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Grand Rapids, MI

If you're looking for street service in the West Michigan area, check
out Division Street in Grand Rapids. Best girls don't get out until
around midnight and prices vary from $50 to $100 for full service. If
you get out earlier than that, patrols are heavy and getting busted
can be a real problem. Grand Rapids also has repsectable outcall
services with prices going at $75 Agency Fee and $100+ for full
service. Business is usually slow for them so you can get a great lay
for the prices given. If you're inclined to tip more, guaranteed that
you will see the works.

Subject: Grand Rapids Tip
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 18:57:19 UTC

Here is a tip to Western Michigan Folks!!

If your in a hotel and tight for cash call one of the services out of
Grand Rapids.  Tell them that your tight for cash but if they send a
girl out your direction to give you a call when they are finished for
a reduced price. (Usually saves you 50.00 or more)  Girls like to make
more money when leaving GR and going to say Kalamazoo etc... alot of
traveling out west for 1 call, 2 calls more profitable.

Time tested and works great....

Date: 17 Jan 1997 18:00:04 -0000
Subject: re: Grand Rapids, Michigan...

I thought I might help update this part of your page (anonymously
please). Your information is still mostly accurate regarding details
except the street.  Division has some prostitutes but, due to some
crack-downs and busts, the new "hot-spot" is Cherry Street (which
intersects Division). Cherry is your better bet for finding better
looking and still accomodating girls.

Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 13:39:20 -0400 (EDT)

in your ref: to michigan, city of grand rapids.

i have got to tell you that everything has changed. if you want to find a
good hooker, then go down division to burton hts.there are a never ending
supply of women most eager to please.about two blocks south of burton st. on
the west side of division,you will encounter a gaggle of women most anytime.
continuing south, towards 28th st. all up and down that area.of course, every
local knows that between 28th st north to fulton is the area to's
about a 3 mile stretch.keep in mind that the police are aware of it also. the
hottest times are early afternoons and as stated earlier, between 9pm and
1100pm, after which they usually get busy. then again after 245am on
weekdays, or 400am on weekends. my experience as a taxi driver has given me
total insight to this area. again, if your not sure, take a cab. most of the
drivers know where to get a babe. thank you.

Subject: Grand Rapids,Michigan Ripoff
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 13:27:37 PST

A1 Escorts Agency is a complete ripoff. They advertise in the phone book
and promise things over the phone, then don't deliver. Worse, there are
a couple that run off with the money when you pay them. After calling
back the agency, they try to bully you with threats. Avoid at all costs,
there are many other reputable agencies that advertise in the G.R.
Press. Usually there are 4-8 listings.

Subject: Review--Grand Rapids, MI
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 1998 17:30:47 PST

Grand Rapids, MI Street Scene

For action in Grand Rapids cruise Division avenue which runs north and
south through the center of town. Action is concentrated in two areas.
First and the most plentiful is in the heartside area. This extends
north of Franklin and south of Wealthy street. Locate an adult bookstore
just south of Wealthy called FiFi's. You can almost find one at any time
of day on this corner. Many of the girls in this area are drug addicts
and some are not pretty at all. But there is a diversity of types and
the prices tend to be slightly cheaper. Usually 20$ can get you a bj
which is the best bet since there are few motels in the area. The second
area of concentration is in Burton Heights. This is almost always at
night after 10pm since this is a lively commercial district during the
day. This extends north of Alger and South of Griggs. The quality of the
ladies is much higher here and you will often find independents and out
of towners. Variety is good,john traffic heavy. The street scene in G.R.
dies down in the winter months but was quite lively during this past
summer. Police had one sting operation in July that rounded up over 30
working girls but it seems their efforts have not detered a fairly good
scene. If you cruise Burton Heights, there are several motels nearby. I
recommend the Landmark Inn at 40$ per night or The Jim Williams Motel at
30$ per night for the budget seekers. Prices for the area are 30$-40$
for a bj and 40$-60$ for full service. Be careful and respectful.

Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 21:15:12 -0500


Re: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Having just returned from a visit to Tokyo Health Spa, 60 S. Division,
I want to suggest to buyers of sexual services in Grand Rapids to
avoid this place.  First, it is located in a dismal block of rundown
buildings in downtown and is accessible only from a rear entrance off
a poorly lit alley.  Although they have in the past hired top notch
Korean masseuses, they presently offer only one 35 year old with an

Much better to visit Rainbow Health Spa at 2913 Eastern SE where you
can feel safe and get value for your dollar.  These two spas are the
only two survivors from a police purge a few years back They both get
$40 a half hour, $60 an hour with tips ranging up to $100.

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