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Ajax, Ontario

Subject: Ajax, Ontario girls

I am from a small town not too far from the city of Toronto called
Ajax.  I was looking through the local newspaper (The Toronto Sun) for
one of those incall services that are so bountiful in Toronto, not
particularly looking to go to one but just out of mere interest.  I
happened to notice an add that read "Ajax, Hot Busty Blond, Waiting for
you!" and immediately my curiousity was peaked.  An incall service in
Ajax?  That had to be a mistake.  Never-the-less I picked up the phone
and dialed the number, it was about three in the morning when the phone
was answered by a voice that sounded quite sultry and seductive.  She
proceeded to tell me that they had just closed for the day but would be
open about noon the next day.  I bade her good night and hung up.
	The following day I called about 1:00 p.m. and again the same person
answered the phone.  When I had read the add I was under the impression
that there was only one girl available, however, she made mention that
there was two of them and I could get both for $140 U.S., "full
service."  That was rear to find so I jumped at the opportunity for the
two.  She referred me to an intersection close to where they were
located and told me to call in half an hour.  I was only about 5 minutes
from there location so I watched t.v. for a bit (anxiously) and headed
off.  When I got to the location (about 1/2 an hour later) I proceeded
to call them from a local pay phone and was told to give them another 15
minutes then call back again.  I did and the second time I called back
she gave me directions to the apartment.  When I arrived at the place I
was pleasantly surprised to notice that it was in a very upscale area.
I went inside and the door was opened by an attractive blond girl
wearing skimpy lengerie, about 5'5, 110 pounds.  She rated about a 6 on
the 1-10 scale.  Her friend was a brunette, about the same height but
maybe 10-15 pounds heavier and not as attractive (at best a 4).  We
chit-chatted for a bit and then got down to business.  They escorted me
into a room where I was told to get "comfortable."  After undressing
they undressed and the blond one placed a condom on me and immediately
started to administer a mediocre blow job.  The brunette just lay by my
side and allowed me to suck and play with her tits and her clit.  The
blond girl sucked me for a while and then I told both of them to suck me
which they did an O.k. job at (nothing special).  After a while I
requested the blond girl to get on top of me and she screwed me o.k.
Her pussy was tight but she moved too fast and when I came it was
nothing special.  She pulled the condom off of me and we chit chatted
some more.  After about 10 minutes I was ready to go again and had the
brunette suck me this time while I played with the blond girls tits.
She was a bit more reluctant than the brunette and every time I reached
for her pussy she would hinder my hand from touching her too much.
Again after a while I said I wanted to screw the brunette and did it
doggie style while the blond watched (they were not bi-sexual, sigh).
The brunette was a much better lay than the blond girl.  Even though she
was not as good looking she really knew how to work my cock and moaned
sweetly (something the blond girl didn't do) as I pumped her hole.
After I came I got dressed, they both gave me a kiss on the cheek and I
left.  All in all the service rated a 5.5 with the two.  Individually
the blond rated a 4 while the brunette rated a 6.5 in the service

P.S.  I called a few days ago and the brunette answered the phone.  She
said the blond had thrown out her back and was out of service for a
while.  No big loss!  The brunette was a better lay anyway.

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