurque, I found one of the livliest street scenes I have seen in a long time. Cruise Central Ave. (old Route 66) and you will find a wide variety of ladies available for the asking. Some are difficult to make contact with, so patience is a virtue. On a 5 point scale of attractiveness, I saw 1's 2's 3's 4's yes and two bona fide 5's Most of these girls have hotel rooms along Central so convenience is not a problem. The going rate is $80 for half and half, probably less for the lower quality girls and more for the higher quality. Please note however this probably will get you 20-30 minutes and no more. The two fives I saw were quite amazing. One was virtually unapproachable and would have no contact with me, although it was quite obvious what her business was. Time was of the essence so I could not persist. The other 5 I saw was too busy (there is alot of activity here) and I was again unable make a connection. Settling for an available 3 was not dissappointing, except all these girls seem to be in a big hurry. One should definitely negotiate the time along with the rate. I learned the hard way, so to speak. Having experienced the street scenes of many U.S. cities, I found Albuqurque one the the best anywhere for both its quantity and quality. The only downside was that I only had one night to spend there and currently have no plans to go back.
Date: July 1996 There are three incall nude lotion places which are rip-offs. You'll have to jack-off yourself, after paying through the nose. The places are "Seven Seas", "Diamonds", and "Gemini". The escort services and private girls all operate on an outcall basis, and usually offer full service. Atta
Subject: Albuqurque Street Scene Date: Sat, 1 Jun 1996 07:38:04 UTC The street scene along Central in Albuqurque is definitely one of the best I've ever seen but be careful, the cops patrol the area very aggressively and will arrest you for "picking up a hitchhiker".
Subject: [ASP]. Report on Albuquerque Date: 9 Feb 1997 20:46:47 GMT Someone last week asked for a report on Alb. He was looking for a Greek girl. I know a girl . She goes by the name Crystal. She advertises in the Alibi, local tabloid, and the personal section of the local newspaper. I don't have her number. Sorry. I did a greek with her awhile back. She said I was the first, so I don't know if she will do it now. Generally speaking, outcalls in Alb. are very expensive., and she is no exception. If she will do a Greek, expect to pay $400-$500. Avoid the lotion demo places. They are major rip-offs. The street scene is not very good right now. It's still a little cold, so the nicer looking girls are not out. What you have now are pretty skanky. Mostly Mexican and Indian. Mostly dopers. Positive is, it's very cheap. You can get a BJ for $20 anywhere. When it warms up and the nicer looking girls come out, the price goes up.Streetwalkers can be found on Central Ave.between Wyoming and Carlisle. Be careful. This is a bad part of town and the cops are thick as flies on a turd. Good luck.
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 06:13:10 EST Subject: ALBUQUERQUE LOTION DEMOS Hello. been interested in telling of some of my experiences with the so called "lotion demo" houses here in my town of albuquerque. My first experience was rather enjoyable but somewhat expensive 75 bucks for the house and 80 bucks for the girl. Did get a handjob from her though.she was about 24, hispanic and had a good body and nice breasts. she was good at conversation and making me feel comfortable because it was my first time. girls usually vary in age and beauty. i have seen some nasty ass bitches and also saw the most beautiful girl i have ever seen on my last encounter. my seconas about the samed visit came about six months later and it was average...the girl was attractive(5'4 blonde. C cup. 22 years of age) but she wouldnt do anything but pose for me to relieve myself...needless to say i didnt even cum as i was turned off by her attitude.. Well my next visit didnt come for about a year and a half...i had stopped in a few times to see what the ladies were like but never found any that i thought were worth the money...well i work the graveyard shift and one day was feeling kinda horny early in the morning when i got off work so i decided to check out all the lotion parlors..they are all located on the same street within about 2 miles from each other...if you get an albuquerque newspaper they are in the classifieds under personal first two experiences came at the place that is the name of one of our space exploration vehicles...(look in the paper and you will know which one i am talking about) the third was at a different place named for flowering fruit. Here is where it gets kinda weird.. well that particular morning i checked out all three other places but didnt see anything i liked. i headed down the road to check the last place. I walked in and there was one girl laying on the couch "michelle" and taylor greeted me at the door. they were friendly and pleasing to the eye...Taylor was cute but i really wanted to see michelle. well as i talked to taylor , michelle stood up and came and introduced herself. she had a fabulous body and a great face...i wanted her..yet she informed me that they no longer took credit cards and since i didnt have my cash on me i would have to come back another day..we chatted for about another two minutes before i said goodbye and headed out the door. Now i dont think i am a god or anything in fact i am kinda thin. but i do have a sort of "badboy" image with a somewhat clean cut style too. i have multiple piercings and am heavily tattooed.... Anyways, as i was just about to get in my car and drive away..taylor opened the front door and gave me the signal to hold on just a minute...i waited a minute and she came back out and came to the window of my car and said here is our pager number why dont you give us a call sometime...i was a little shocked as i hadnt expected a personal relationship. and didnt know if they just wanted to make some money on the side to avoid paying the house their share. well about 5 am the next morning i called the number and a few minutes later "michelle" called back..she asked me if i would like to meet and maybe go have a few beers when i got off at 6:30 am..(haha, when you work nights its ok to drink that early in the morning)(we even have bars that cater to us nocturnal dwellers) i said i wold love to, yet i still didnt know if this was a personal thing or business. well i ended up meeting her but the bar we wanted to go to happened to be closed on mondays so we just decided to go back to my house and drink a few... we got to my house and i introduced her to my roomate as he left for work. i told michelle that i was still a little confused on her wanting me to call and didnt know what she expected from me...all she said was "if i hadnt wanted to hook up with you i wouldnt have given you my number"...then i kissed her on her neck...we ended up having sex for a few hours before she had to get home to go to class...I was in total shock the entire i went to a massage parlour hoping to get a handjob for a hundred dollars and ended up getting laid for free!!!!! michelle was great and we still keep in contact. she told me that was the first time she had ever done that..she had only worked at the place a few weeks and ended up quitting a week after i met her..i still cant believe that happened....till the next time!!! several months later, one saturday night. i got a new penis piercing and 6 hours later i was curious to see how it worked...i decided to head down to the parlors...after checking them all out but one i was rather dissapointed in the selection of seemed it had gone down hill considerably...i went to the final place and it was the same...BUT, they said another girl was due to come into work in about 15 minutes and that i could wait for her...i decided i would go buy a pack of smokes and come back...i returned and on my entrance a fabulous young blonde named "missy" greeted me...she was absolutley gorgeous. about 5'5 thin. nice firm breasts and a perky ass..and eyes that i could stare at forever...she was about 20..which fit me well since i am only 22..she asked me if i wanted to see the selection of ladies and i replied "no, i came here for you". she smiled and asked me what room i wanted...since she was so beautiful i decided to go for the luxory suite that had a hot tub in the everytime i have been to these places my nerves were going crazy. but as she took my hand and led me back to the room i felt so at ease and comfortable it was too good to be real! she said why dont we get in the hot tub..she then told me that she was gonna get some towels and for me to go ahead and take off my clothes...i was naked when she returned...this is where it gets weird again............ she started the tub going and immediately noticed all my piercings and body art...she said "wow that is neat." referring to my pierced penis. she told me i had "a look about me"...we got in the she started talking to me she was carressing my chest and giving me little hugs with the gentlest touch...which i especially liked usually these women just want to get you off and get you out...but "missy" was very special. we sat there face to face talking while i was rubbing her legs and stomach.. staring into those deep eyes she had...we woud ocassionally change positions with her laying with her back to me and my arms around her. and vice versa..she would sit on top of me...although she had the best body i have ever seen. i didnt want to offend her by going to far so i would only occasionally touch her pussy lightly and gently...usually that kind of thing is taboo in these places as it is against the law! but she never complained and i think actually enjoyed my gentle touch...we talked about everything. even though i went into the place just feeling horny. as i sat there all i wanted to do was sit in that tub for the rest of my life with her...i know you are probably thinking i am a freak or something, but this girl really got to me...after what seemed like only a few time was up and the manager was knocking on the door......she told me how much she enjoyed being with me and that the pleasure was all hers and that i neednt even tip her. this really threw me back as usually just to touch a girls breasts in this place they want an additional 60 bucks...i felt bad actually and gave her a hundred anyways...she said she wanted to see me out of work too...she gave me her work number and told me to call later that night when she got off at 4 am...i left that place having a special place in my heart for missy...she got off early and called but i was not home yet so i missed her that night..i was bummed...i went back the next three nights in a row hoping to find her...they told me she was not there each time...i still havent talked to her as she hasnt been back to work...i worried cause she said all the other girls hated her there cause she always got picked first and she had only worked there a week...i am going to find my missy and bring her home with me...i really want this girl..the energy between us was amazing. i cant even describe it.... well i dont know what it is about me but maybe i just attract the kind of young women who work in these places...but i do have to say that this experience was teh best in my life...even better than any other girl i have gotten together with on a personal basis.... so if in town check out these places and let me know what you just may meet your own missy!!!!!!
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 16:39:49 -0500 Subject: for the readers information I am a Paranoia admirer! I want to contribute some important information to our readers about Albuquerque Escort Services. So it will be very useful for The Paranoia readers. I called a date from CLASS ACT Escort Agency (505-246-0984). They are the No -1 Cheat on this Area. They talk nicely over the phone. They said $125 per hour for full service and no tips. The ?CLASS ACT LADY? told me, that she is going to send me a very beautiful (21)& busty(D) NICOLE to my room. I had requested the agency , that I wanted to talk to her first, before she starts, she replied ?of course?. It never happened. She arrived 30 minutes late with another male escort. She was very ugly(30+) looking-tongue pierced-flat chested-etc. Having come to my room, I told them the agency cheated me by giving wrong information. She apologized for the agency?s mistake. I don?t want to penalize her for the agencies' action. She collected $125, and handed over to the male pimp. He took the money, and went out. I thought she will be understanding type. To my surprise, as soon as the guy cleared the room with the money, she became a devil. She started asking $200 for touching her. I had kept $100 on the table, to give it as tips at the end. She grabbed that money and ran away without any SERVICE. Later I came to know that this is HOW the CLASS ACT is working. I am not telling all the agencies are like this. BEWARE OF THE CLASSIC ACT OF THE CLASS ACT!!!

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